Beyond the EU Regulatory State: Energy Security and the Eurasian Gas Market

Beyond the EU Regulatory State: Energy Security and the Eurasian Gas Market

by Andrea Prontera


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The EU's growing dependence on natural gas and Russian resources, energy security has become a hot discussion topic in academia and in policy circles in Brussels, Washington and many European capitals. However, most of the books on the subject use a very descriptive and/or normative approach and very few attempt to theorise EU energy security outside of mainstream conceptualisations of the EU as an international actor.

This book closes an important gap in the literature and offers a fresh perspective on EU energy studies, and it will be an important contribution to the debate on the development of European integration and the EU's role in international relations in the wake of the crisis in EU politics and in light of the EU's increasingly complex external environment.

Due to its interdisciplinary features – the book combines EU studies, international affairs, political economy and energy studies – and the topics covered, this book will be of special interest to scholars of the international political economy of energy and to those interested in European politics and EU international relations.

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ISBN-13: 9781785523106
Publisher: ECPR Press
Publication date: 08/16/2019
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 8.61(h) x 0.55(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Andrea Prontera is Assistant Professor of International Relations and EU Institutions and Policies, Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations, University of Macerata, Italy.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
List of Figures and Tables

1. Introduction
Energy Security and International Relations: A Never-ending Story
EU Energy Security and the Eurasian Gas Market
Rethinking EU Energy Security and the EU’s Role in International Relations
Structure of the Book

2. Theorising EU Energy Security Beyond the Regulatory State: The EU as a Catalytic State
IPE and EU Energy Security
Forms of State and Their Evolution
Theorising EU Energy Security Beyond the Regulatory State
The EU as a Catalytic State: Actors, Frames and Policy Tools

3. Thinking Like a Catalytic State: From Faire-faire to Faire-avec
Framing and Reframing EU Energy Security
The Energy Pendulum: From State to Market and Back
Phase I (1980s–1990s): Faire-faire
Phase II (2000s–2010s): Faire-avec

4. Acting Like a Catalytic State (I): From Rule-maker to Facilitator
EU Energy Security and Large Infrastructure Projects
The New Politics of Pipeline and LNG in the Eurasian Gas Market
Policy Mixes and Public–Private Partnerships
The EU as a Facilitator

5. Acting Like a Catalytic State (II): From Market-building to Coalition-building
EU Energy Security and Energy Diplomacy
A New Regional Approach to Security of Supply
Network Diplomacy and the EU: Between the Internal and External Dimensions
Creating Markets or Coalitions?

6. Limits, Potentials and Implications of the EU Catalytic State
The Catalytic State and Its Powers
Towards a New Toolbox for the EU
Accountability and Effectiveness in the EU Catalytic State

7. Conclusions: A Complex Actor in a Complex World
Overcoming the Liberalism vs. Realism Debate
The EU Catalytic State and Its Place in the XXI Century International Political Economy
Catalytic Power Europe: Adaptation, Substitution and Pragmatism



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