Bhagavad Gita: Based on Sri Ramanuja's Gitabhashyam

Bhagavad Gita: Based on Sri Ramanuja's Gitabhashyam


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An attempt is made in this book to give the meaning of the verses of Gita and highlight a few salient features of Ramanuja Siddhanta.

Four books are required to be studied for a thorough understanding of the religious philosophy of Visishtadvaita. They are Sri Bashyam, Gita Bashyam, Bhagavad Vishayam and Rahasya Traya Saram.

Sri Bhashya, the commentary on Brahma Sutras, is polemical in nature meant for those who are well versed in the exercise of Nyaya or Logic. But the Gita Bhashyam is free from polemics, meant for all discerning public. Three great teachers of the tradition, namely, Ramanuja, his predecessor Yamuna and his successor, Deshika, have dealt with the subject matter of Gita. Deshika's Gitartha Sangraha (Tamil) is used to sum up the chapters of Gita. Finally, references are made, where necessary, to a few books in English written by modern scholars for further reading.

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ISBN-13: 9781499696912
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Publication date: 06/08/2014
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About the Author

Veeravalli Jagannathan spent two decades working in the Electronics industry and a decade teaching in an Engineering College. He has been contributing articles to Saptagiri, a Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) publication, under the pen name Veeravalli.

Sri Jagannathan is the son of (late) Smt.Mythili Parthasarathy and (late) Sri Veeravalli Parthasarathy. He gained valuable spiritual learning and experience under the tutelage of his father. He lives in Bengaluru with his wife Smt. Sugandha Jagannathan.‏

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