BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting

BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting

Hardcover(Book & CD-Rom)



“BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting,” a printed manual with a CD-ROM, evolved from elementary classroom experience.

The manual is the heart of the BFH program. Here you will find all you need in order to learn and teach handwriting effectively, or to remediate your handwriting. Detailed information regarding recommended posture, character formation, problem solving, etc. is in the printed manual. It is the reference for the material on the CD-ROM..

The CD-ROM is a unique, cross-platform, interactive means of providing supplements to the BFH program. Eliminated is the clutter and expense of a teacher’s manual and a stack of workbooks for every class. There is just the manual and a CD-ROM. Everything that might be in workbooks is on the CD to be printed out for students. You are not restricted to any one sequence of exemplars. You can meet your needs, or the needs of students with a selection of more than 225 pages, and many suggestions for handwriting related activities. You will find the CD more instructive, and much more fun than static, boring, trace-and-copy workbooks..

You can edit exemplars. If the default text on a page you want to use has little meaning or interest to students, you can change the text to make it relevant for them. Too often, the text and illustrations in workbooks have no meaning for students, and they may be a bit trite as well.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Nan Jay Barchowsky wrote the manual and created lesson plans based upon more than twenty years of experience in handwriting instruction, seventeen of which were in elementary classrooms. The BFH program is based on research of other programs, but principally on observations of the fine motor capabilities of children aged four through adulthood.

In the 1980’s the success of Barchowsky’s program inspired her to edit and publish “Cursive Italic News, the Barchowsky Report on Handwriting.” The newsletter attracted international contributors and subscribers.

Barchowsky has also conducted handwriting workshops, and written articles for various publications.

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ISBN-13: 9780965674577
Publisher: Swansbury, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/28/1997
Edition description: Book & CD-Rom
Pages: 85
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

What People are Saying About This

Rosemary Sassoon

Handwriting specialist and author Here is a beautifully produced, comprehensive handwriting programme. It provides practical advice, original teaching ideas, and well thought out exercises for all stages. Highly recommended. (Rosemary Sassoon, Ph.D.)

William A. Bostick

The book is so well organized and presents the Barchowsky Fluent Hand in such a clear way that a teacher should find it an invaluable instructional tool for her class. (William A Bostick, Teacher and author of handwriting manuals )

Charlotte Gregory

BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting is an instructor’s dream when it comes to teaching penmanship. Over the course of twenty-three years, I taught four handwriting methods. I found BFH to be superior in that it is very fluent, beautiful, and highly legible. It is easily learned, and has no transition, or relearning of letters from manuscript to cursive. I highly recommend BFH, without reservation, over any method I have seen or taught. (Charlotte Gregory, First Grade Teacher)

Lawrence Wheeler

I was struck immediately by the abundance of ‘coping’ mechanisms in your text, i.e., suggestions of useful alternative routes through the problem of handwriting; I like the emphasis on self-determination and personal choice. I support systems based on their internal logic, and what seem to me their pedagogical strengths. Quite frankly, your system has it; others seem to me lacking. (Lawrence Wheeler, Ph.D. Director, University Honors Program, Portland State University, OR)

Jenny Hunter Groat

...extraordinarily clear and simple book on teaching good handwriting...your materials, in their beautiful simplicity, their use of delightful and colorful games, as being the only things with enough experience behind them to overcome many of the problems and to restore the joy that children have in learning. (Jenny Hunter Groat, Teacher)

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