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Beyond the Money: A Practical Guide for Successful Men Leaving Full-time Work

Beyond the Money: A Practical Guide for Successful Men Leaving Full-time Work

by Steve Mendl


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Why do so many men struggle once they leave the workforce? Isn’t it what they’ve been working towards for their entire career?

When successful men make the move out of full-time work into the next stage of their life, many are challenged by the transition. Though they’ve got the finances sorted, money’s the first – and often only – thing they tend to concern themselves with beforehand, when it’s actually the last thing they need worry about. Beyond the money, there’s now an extra forty to sixty hours a week that they have failed to plan and prepare for.

Beyond the Money is a practical guide for successful men leaving full-time work. Filled with case studies, exercises and tips for managing change, it helps you make the leap into the next stage of your life.

At long last here’s a book that explores seven wealth areas – beyond the money.

Author Steve Mendl explains how to make the transition from full-time work smoother, simpler and a lot more enjoyable for you, your friends and the whole family.

This book is for you if you are:

  • Aged between forty-five and sixty-five and planning to leave the full-time workforce.
  • Wondering what you will do with an extra forty to sixty hours a week and wanting to avoid falling off the ‘retirement cliff’.
  • Feeling hesitant about one of the biggest life changes that people go through.
  • Eager to make the next stage of your life meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable.

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ISBN-13: 9780648430766
Publisher: MacMillan Company Limited
Publication date: 02/28/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Steve is the founder of Next-Aging and Beyond the Money Programs.
As an active retirement coach and transition specialist, he assists men in senior management aged forty-five to sixty-five successfully transition out of full-time work and into the next stage of their lives.

Over the past 12 years, Steve has worked with clients from Microsoft,
BUPA, American Express, Rio Tinto, Qantas and Woolworths. He has mentored over 1,000 individuals experiencing personal, career and active retirement transitions.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Busting the Myths and Facing the Realities 12

My Story 14

The Problem with ‘R

Part 2: The 7 Wealth Areas Beyond Money

1. Self 49

Your Values 50

Exercise: Defining Your Values 51

Your Beliefs 69

Exercise: Embracing Empowering and

Supporting Beliefs 75

2. Wellbeing 81

Food and Nutrition 84

Less Processed Sugar 86

Less Fat 86

Less Salt 87

Exercise: Food Audit 88

Fitness 92

Fitness Facts 94

Exercise: Future Fitness 96

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 98

7 Ancient Principles of Wellbeing 104

3. Location, Location, Location 111

Making the Right Move 115

Downsizing 120

4. Relationships 125

Renegotiating Relationships 128

5. Lifestyle and Modified Work Life 141

Where Are You Going? 142

Exercise: The Bucket List 144

What Do You Want to Do? 148

What Knowledge Do You Want to Use, Share or Develop? 148

Exercise: My Knowledge 151

What Skills Do You Want to Use, Share or Develop? 154

Exercise: Motivated Skills 155

Going to Work: An Encore Career 162

6. Legacy 167

Leaving a Legacy 168

Philanthropy 169

7. Spiritual Development 175

The Law of Attraction 177

Exercise: Reverse Vision 178

Gratitude 180

Exercise: Gratitude List 187

Part 3: Form a Plan

1. Expectations and Strategies 191

Exercise: A Vision of the Next Age 193

Strategies for a Smooth Transition 199

Conversations to Have with Yourself and Others 202

Celebrating the Move 203

2. Making it a Reality 205

Exercise: Designing My Perfect Year 210

Exercise: Designing My Perfect Month 211

Exercise: Designing My Perfect Week 211

Exercise: Designing My Perfect Day 212

Conclusion 215

Epilogue 219

Appendix 1.

Busting the Myths and Facing the Realities Q&A 221

Appendix 2.

Depression Symptoms Checklist 223

Books of Value 227

Acknowledgements 233

About the Author 237

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