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Beyond Words with NEW MyCompLab Student Access Code Card / Edition 3

Beyond Words with NEW MyCompLab Student Access Code Card / Edition 3

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ISBN-13: 9780321846105
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 05/21/2012
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 560
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents


Understanding How We Read and Write Today

Looking at the History of Words and Images

Using Beyond Words


Identifying Subject Or Focus

Identify The Subject

Find Focal Points

Examine and Interpret The Details

Notice What’s Missing

Considering Audience

Note How a Text Signals Its Audience

Assess the Level of the Message

Note the Demographics

Understand the Original or Intended Audience

Notice How the Audience Has Changed

Understanding Purpose

Understand Texts That Inform and Analyze

Understand Texts That Persuade

Understand Texts That Instruct and Entertain

Identifying Genres

Identify the Conventions of a Genre

Recognize Changing Conventions

Examining Media

Understand Media

Appreciate Language as a Medium

Understanding Contexts

Understand the Context

Explore Personal Associations

Examining Structure and Composition

Examine the Parts

Understanding and Reading Media

Manohia Dargis, Defending Goliath: Hollywood and the Art of the Blockbuster

*Nicholas Carr, Does the Internet Make You Dumber?

*Steven Pinker, Mind Over Mass Media

Chapter 2 Composing Texts

Choosing a Subject or Focus

Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Define Your Subject

Reaching An Audience

Know Your Audience

Figure Out What Your Audience Needs

Earn the Interest of Your Audience

Deciding On Your Purpose and Context

Understand an Assignment

Explain the Context of Your Project

Choosing a Genre and Structure

Writing a Description

Writing a Narrative

Writing a Comparison and/or Contrast Project

Writing a Report

Writing a Response or Position Paper

Preparing a Problem/Solution Project

Writing a Rhetorical Analysis

Writing an Ad Analysis

Writing an Argument

Preparing an Oral Presentation

Choosing A Medium

Choose the Spoken Word

Choose Written Words

Choose the Fine Arts

Choose the Graphic Arts

Choose Photography

Choose Film

Choose Video

Choose the World Wide Web

Choose Multimedia

Doing Research And Documenting Sources

Scope Out Your Topic

Be Methodical In Your Research

Use the Library

Use the Internet

Learn From Experts

Prepare a Field Observation

Synthesize Your Source Materials

Document Your Sources

Formatting the MLA Paper

Formatting the MLA Title Page

Formatting the MLA Works Cited Page

Revising And Editing

Evaluate and Revise Your Work

Sweat the Details

Project 2.1: Analyzing a Place

Student Project: Esteban Rodriguez, “Taquería Jalisco”

Chapter 3 Identities

Reading Texts about Identity

Gallery: Representations of Identity

Dorothea Lange, Drought Refugees Camping by the Roadside

*Damian Dovarganes, Yao Ming Announces Partnership with McDonalds

*Peter Byron, Young Boy Watching Violence on Television

• Mean Girls
Movie Poster

Judy Syfers-Brady, Why I Want a Wife

Razanne Doll and Muslim Girl

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks

Gordon Parks, American Gothic

Cluster 3.1 Life Stories

*Sherman Alexie, How to Fight Monsters

Jim Goldberg, Images from Rich and Poor

Annie Dillard, from An American Childhood

Lan Tran, Lone Stars,

*Lise Sarfati, Images from Fashion Magazine, Austin Texas

Cluster 3.2 Bodies

Susan Bordo, The Empire of Images in Our World of Bodies

*Colby Katz, Beauty Pageants

*Dave Zirin, Standing with Caster

* Figures on and off the Field

Josie Appleton, The Body Piercing Project

Uwe Krejci, Teenagers with Facial Piercings

Cluster 3.3 Sing the Body . . . Electric!

*Robert Risko, Illustration for “Of Glee I SingVanity Fair

*James Wolcott, Of Glee I Sing

*Alonso Duralde, Once Upon a Time . . .,

*Disney Studios, Actor Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans, High School Musical/3

* Ramin Setoodeh, Straight Jacket

*Jane Lynch, Jonathan Groff, and Chris Colfer from Glee

*Lucas Hilderbrand, Stage Left: Glee and the Textual Politics of Difference

Writing About Identity

Project 3.1 Composing a Personal Memoir

Student Project

Ademilola Mojiminiyi, “My Hair Gets Curlier Faster than It Gets Longer”

Project 3.2 Researching and Profiling an Artist

Student Project

Billy Smith, “Gordon Parks: Using Photographs to Spark Social Change”

