Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor

Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor

by Mark Wilson

Paperback(Revised Third Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9786054701483
Publisher: Ege Yayinlari
Publication date: 07/30/2014
Edition description: Revised Third Edition
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Mark Wilson (D.Litt. et Phil., University of South Africa) is an American scholar who has lived in Turkey with his wife Dindy since 2004. He is the founder and director of two organizationsthe Seven Churches Network ( and the Asia Minor Research Center in Antalya. Their purpose is to promote the study of early Judaism and Christianity in Asia Minor within the context of the Greco-Roman world. Wilson regularly leads study trips to the biblical sites in Turkey and other countries in the eastern Mediterranean. He has also conducted several seminars for Turkish tour guides on Turkeys biblical heritage. Wilson is the author and editor of numerous books including three studies on the book of Revelation. He has also authored many articles on Asia Minor, some of which are found in the Dictionary of the Bible and its Reception and the Baker Bible Handbook. He is a member of eight academic societies, and was featured in a History Channel production shot in Turkey called The First Christians. His research interests include ancient synagogues as well as ancient roads and biblical routes. Mark and his wife Dindy have four adult children, four grandsons and four granddaughters.

Table of Contents

Author's Introduction General Introduction Abbreviations Maps Turkey's Seven Regions with Biblical Sites Jewish Communities in Asia Minor Paul's Anatolian Journeys John's Seven Churches of Asia Peter's Communities Chapter 1: East Region (Dogu Anadolu Bolgesi) Natural Sites Mount Ararat (Agri Dag) Euphrates River Tigris River Ancient Voice: The Gilgamesh Epic Ancient Regions Ararat, Urartu Togarmah Ancient Cities Tushpa Sidetrip: Urartian Fortresses and Ahtamar Church Chapter 2: Southeast Region (Guneydogu Anadolu Bolgesi) Natural Sites Mount Ararat (Cudi Dag) Ancient Regions Aram-naharaim Eden Gozan Paddan-aram Ancient Cities Carchemish Modern Voice: Leonard Wooley Ancient Voice: Jeremiah and the Babylonian Chronicles Edessa/Ur? Ancient Voice: Eusebius and the Abgar Tradition In-Site: Abraham and Ur Haran (Harran) Sidetrip: Gobekli Tepe Nahor Tiphsah/Zeugma Ancient Voice: Apollonius of Tyana Sidetrip: Nemrut Dagi In-Site: Harmagedon (Armageddon) on the Euphrates Sidetrip: Tur Abdin Chapter 3: Mediterranean Region (Akdeniz Bolgesi) Ancient Regions Cilicia Lycia Muzur, Musru, Musri Pamphylia Pisidia Syria Ancient Cities Adana Alexandria ad Issum In-Site: The Churches in Syria and Cilicia Sidetrip: Plain of Issus Antioch on the Orontes In-Site: Peter and Antioch Ancient Voice: The Seleucus Inscription Sidetrip: Syria Attalia Daphne Mopsuestia Sidetrip: Hierapolis Castabala and Karatepe Myra Sidetrip: Andriace In-Site: Travel on the Mediterranean Sea Patara Ancient Voice: The Lycian League and America's Founding Fathers Sidetrip: Xanthos and Letoon Perga In-Site: Paul's Anatolian Journeys In-Site: Why Did John Mark Leave Paul and Barnabas? In-Site: The Route from Perga to Pisidian Antioch Phaselis Pisidian Antioch In-Site: New Testament Timeline in Asia Minor In-Site: Sergius Paulus Sidetrip: Apollonia Seleucia Pieria Sidetrip: The Monastery of Simeon Stylites the Younger Sidetrip: Cyprus In-Site: Mt. Zaphon Side In-Site: The Agora and Redemption Language in the New Testament In-Site: Ancient Water Systems Sidetrip: Aspendus Tarsus In-Site: Paul of Tarsus Ancient Voice: Tibullus Ancient Voice: Statius Sidetrip: Cilician Gates