Bible Walkthrough - 16 - Numbers

Bible Walkthrough - 16 - Numbers

by Cliff Taylor


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My Bible Walkthrough series arose from a 'through the Bible in a year' course which I had led. Each volume is designed as a companion to the reader's own journey through the Bible. The book of Numbers gives more details of parts of the story of the exodus, not all of which are lists of figures.

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ISBN-13: 9781502820525
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/13/2014
Series: Bible Walkthrough , #16
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

After studying Maths in Manchester and Theology in Cambridge, I spent nearly twenty years in full-time Christian ministry, regularly preaching and teaching through the Bible. After that, I joined a Pentecostal church and spent another twenty years teaching Maths, Statistics and Computing in schools and Further Education colleges. Now that I've retired, I'm still doing some Maths teaching, and am using a lot of time writing books.

My grandfather, John Taylor, left his work as an apprentice blacksmith, and became a colporteur, distributing tracts around villages in the west country. As his work developed, he became a minister and evangelist who was radically opposed to the Modernist views which were prominent in the churches of his time.

His son, my father, - Cliff Taylor, like me - was also a minister, but never aligned himself with any particular school of theology, although he retained his father's suspicion of anything too liberal. When I was studying theology in Cambridge [or 'Divinity' as it's called there], much of the teaching was firmly in the liberal camp. Through my first few years in full-time ministry, I gradually worked out which of those teachings I could retain, and which I had to reject in favour of a more traditional position. Still, like my father, I've never signed up to the teachings of fundamentalism in any of its varieties.

My main issue with fundamentalism is that it's a man-made doctrine which requires the Bible to adhere to its ideas. To me, that's an impertinence. I'd much rather read the Bible, remaining open to what it says, warts 'n' all. In that way, I hope to present a recognisably traditional message without rejecting too much of the scholarship of the last hundred years.

On several occasions, I've run a 'Bible in a year' course. My Bible Walkthrough volumes are an expansion of that course. It worries me when Christians only ever use the Bible as if it's a promise box - they flick through its pages until they find a form of words which seems to address their situation, and then they take that extract as God's Word to them. But such extracts need to be checked out against the 'whole counsel of scripture'. In other words, we need to have a good overview of God's Word so that we can see if our understanding of a particular verse fits the big picture properly. The Bible Walkthrough series is designed to accompany you as you do the kind of Bible reading that will help you to get that overview.

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