Chapter 4 Places

Reading Texts about Places

Gallery: Representations of Places

*Eastman Kodak, Kodak As You Go

*Dennis Stock, On Times Square and James Dean on the Farm of His Uncle 195

*NASA Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico, June 19, 2010

Terry Falke, Rustic Camper, Arches National Park

*Wrigley Rooftops

Melissa Ann Pinney, Disney World, Orlando Florida

*Scott Graham, St. Peter’s Dome

*John Vachon, Worker at Carbon Black, Sunray, Texas 1940

*Thomas Hoepker, Photo taken from Brooklyn, NY September 11, 2001

Alice Attie, from Harlem in Transition

Cluster 4.1 Home on the Earth

*Henry David Thoreau, from Walden

*Title page from the 1854 edition of Walden

*Navaho chant, Song of the Earth

*Anne Spencer, Earth, I Thank You

*Edward Hoagland, A Peaceable Kingdom

*Google Earth, Riverhead, NY 2010

*Sharman Apt Russell, Apocalypse Not in My Backyard

Cluster 4.2 A Borderland

Diane Cook and Len Jenshel, Tijuana , Mexico 2006

Charles Bowden, Our Wall

Benjamin Alire Saenz, War (in the City in Which I Live)

Joe Grossinger, from El Paso Street Art, 2007

*Flag of Mexico, and Daryl Cagle, Violence in Mexico, Aug. 29, 2010

*Daryl Cagle, My Mexican Flag Cartoon and Angry Readers

Cluster 4.3 Roads We Travel

Road Trip, Movie Poster

John Steinbeck, from The Grapes of Wrath

Bobby Troup, Route 66

Cadillac Ranch, 2007

Jack Kerouac, from On the Road

Jack Kerouac

Holland Cotter, On My Road

Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination

*Ramadan Rod Trip, CNN Belief Blog

*Aman Ali, Day 22: Ross, North Dakota , A Leap in Time

*Mosque in Ross, North Dakota

Writing About Places

*Project 4.1 Observing and Analyzing a Public Space

Student Paper: Kruti Parekh, “India: A Culinary Experience”

Project 4.2 Describing a Place

*Student Paper: Elizabeth Mashburn, “The Basement Room”

Project 4.3

Project 4.4

Project 4.5

Chapter 5 Design and Culture

Reading Texts about Design and Culture

Gallery: Design and Culture

* Designers Nexus Inc., Free Fashion Croqui Templates

Greg Marting, Giro Atmos Bicycle Helmet, 2003

*Nintendo Wii n Controller, 2006, and Sony Playstation Move, 2010

*Milton Glaser, Dylan

*Magimix Vision Toaster

*iPhone, Magic Mouse, iPad

* Obama Campaign Logo

Cluster 5.1The Dynamics of Design

*Kevin Kelly, Reading in a Whole New Way

*Logan Ward, With Ancient Arches, the Old is New Again

*Katja Heinemann, Vault201 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

*P. J. O’Rourke, Make Mine a Jeep,

*Brett Affrunti, Wrangler Rubicon

*Christine Rosen, Awe and the Machine,

Three-Three Designers, First Things First Manifesto 2000

Cluster 5.2 If the Shoe Fits . . . Fashioning Culture

*Design sketch by Diane Mulleavy for the character Odile and a still from the film Black Swan. From, January 7, 2011.

*Laurie Penny, Curves Ahead is Hardly Progress

*Lisa Hilton, So What if I’m Skinny?,

*Cruel Feet?


*American Apparel: Legalize LA and Legalize Gay

*Jennifer 8. Lee, The Moral Costs of Counterfeiting

*Fashion Advertisements from 1972, 1988, and 2010

Writing About Design and Culture

Project 5.1Analyzing the Design of an Everyday Text


Sean Kamperman, “Sandals Signify”, Sean Kamperman

Project 5.2 Studying Design and Its Contexts

STUDENT PROJECT, Sean Nixon, “The Transformation of American Architecture during the 1920s and 1930s”

Project 5.3

Project 5.4

Project 5.5

Chapter 6 Media

Reading Texts about Media

Gallery: Messages in the Media

Got Milk?

Crowd Gathered Outside An Outdoor TV Set in India

Presidential Jet Flyover

*Luis Sinco, Marlboro Marine


Philip Greenberg, Viagra Model Car

*Twitter messages on a smart phone (Getty [date?])

Lewis Hine, Girl Worker in Cotton Mill

*Jonathan ElderfieldLife is simple in the East Village, Houston Street

Cluster 6.1 Music in the Media

*Jeff Chang, Fight the Power Jeff Chang

*Lif Wayne, Tha Carter III CD

*Tanny Oler, Ladies’ Camp Rock

*Alissa Quart, Music Lessons

*Elvis Presley Dancing

Cluster 6.2 The Games People Play

*Simon Dumenco, Game Theory: How (and Why) Facebook, Twitter, etc., Became Recess for Grown-ups

Scene for from Grand Theft Auto

*Michelle Goodman Gaming Tree: How Gamers Might Help Bring About Social Change

*James Gee Video Games: What They Can Teach Us About Audience Engagement

*Michelle Newman,Teens Participating in a Bowling Tournament

*Emily Parrino, Members of the Wii Bowling Team at an Assisted Living Facility

Cluster 6.3 Media Goes Online

*Sheryr Turkle, Digital Demands: The Challenges of Constant Connectivity

*Claudio, Alvarez, Kindle User in a Bookstore

* The Onion, Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book

*Christine Greenhow and Jeff Reifman, Engaging Youth in Social Media: Is Facebook the New Media Frontier

