Beyond Territory: Dynamic Geographies of Knowledge Creation, Diffusion and Innovation

Beyond Territory: Dynamic Geographies of Knowledge Creation, Diffusion and Innovation



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ISBN-13: 9780415710077
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/28/2013
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Harald Bathelt is Professor and Canada Research Chair in "Innovation and Governance" at the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Maryann Feldman is the S.K. Heninger Distinguished Chair in Public Policy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA.

Dieter F. Kogler is Lecturer in Economic Geography at the School of Geography, Planning, and Environment Policy, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Territorial and Relational Dynamics in Knowledge Creation Diffusion and Innovation: An Introduction Harald Bathelt, Maryann P. Feldman and Dieter F. Kogler Part 1: Agglomeration – Aspects of Specialization and Diversity 2. Where do They Come From, and to Whom do they Flow? W. Mark Brown and David L. Rigby 3. Local Diversity and Creative Economic Activity in Canadian City-Regions Greg Spencer 4. Technological Relatedness and Regional Branching Ron Boschma and Koen Frenken 5. Evolution of the Geographical Concentration Pattern of the Danish IT Sector Christian R. Østergaard and Bent Dalum Part 2: Beyond Territory – Evoutionary Spatio-Sectoral Dynamics 6. The Emerging Industry Puzzle: Optics Unplugged Maryann P. Feldman and Iryna Lendel 7. Food Geography and the Organic Empire Modern Quests for Cultural-Creative Related Theory Phil Cooke 8. Beyond Spillovers Interrogating Innovation and Creativity in the Peripheries Andrey N. Petrov 9. The BioValley Knowledge Dyanmics in a TNC headquarter location Bernhard Fuhrer and Paul Messerli Part 3: Making Connections - Bridging the Local and the Global 10. Islands of Expertise Global Knowledge Transfer in a Technology Service Firm Johannes Glückler 11. The Changing and Diverse Roles of RIS in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy: A Theoretical Re-Examination with Illustrations from the Nordic Countries Bjørn Asheim, Arne Isaksen, Jerker Moodysson, Markku Sotarauta 12. Globaal Buzz at International Trade Fairs: A Relational Perspective Nina Schuldt and Harald Bathelt 13. Dyanic Geographies of Knowledge Creation, Diffusion and Innovation: Present and Future Diections Dieter F. Kogler, Harald Bathelt and Maryann P. Feldman

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