Bible Answers to World Questions

Bible Answers to World Questions

by Kris Doulos


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This book is an effort to present the Bible, not as a fetish to ward off evil or an idol to make one holy but as an authoritative source of information. If a person who owns a Bible but doesn't read it is asked why he owns it, his answer may fit the description of superstition. Only when the information in the Bible is transferred to the brain and used is there a benefit to owning one.

Anyone familiar with the way the Bible was compiled knows it is not a work of perfection. Anyone who knows the languages of the Bible knows the translations are not perfect. Tradition and imperfection influenced the compilation and translations. The writers were men who believed in God and Jesus but didn't fully understand either. Like any other servant of God, they wrote what they believed was correct knowing imperfect men don't produce perfect work any more than an imperfect reader fully comprehends what is written. The Bible is only a lamp that lightens the path of the person sincerely seeking God. It is the responsibility of the seeker to walk the path with the lantern in hand.

Peter and Paul did and said things that contradicted what Jesus taught. This book tries to present them as flawed but committed Christians who made a great contribution to the life of this author and millions of others who had the good fortune to read what they wrote. They were imperfect men, writing about a perfect God. Though imperfect, the writings in the Bible are adequate to show a person the way to God and warn the don't-need-God person of his final destination.

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