Beyond Death: What You Should Know about the Afterlife: the Gnostic Book of the Dead

Beyond Death: What You Should Know about the Afterlife: the Gnostic Book of the Dead

by Samael Aun Weor


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Beyond Death: What You Should Know about the Afterlife: the Gnostic Book of the Dead by Samael Aun Weor

Although most of us prefer to avoid the topic of death, it is an inevitable event that we must come to terms with, especially if we are serious about our spiritual development. For the experienced spiritual aspirant, death ceases to be a source of fear or uncertainty, and instead is revealed to be what it truly is: a doorway, an integral part of existence, and an opportunity to elevate our consciousness.

The ancient teachings tell us that if we want to know what happens when we die, we must look to what happens when we sleep each night. When we die we enter the same world we dream within, but instead of returning to the deceased body we are propelled towards a new birth. If each night when we sleep we practice to enter the world of dreams with awareness, then when the moment of our death arrives we will be prepared to exit the body with awareness, and be capable of influencing what happens to us after death. That is the importance of astral projection: being awake in the dimension of dreams.

Samael Aun Weor wrote this book based on his own personal experiences of this process, while awakened in both the inferior and superior dimensions. Through anecdotes and by answering questions from students, he explains the recurrence of phenomena — the mechanical repetition of behaviors, events, and circumstances — that spin the wheel of nature around and around, which is the basis of our return into new bodies, and our repeated sufferings and problems.

In Beyond Death, you will learn about the process of preparing for your own death, while also learning about how to negotiate karma, understand ghosts, magic, reincarnation, the dimensions of existence, kabbalah, the role of kundalini (pentecost) in the disintegration of our defects, and ultimately, how to guide yourself towards a higher way of living, even beyond death.

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ISBN-13: 9781934206331
Publisher: Glorian Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2010
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Between 1950 and 1977 – merely twenty-seven years – Samael Aun Weor wrote over sixty books on the most difficult subjects in the world, such as consciousness, kabbalah, physics, tantra, meditation, etc., in which he deftly exposed the singular root of all knowledge. He experienced all the extremes that humanity could give him, from adoration to death threats, and in spite of the enormous popularity of his books and lectures, he renounced an income, refused recognitions, walked away from accolades, and turned away those who would follow him.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction vii

Beyond Death

1 Physical Death 3

2 Beyond the Tomb 7

3 The Law of Return 13

4 The Law of Karma 21

5 Ghosts 27

6 Human Karmic Instances 33

7 Intriguing Narrations 39

8 Astral Projection 45

9 Mystic Phenomena 51

10 Mystk Experiences of a Neophyte 57

11 Negotiations 63

12 The Law of Freewill 67

13 Practical Magic 71

14 Occult Medicine 75

The Mysteries of Life and Death

1 Death 89

2 The Evolution of the Disembodied Soul 91

3 Reincarnation and Karma 97

4 Karma 101

5 The Innermost 103

6 Sexual Magic 105

7 The Seven Churches 107

8 Astral Voyages 111

The Book of the Dead

1 Death 115

2 The Angels of Death 121

3 The Tribunals of Karma 125

4 The Four Circles 127

A Talk on the Mysteries of Life and Death

A Talk on the Mysteries of Life and Death 139

The Ego 140

Death 141

Retrospection After Death 142

The Paths of the Dead - Vacation in the Superior Worlds 144

The Paths of the Dead - The Infernal Worlds 145

The Wheel of Life 147

Return and Recurrence 150

Devi Kundalini & the Disintegration of Defects 154

The Truth 155

The Path 158

The Two Ways 161

Tests After Death 163

Closing Wombs 165

Stages of the Minor Path 167

Glossary 173

Index 185

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