*Twitter Messages Documenting and Promoting Protests in Iran

Writing About Media

Project 6.1 Composing a Web Essay

STUDENT PROJECT Hannah Easley, Sound and Medium in No Country for Old Men

Project 6.2 Composing a Photo Essay



Student Project: Michael Lee, "Images of History: The Hmong"

Additional Writing Projects

Chapter 7 Science and Society

Reading Texts about Science and Society

Gallery: Technology and Science

Nasa, Blue Marble, 1972

*Crowdsourced Bird Sightings

*The Economist, Public Acceptance of Evolution

Photos: Images of Genetically Engineered Animals

*Airport Body Scan Image., U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

*Speak2Tweet Application., Google; Twitter

*Car Parts Incubator., Design That Matters

Cluster 7.1Our Watery Ways

*David Usborne, Bottled Out, (2007)

*Kitt Doucette, An Ocean of Plastic (2009)

*San Jose Mercury News, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

*Stomach Contents of Fledgling Albatross.

*Lester R. Brown, Warmer World, Savage Storms,

*Sumatran Coast Before and After tsunami.

Smiley N. Pool, Flooded School Buses

*Elizabeth Royte, The Last Drop: We May Not Get All the Water We Want, But We Can Have the Water We Need

*Alain Buu, Images from the Photo Story, “Water Wars”.

Cluster 7.2 This is Your Brain on. . . .

*Susan Greenfield, Modern Technology is Changing the Way Our Brains Work

*Steven Johnson, Yes, People Still Read, but Now It’s Social

*Subnetwork., Yorgy Buzsaki and Attila Sik

*Karen Bleier, Facebook Friends

*Patrick Tucker, Prospects for Brain-Computer Interfacing,

*Neil Reynolds, One Robot,

* Stephan De Sakutin Animal Test Subject and Human Test Subject

Writing About Science and Society

Project 7.1 Explaining a New Development in Technology or Science

STUDENT PROJECT, Beau Faulkner, “Year Zero: A Viral Marketing Promotion”

Project 7.2 Connecting Science To Culture


Julia Berkelhammer, Angel Cockerham, Michelle Kasprak, Alyssa Tedder, and Taylor Warren, “Schizophrenia: A Beautiful Fight”

Additional Projects

Chapter 8 Politics

Reading Texts About Politics

Gallery: Politics

Political bumper stickers

*Charles Dharapak, Health Care Overhaul

Todd Heisler, Reno , Nevada

* Cartoon re: Christine O’Donnell Senate Campaign Ad, I’m You

* Campaign photo Joe Manchin Senate Campaign Ad, Dead Aim

*Good, Is College Still Affordable?

*Volume, Inc., San Francisco , AIGA Get Out the Vote Campaign,

Cluster 8.1 Media Matters

*President Obama on The View and The Daily Show

*Larry Rosen, The Daily Show Effect: Attracting Young Voters to Politics One Joke at a Time

*Sarah Palin’s Alaska, TLC

*Victor David Hanson, The New Sophists

*Mike Keefe, The Denver Post cartoon

*Aaron Sorkin, In Her Defense, I’m Sure the Moose Had It Coming

*Taylor Jones, “I Won,”(cartoon)

*Jack Shafer, In Defense of Inflamed Rhetoric

*No Labels, The No Labels Statement of Purpose

Cluster 8.2 Food Fights

Kim Severson, “Be It Ever So Homespun, There’s Nothing Like Spin”

Michael Pollan, “Why Bother?

Photos: Lauren Greenfield, Images from Thin and Camp Shane

*Greg Hubacek, Dead Weight

*Jennifer Bleyer, Hipsters on Food Stamps

*Kyle Smith, Politicians Want to Tax Us Thin

Cluster 8.3 Car Wars

*Jorg Greuel and Good, Car Wreck in Monument Valley

*Thomas L. Friedman, Their Moon Shot and Ours

*IBD Editorial Gov’t Motors’ Electric Edsel

*Jamie Kitman, Drive vs. Fly

*Oliver Munday and Good, Saving Money by Cutting Traffic

The New York City Street Memorial Project

Andrew Hinderaker, Ghost Bike Memorial

*Farhad Manjoo, Don’t Worry, The Robot’s Driving

*Chris Matyszczyk, Google's new robot car: Crazy good or crazy crazy?

Writing About Politic

Project 8.1 Analyzing a Political Argument

Student Project: Jonathan Butler “Visual Images of National Identity: British and French Propaganda Posters of the Great War

Project 8.2 Creating a Public Service Announcement

Student Project: Meixia Huang, “Pay Attention to Them”

Additional Projects


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