Beyond The Issues: The Essentiality of Authority, Truth, Values and Spirituality

Beyond The Issues: The Essentiality of Authority, Truth, Values and Spirituality

by Ernest Ray Winburn


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Americans have a vested interest in many political issues, including abortion, gun control, terrorism, the deficit, climate, healthcare and immigration, among others. For people in Third World countries, such political divisions may spill over into matters of life or death, including the availability of such basic essentials as food and water.

Is it possible there are transcendent realities more important than any of these concerns? Ernest Ray Winburn argues that authority, truth, values and spirituality are such transcendent values, that they have their origin in God and are expressed daily in the lives of men and women. Transcendent realities "are significant because they are timeless and universal," he writes.

"Beyond the Issues" journeys into the world of politics and public debate and is at times both philosophical and sociological. Always returning to Scripture, however, the author seeks a holistic approach to the most pressing matters of life. While this book contains the author's opinions, it also seeks to "honor the distinction between personal opinion and authority" - that authority moves the reader to a higher realm than that of opinion.

Winburn's prayer is that exploring the four transcendent realities presented in his book "will provoke the kind of thinking that will help us deal with the major issues facing humanity today."

Ernest Ray Winburn is a Southern Baptist pastor. He and his wife, Brenda, reside in Hartsville, South Carolina. After serving three churches in South Carolina and Louisiana for 41 years, he retired from full-time ministry in 2009. Since his retirement he has served in churches as interim or transitional pastor. He earned an associate bachelor of arts degree from Wingate College, a bachelor of arts degree from Coker College, and master and doctor of ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

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