Beyond the Quran

Beyond the Quran

by James Paul-Magidi


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Beyond the Quran breaks into the forbidden territories of both the Holy Bible and the Quran to throw light on aspects of faith, assumptions, mysteries and heresies that have been left mostly unchallenged, unexplained, unaccounted for, and yet taught as doctrines.

The book helps to unravel the following questions:

• Is Mohammed "that prophet which should come" according to the prophecy of Moses?
• What did Mohammed really think of "the God of Abraham" and the secret only Aisha, his favorite knew?
• What else did Gabriel reveal to Mohammed that was not written in the Quran and why is • Israel the focus of Islamic displeasure?
• Could Jesus be the most important figure in Islam?
• Can a Muslim find salvation in Islam?

Beyond the Quran challenges:
• Islam's doctrine of 'Messiah son of Mary' because of its inherent oxymoron
• The apparent lack of consistency between YHWH and Allah and presents evidences, which support the presence of schizophrenia, amnesia, or different deities.

The book explains:
• Why the Quran MUST deny the crucifixion of Jesus.
• The deep things of Satan and the knowledge of good and evil.
• The sin of the angels and how the first war broke out in heaven.
• The difference between the fall of man and the fall of angels.
• Why the fall of Lucifer was not a victory for God.
• The true bride of Christ and the surprise awaiting Muslims, Roman Catholics and the Church.
• The death of Moses and why God hid his grave, and its connection with Enoch, and Elijah.

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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 04/26/2011
Pages: 464
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