Beyond Forever: Unlocking the Door to Eternal Life

Beyond Forever: Unlocking the Door to Eternal Life

by Pure Mind Foundation



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ISBN-13: 9780966685404
Publisher: Wheelbarrow Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/1999
Series: Foundation Ser.
Pages: 304
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Chapter 5

The Universal Life Wheel

Anything is possible when people set out to reach beyond their logical minds to the spiritual realm. What is impossible is thinking that they can make the rules.

The Universal Life Wheel's practice must be approached as a coherent whole, not as a way of life that can be co-mingled with preexisting ideologies. The problem for most seekers is that they bring with them their culture, religious environment, educational tools, and the need to understand things in a logical way. They thereby view this most spiritual of practices in a conditioned manner.

Unfortunately, most Western seekers accept influence by this practice only when a great many of the words and ideas fall in line with their previously accepted ideology. They tend to respond especially to symbols, labels, and titles. It is very difficult for them to realize that In-Perpetuum teachers do not acknowledge certain so-called sacramental or spiritual idols and concepts.

These seekers also hold a wide range of assumptions and use a great deal of imagination about what is spiritual and what isn't. What were at one time highly effective spiritual practices are today watered down approximations with meaningless ritual instruments and words. Those who practice these exoteric religions demonstrate by their actions the lack of true inner faith and understanding.

Because of modern day superficial and shallow paths to practice, most seekers do not know how to approach a teacher and a teaching as a whole entity. In addition, they fail to understand that they must prepare with the intensity that comes from deep self-searching motivated by their "hungry ghost" before they can attract an In-Perpetuum guide for their spiritual life practice. The mystical Islamists use the term "collectors of trifles" for those who seek teachings which fit comfortably in with their accepted pattern or that embody various parts of other teachings which also fit into their ideas of truth or spirituality.

One of the most important qualities a teacher looks for in a prospective student is his ability and desire to be powerfully influenced without asking why or how it is so. Humans generally have the commanding desirous ego which needs to control what they believe, or at the least, choose what to accept. This is their ego need to protect all the "truths" of their systems and in turn garner some meaning for their lives.

All systems on this earth heavily condition people, and because we do not like to think of ourselves as "conditioned," we say things like "we are dedicated" or very "religious" and we "live" with that explanation. But our brains are engineered to believe whatever the system asks. Man, as a newborn child, has but a few veils, so he is in constant contact with the spiritual dimensions; therefore, Universal Nature is his natural "system" of belief with no questions left to be asked.

Certainty, one of our greatest obsessions, leads us to question everything in order to understand logically, and only when our logical minds are satisfied of something's validity will we accept it as a certainty. This is not a posture that leads to learning, because it sets preconditions, which greatly limit our abilities to go beyond rationality into spiritual dimensions. If you bring certainty as a commanding principle for learning, you bring often tried, failed, and rejected methods, and you will never learn the essence of what "is."

The other obsession which is a great hindrance is habit-patterns, a form of self-conditioning. Both of these conditions can be bypassed when one goes beyond human nature and awakens to one's true self-image and then embodies that reflection. In other words, you are embodying the true "self" and not imitating other people or becoming what they expect. "Enlightenment eliminates misconception."

The Universal Life Wheel is the practice of living and creating life. It is a living practice that fulfills Universal Nature and thereby our human nature's reason for being.

There are four principle channels (directions) on the path, each having the primary function of creating pure cohesive energy. There are also many secondary channels, but all have the end result of energy production, the difference being in the amount, strength, and polarity.

Most disciplines speak of steps along their path, but we only think in terms of breaths. With each breath we take in each and every moment, we seek two things: first, to awaken to Universal Truth; and second, to create the energies necessary to become an eternal being.

This universal Truth is in opposition to most religions and so-called spiritual beliefs. Life is not and should not remain a mystery. Our mission is to awaken and embody its meaning. Existence is energy and if it flows purposelessly then all life has no meaning. The very act of existence is not an achievement; its intrinsic values lie in creation, experiencing, and awakening. Not surprising then, that they are also the intrinsic values of the Universal Life Wheel.

In a high spiritual meditative state you experience the purpose of life. It is at this point that your life becomes freer, free from the mysteries that plague the human, free from the question of life and death, free from the uncertainties of good and evil, and free from the boundaries of the human suffering condition. Here is the point where awakened beings begin to "lighten up" and truly enjoy their lives. They can laugh, sing, dance for no apparent reason. Their weights have been lifted, and they understand that they cannot be judged by the unenlightened masses, and so we find the real meaning of "that crazy monk living on the hill."

Spirituality, unadorned, that is the difference. It is the deep inner search that leads to awakening and the embodiment of those awakenings. Universal Nature and therefore its true path, the Pure Mind spiritual practice, ask nothing from seekers but a relationship of trust and the willingness to allow them to work. A reincarnated teacher's relationship with a student is one of intimate love, powerful inspiration, and great trust. When the seeker is unwilling in any facet of the relationship, then his ego is in play and it all turns to nonsense. The transformation of a seeker to a student/disciple comes with his willingness to surrender and giving his complete trust unconditionally.

