Biblical Studies A to Z, Book 2: C

Biblical Studies A to Z, Book 2: C

by Dan R. Hubbell


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It was in the year of 1976 that the Lord sovereignly and miraculously spoke to me to begin studying and publishing Biblical teachings to be shared with a world-wide audience. For the encouragement of the readership, let me recount this event that began with the first teaching the Lord gave me. As I was sitting at my desk in the pastor's study of the church taking care of administrative duties, suddenly and unexpectedly, the Lord spoke clearly, not audibly but rather in my spirit, to "clear the desk, get out a blank sheet of paper and pen because I want to teach you."

The only things I had on my desk were a picture of my wife and sons, praying hands with thorns, and a calendar. It was such a shocking experience, that I really didn't know what he meant by "clearing the desk." So at first I just moved them around on the desk. Then I heard the Lord say, "I didn't say move them around, I said clear the desk!" So, I took these three items from my desk and moved them to my book shelf.

In obedience to Him, I got out a blank piece of paper and a pen and just sat still at my desk, not knowing what to do next. Then the Lord began to teach me the following specific truths about His Word, the Scripture as recorded in the Holy Bible:
1. There is a thread that runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation on any given subject that contains the whole counsel of God.
2. When researching any subject, read and record every Scripture passage pertaining to that topic.
3. For every word in Scripture there is a balanced word, i.e. faith and works, heaven and hell, angels and demons, etc.
4. My Word is perfectly balanced.
5. Do not teach anything before you have the balance to that subject.
6. Record the entire Scripture passages and references on each subject.
7. Print out My Word directly from the Bible passages.
8. The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible.
9. Do not make this a commentary of your teachings but rather of My Word.
10. The Holy Spirit is the primary Teacher.
11. Only use Hebrew and Greek definitions of words to clarify word meanings.
12. The Bible does not contradict itself, so keep reading until the answer is found.
13. My Word is the "plumb-line" of Truth.
14. On either side of the "plumb-line" of Truth there are two ditches: Legalism and License.
15. The Truth sets you free and you are free indeed.

What began as one teaching has developed into hundreds of teachings. It is to these principles and directives that I have adhered and have recorded the teachings He has revealed to me over the past 40 years.

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About the Author

Dan Richard Hubbell was born and reared in Rosenberg, Texas. He attended the Lamar Consolidated ISD and Baylor University. He was saved and baptized at the age of nine. He surrendered to the Gospel ministry in 1950, licensed to preach in 1954, and ordained in 1956. From 1955 to 1979, he served as a pastor and associate pastor of six Texas Baptist Churches.

During Dan's forty-seven year residency in Winnsboro (1969-2016), he was pastor for ten years at the First Baptist Church, owned and operated Thee Hubbell House Bed & Breakfast for twelve years, served as Executive Director of the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce for ten years, as well as having served as the Mayor and Municipal Judge of the City of Winnsboro. Dan was also honored as The Man of the Year of Winnsboro and Thee Hubbell House Bed & Breakfast was chosen as The Business of the Year. Laurel was also honored as The Teacher of the Year in the Como-Pickton ISD and in the State of Texas as a teacher in the Windham ISD in Winnsboro.

Biblical Studies A to Z, Book 2:C is Dan's seventh book. Previous titles include: Biblical Studies A to Z, Book 1: A - B; Biblical Prophecies for End Times, Volumes I and II; Heavenly Humor; In Search of a New Wine Skin; and God Still Speaks Today. Other books presently being written include My Life Journey; Unto the Uttermost; Accounts of Dreams, Prophecies, Revelations & Visions; Dialogue Q&A with Servant Leaders Worldwide; and Leadership Training Manuals for apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Since 1999, Dan and Laurel have lived in Winnsboro, Texas, in a "hired house" (Acts 28:30-31) from where they continue to minister to the whole Body of Christ throughout the United States and foreign nations by equipping the saints for the work of ministry, establishing new churches and encouraging existing churches.

All proceeds realized by the author from the sale of his books will be reinvested directly toward the missionary work he continues to do throughout the nations of the world.

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