Sidetrip: Soli/Pompeiopolis In-Site: Tarshish, Tarsus, and Jonah In-Site: Building a Roman Road Sidetrip: Roman Road at Saglikli Koy Sidetrip: Seleucia ad Calycadnum Chapter 4: Central Anatolian Region (Ic Anadolu Bolgesi) Ancient Regions Cappadocia Galatia In-Site: North versus South Galatia? Lycaonia Meshech Phrygia Sidetrip: The Highlands of Phrygia Tubal Ancient Cities Ancyra Sidetrip: Gordium Caesarea Mazaca Sidetrip: Kanesh/Kultepe Sidetrip: Tyana Derbe Dorylaeum Sidetrip: Cotiaeum, Aizanoi, and Altintas Hattusha, Yazilikaya, Alacahoyuk Iconium In-Site: A Saint Called Thecla In-Site: The Via Sebaste Sidetrip: Catalhoyuk Sidetrip: Eflatun Pinar Lystra In-Site: Timothy of Lystra Pessinus Ancient Voice: Ovid Philomelium Sidetrip: Ipsus, Prymnesus, Docimium, and Synnada In-Site: Bartholomew and the Inner Lycaones Tavium Chapter 5: Aegean Region (Ege Bolgesi) Aegean Sea, Mountains, and Rivers Ancient Regions and Roman Province Aeolis Asia Caria Ionia Lydia Phrygia (Asian) Ancient Voice: Josephus Ancient Cities Adramyttium Sidetrip: Lesbos Cnidus Sidetrip: Rhodes Colossae In-Site: Philemon, Onesimus, and Slavery Sidetrip: Apamea, Acmonia, and Eumeneia Ancient Voice: Dio Chrysostom's Description of a Conventus Ephesus Ancient Voices: Antipater of Sidon and Pausanius In-Site: The Prytaneion, the Riot, and its Pillars In-Site: Celsus' Attributes and Christian Character In-Site: The Hall of Tyrannus In-Site: Fish and Games In-Site: John and Cerinthus in the Baths In-Site: Paul and the Stadium Ancient Voice: Procopius and the Basilica of John In-Site: John and Ephesus Ancient Voice: The Acts of John and the Temple of Artemis Sidetrip: Patmos Sidetrip: Pollio Aqueduct, Belevi Mausoleum, and Metropolis Halicarnassus Sidetrip: Cos (Kos) Hierapolis In-Site: Public Toilets and the Trade of Fuller Laodicea In-Site: Laodicea's Water System Sidetrip: Aphrodisias Ancient Voice: The Aphrodisias Jewish Inscription Magnesia ad Meandrum Sidetrip: Priene Ancient Voice: The Emperor's Gospel Magnesia ad Sipylum Ancient Voice: Pausanius Miletus In-Site: The Gulf of Latmus Ancient Voice: Alexander Polyhistor Ancient Voice: Pseudo-Phocylides Sidetrip: The Apollo Oracle at Didyma Ancient Voice: The Didymean Apollo on Christ Sidetrip: Euromos, Mylasa, and Stratonicea Myndus Pergamum In-Site: The Use of Parchment in Early Christianity Philadelphia Sardis In-Site: The Jews in Sardis and Queen Esther In-Site: Sardis and the Royal Road Ancient Voice: Dio Chrysostum and Erasing a Name Smyrna Ancient Voice: The Martyrdom of Polycarp Ancient Voice: Asia's Entrance into the Roman Empire In-Site: Sabbatai Zevi Sidetrip: Colophon, Notion, and Claros Thyatira In-Site: Lydia and the Trade Guilds In-Site: Food Sacrificed to Idols Tralles Ancient Voice: Ignatius and the Letter to the Trallians In-Site: Chairemon the Intercessor Trogyllium Sidetrip: Samos Chapter 6: Black Sea Region (Karadeniz Bolgesi) Ancient Region-Province Pontus Ancient Voice: Pliny the Younger Ancient Cities Amasia Ancient Voice: Strabo the Geographer Amastris Amisus/Sampsames Heraclea Pontica Sinope In-Site: Sinop, Underwater Archaeology, and Noah's Flood Zela Chapter 7: Marmara Region (Marmara Bolgesi) Ancient Regions and Province Bithynia Ancient Voice: Pliny the Younger and his Letters to Trajan 352 Mysia Thrace Troad Ancient Cities Assos In-Site: Paul's Walk to Assos Byzantium/Constantinople Ancient Voice: The Siloam Inscription Chalcedon Nicea In-Site: The Seven Ecumenical Councils Ancient Voice: Cassius Dio Ancient Voice: The Nicene Creed In-Site: The Seventh Ecumenical Council Nicomedia Ancient Voice: Arrian Troas, Alexandria Sidetrip: Troy Glossary Index Credits About the Author

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