Beyond Terror: Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy

Beyond Terror: Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy


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Western democratic societies are built on an open exchange of ideas. In recent decades, however, all criticism of one particular topic has been so consistently labeled as ‘racism’ or ‘hate’ effectively sabotaging any dialogue on this topic and making it nearly impossible for the truth to emerge. Anne Marie Waters, a British politician, did the unthinkable. She spoke out, publicly, on the topic of Islam, and having started in the liberal Labour Party (UK) is now mischaracterized as belonging to the extreme right.

Beyond Terror addresses Orwellian nature of this problem, laying out the facts about Islam's concerted and shocking efforts to undermine the fabric of Western Civilization, and how this broad movement, affecting every Western nation, is being aided and abetted by liberal political parties. This book seeks not to attack an enemy, rather to inform the populations of nations already under attack, to enable a wider discussion about immigration from the non-Western world, the teachings of the religion of Islam, and the collusion of far-left groups with Islamists and jihadists.

Anne Marie's message is connecting with millions of people. A majority of Europeans expressed, in a 2016 survey, a desire to ban immigration from Muslim societies altogether. And yet leaders and the media in most of these nations ignore those expressing legitimate concerns about Islam as ‘racists’ or ‘bigots’. This book reveals the opposite, that what many oppose is the spread of Islamic subversion of the rights and freedoms of women, in particular, and the societal norm of freedom of expression previously considered sacred in Western nations. Her mission is to engage in public discourse on the future of society to ensure that the rights and freedoms that we, in the West, currently enjoy will be passed on to our children.

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"Every European country with an advanced Islamist problem has a political party in parliament focused on dealing with this challenge – except one, the United Kingdom. Anne Marie Waters, author of the book in your hands or on your screen, is one of the few who can fill the gap." Daniel Pipes - President, Middle East Forum

"Beyond Terror is one woman’s story, but if Britain and any other nation is going to survive as a free society, this book should be taken as a template for what must be done, and for how everyone who values freedom must now become an activist – before it’s too late." Robert Spencer - Director, Jihad Watch

"This is a book about the threat to Britain and the free world from Islamic jihad and sharia, but it is also just as much about how the left’s hatred, authoritarianism, and cultural hegemony is strangling Britain from within, and leading to its very demise as a free nation." Pamela Gellar - President, American Freedom Defense Initiative

"Anne Marie Waters is a courageous woman with integrity who stands on the strength of her convictions. Anne Marie is not afraid to speak the truth and will not be intimidated, bullied or silenced into submission for the views she holds. Anne Marie takes on the beast of political correctness and the hypocrisy of the left, especially regarding Islam. She raises her voice for us all and gives us hope that sanity can prevail." Kirralie Smith, Australian Conservatives

"The threat to the west goes Beyond Terror, and Anne Marie Waters’ summary of this threat is incontrovertible. Beyond Terror out lines how, through a long march, and a paradoxical alliance with the Left, Islam has taken a hold of the inner workings and political leaders of the civilised West." Jack Buckby, Author and Journalist

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ISBN-13: 9780984693887
Publisher: Something or Other Publishing LLC
Publication date: 06/21/2018
Pages: 362
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

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