  In a meditative state
beyond the reach of pain;
and still a suggestion of
inexpressible human sorrow
inevitably creeps in.

  It is at this point that we reach the crux of practice and attainment, for the act of surrender is a very decisive step. It's not just a matter of faith in a "Way" but true faith in oneself.

We recognize the act of surrender as a touchy subject with many ambiguous implications. Most people, especially those from Western cultures, have no background or understanding in the relationship between a guide and a student. True faith in one's spiritual practice and its guide demands total trust. This in no way conflicts with statements of accepting only your own awakening experiences as truth. Without "surrender" to a path those deep awakenings will never arise. Those who have experience in awakening might more easily understand.

Surrender cannot take place unless a seeker has total confidence in his decision to do so. A student or disciple gains a cohesive personality because his decision was so monumental and total, so unconditional and absolute. When it comes to Universal Truth and its Pure Mind Path, there are no conditions attached with surrender; therefore, you must first fully understand its practice methods, knowing that you cannot ask for special conditions or bargain for change when embarking on the Universal Life Wheel's course. Our definition of surrender should be interpreted as a letting go of the self; for example, there can be no "if you do..., then I'll comply," etc.

Having totally let go, a student projects this attitude at all times. It becomes obvious to all what his life practice represents. With surrender a student becomes totally receptive to the Breath of Universal Life and is in communion with Universal Nature. Awakenings come, and the student/disciple changes. There is almost no possibility that a person may become fully enlightened without a reincarnate teacher. With a teacher, as with the path, a seeker must trust and wholly surrender. The basic requirements must be met in either case.

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Barbara Childress

Powerful, absorbing, revealing, compelling, intriguing, stunning, and inspiring. No other book or practice reveals what these do! You won't be disappointed.

Pastor J. J. Boone (ret.)

With the dawning of the 21st century at hand it was Truth's time to be revealed. Man now learns that his life has purpose beyond his present hollow understanding. Unveiled for the first time in this work, he learns beyond doubt or question his true and clear purpose...

Neal Davidson

Riveting in the way it speaks to one's very essence. Revelations of Truth open pathways within. Uplifting, and dynamic, truly a unique book that describes those things we know and feel but cannot "see." -- ( Neal Davidson CEO, Davidson Real Estate )

Jamyang Rilu Tuklu

Whispered for centuries in conclaves around the world the words, perpetual life and its attainment. It was an electrifying yet almost terrifying shock to finally see in print that which we have kept secret for so long.

D. R. Dream

I turn to Beyond Forever and magically a single poetic phrase or paragraph lifts the veils on my mind and with clarity I am able to let my delusions go.

Johnathan Bhai, M.D.

Twenty-seven years of strict Christian and Buddhist practice and I was bound for nowhere! Finding the Pure Mind practice (as we have begun to call it) with its Truth, clear understanding, and teacher freed me and gave all life meaning.

P. R. Schneider

The teaching is so beautifully simple on a subject so profoundly complex that it is at once understandable, and yet it takes a lifetime of study to awaken and know.

Nelwyn Richardson

Extraordinary secrets, yet an astonishingly simple blueprint to help save our sanity. For those who open and allow these writings to touch their souls, their lives will never be the same.



It is because the human mind and heart crave that something which is much greater and more beautiful than its present state of mental and physical suffering, limited metaphysical understanding, and myriad of unanswered questions, that striving for and attaining the spiritual dimensions is revered and sought by prophets, seers, and religious scholars alike. This continuous craving which underlies man's motivation and endeavors we call "the hungry ghost."

The Pure Mind Path of awakening driven by Universal Nature and by its virtue of right practice throughout one's life is the veritable path beyond this human condition to awakening, receiving, and maintaining an eternal state In-Perpetuum.

. . . The phenomenal potential that Pure Mind practice provides clearly suggests that it is worthwhile for you to lay aside all preconceptions before your evaluation. See it as emptying your cup of all coffee before it can be filled with pure white cream. Leaving even a drop of black coffee taints the cream and you can never fully taste, see, nor appreciate the cream's purity.

There are secrets spoken of and sometimes not explained in these pages. We do not intend this as an affront, but simply as protection for all of us. For example, when we speak of advanced meditation techniques, the why of their secrecy should be clear as you learn of their power.

On the other hand, another age-old secret is revealed, we believe, for the first time ever. We divulge an In-Perpetuum Being's ability to transfer a pure energy vessel to a lay person. This act bestows the lay person or student/ disciple with the necessary vehicle to become an eternal being without actually having personally achieved it. It should be very clear to everyone why reincarnates have never revealed this ability to the general populace before. We write of this because we know from firsthand experience that it is true, and it is also a part of Mahan's awakening to do so. At this point in man's evolution, it was hard to him to understand the necessity of divulging this information, but through further reawakening enlightenments he understood. He also makes it clear why it is very necessary to practice before and after receiving the eternal life-sustaining vessel.

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