Bhator: 5th book in the Raising Up Pharaoh epic

Bhator: 5th book in the Raising Up Pharaoh epic

by R. E. J. Burke


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5,200 years ago, this 5th book of the Raising Up Pharaoh epic begins as scouts arrive in Reilend Delta to reconnoiter the King of Bhator, whose assassins tried to kill King Patros. The scouts meet refugee seamen and horsemen with expert knowledge of Bhator that they'll trade for the right to join the scouts' people. Their horses can't carry their women and children across the desert to the oasis, and their boats can't transport the horses. The scouts' plan to return over two routes: most will accompany and protect the families and seamen sailing around the Arabian Peninsula to Ezion-Geber in small fishing boats, while a few guide the horsemen and a hundred unburdened horses across the desert. They expect heavy loss of life.

Thus continues the six-novel Raising Up Pharaoh epic, set among the emerging city-states and nations in the Fertile Crescent at the dawn of written history-as they plant the cultural seeds of today's world.

The series is written for readers of all ages. The tone is intense, yet controlled by zooming back the lens to avoid needless close-ups of violence and sexuality. The tale unfolds through the differing viewpoints of the orphans, the couple, others drawn to them, and their foes.

The setting of this fifth book extends from what is now called the Iraqi desert south to the Delta, through the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea to the Indus River Delta in Pakistan, through the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea, as-well-as west from Iraq through Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel. In later books, the setting expands across the Middle East and North Africa. Each book has its own maps.

The diverse cast speaks a pidgin of proto-Indo-European, proto-Afro-Semitic, and various lost languages such as Harappan. The pidgin is presented in modern U.S. English.

The Raising Up Pharaoh novels were edited by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley PhD.

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About the Author

R. E. J. Burke is a former U. S. Marine, graduate of the University of Maryland and Yale Graduate School, aeronautical engineer, shipbuilder, banker, entrepreneur, author, pilot, and Christian speaker. His passion is the archaeology of the Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age in South and West Asia, the Steppes, Eastern Europe, and Northeastern Africa, which led to his writing the six-novel Raising Up Pharaoh epic. Having lived in Asia, South America, the U.S. Midwest and on both coasts, he and his wife, Nancy, now live on the bluffs by the Potomac River in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. They have four adult children and six grandchildren, for whom they are very thankful. His favorite authors are Patrick O'Brian, J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Bernard Cornwell, C. S. Lewis, and Stephen R. Donaldson.

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