Bierton Strict And Particular Baptists: Including The Bierton Crisis

Bierton Strict And Particular Baptists: Including The Bierton Crisis

by David Clarke


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This book tells a remarkable true story. David Clarke was sent to Borstal at 17 and had no real knowledge of Christianity or the gospel, as he was not brought in a Christian home. On leaving Dover Borstal on 1968 he had a 3-year career of undetected crime and until the 16th January 1970 when he had a sudden conversion to Christianity after a bad experience on LSD. After which he turned his back on his criminal past and sinful way of life.He Learned to read through reading the Bible and classical literature as he wanted to learn all about the Lord Jesus Christ, as he was virtually illiterate.One year after his conversion he was able to make a Confession to the police telling of 24 crimes that he had committed since leaving Dover borstal in 1968. He went on to higher education joined the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist church as the chruch held to the doctrines of grace and was later called by the Lord, and sent by the church to preach the gospel.He graduated with a Cert Ed, awarded by Birmingham University and lectured in electronics, for over 20 years, in colleges of Further and Higher educationSadly he discovered unresolvable errors and bad practice in the church and sought to defend the truth of particular redemption and other serious errors. All of which were unresolved due to long-standing traditions of man which opposed the way of Christ. This led him to secede from the church, in 1984.He continues his work seeking to follow the Lord Jesus Christ by writing and publishing seeking to help others who may value and benefit from his learning. This book Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Includes The Bierton Crisis and tells the whole story. And David believes it will be very helpful to any Christian seeking to distinguish between false and true Christianity.

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