Bidding at Bridge: a Quizbook

Bidding at Bridge: a Quizbook

by Barbara Seagram


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"Declarer Play at Bridge: a Quizbook, by the same author team, was named the 2013 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers' Association. Building on the success of that title, this book gives the near-beginner a chance to practice the principles on which sound bidding is based, from the opening bid onward.

This is not just a series of problems, however. Each section contains a brief introduction to its topic, and the ideas are reinforced with carefully explained solutions and helpful tips throughout.

Bridge teachers and students will find this book invaluable.

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ISBN-13: 9781771400183
Publisher: Master Point Press
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 799,014
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Canada) is one of North America's leading bridge teachers. An author with more than a dozen titles to her name, her 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know (with Marc Smith) is the bestselling bridge book of the last fifty years.

Table of Contents

Foreword 7

Part I One-level Opening Bids and Responses

1 The Opening Bid 11

Opening with a balanced hand 11

Five-card majors 12

Opening on a hand with two long suits 13

Opening on a very strong hand 13

Measuring the strength of your hand 13

2 Responding to One of a Suit 21

Responding in a new suit 22

Responding in notrump 22

Raising the opener's major suit 23

Jacoby 2NT 25

3 The Opener's Rebid 33

Opener's rebid is a limited bid 33

Opener rebids in a new suit 33

Opener 'reverses' in a new suit 34

Opener shows strength opposite partner's limited response 34

4 The Responded Rebid 41

The opener rebids in notrump 41

The opener rebids his suit 42

The opener raises responder's suit 42

The opener bids a new suit 43

5 Completing the Auction 51

The responder has signed off 51

The responder has made a game try 52

The responder has bid game 52

6 Responding to INT 59

The responder signs off 59

The responder makes a game try 60

The responder heads for game 60

The responder considers a slam 61

Bidding a second suit 62

Part II Higher-level Opening Bids

7 Preemptive Openings and Responses 71

The weak two opening bid 71

Responding to weak two-bids 72

The weak three opening bid 73

8 2♣ and 2NT Openings 81

The 2NT opening 81

Responding to 2NT 82

The strong 2♣ opening 83

Opening 2♣ on a balanced hand 83

Responding to 2♣ 84

Part III Competitive Bidding

9 Overcalls and Responses 93

A simple overcall in a suit 93

The INT overcall 94

Weak jump overcalls 94

Responding to an overcall 95

10 Takeout Doubles and Responses 102

What strength does a takeout double show? 103

Responding to a takeout double 103

Takeout doubles of preemptive openings 105

Following up your takeout double 106

11 When they double or overcall 113

What to do when your RHO makes a takeout double 113

What to do when your RHO makes an overcall 111

Which suit(s) does a negative double show? 115

What happens when you want to make a penalty double? 116

Part IV Advanced Bidding

12 Fourth Suit Forcing 125

Fourth suit forcing to look for the best game 125

Fourth suit forcing with a fit for partner 126

Fourth suit forcing when responder has a good suit 127

13 Slam Bidding 133

Bidding a slam after a jump shift 155

Bidding a slam with extra values 134

Bidding a slam after a 2♣ opening 135

Bidding a slam in notrump 136

14 RKCB and Cuebidding Controls 143

Roman Keycard Blackwood (RKCB) 143

Cuebidding a control 145

Glossary of Bridge Bidding Terms 153

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