Big Cats! A Kid's Book of Amazing Pictures and Fun Facts About Big Cats: Lions Tigers and Leopards

Big Cats! A Kid's Book of Amazing Pictures and Fun Facts About Big Cats: Lions Tigers and Leopards

by John Yost


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Thank you to everyone who helped make my first two books in this series Bestsellers!!!

Best-selling children's book author John Yost gives you "Big Cats." This book uses beautiful pictures and easy words that makes learning about baby animals fun and interesting.

This is the third book in the Nature Books for Children Series and is acclaimed as being one of the best big cat books for kids available on the Kindle.

The pictures are carefully chosen to look their best on any device in full color, or black and white.

"Big Cats" is written to encourage children to discover and learn on their own. Each picture has a caption to spark curiosity and encourage conversation with your child. You are welcome to guide your child through the book with the beautiful pictures. And you are invited to read the simple text to your child at bedtime or on a relaxing day together.

This book captures the marvelous and amazing world of big cats and brings them alive. Children will learn how snow leopards can walk on snow and what they eat. Your children will also discover how fast a cheetah can sprint and how far it goes in one stride (it can clear an entire 2 lane road in one giant step!)

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The book features these baby animals and their parents:

* The playful Lion

* The ferocious leopard

* The sleek cheetah

*The magnificent Tiger

* The beautiful snow leopard

* The incredible cougar

* The amazing jaguar

*The cute Bobcat

I hope you and your family love this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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*** Your child will love it.***

A quick note from John:
Big Cats is the third book in a series of Nature Books for Children. Every time I write a book, I'm fascinated by what I learn.

It's my hope that I can pass on some of my love and enthusiasm for nature on to you and your children. I also write in hopes that your family enjoys reading these books and talking about them together; giving you the opportunity to grow closer as a family.

Above all. I truly hope you are inspired to appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

Here are some of the comments about my first book that people left on FaceBook...

Hey John! I just downloaded and read your book to my daycare kids. They LOVED it! Especially my little guy, he's aalllll nature, can't keep him inside. I'm sharing with all my FB peeps and my daycare parents as well. Way to go, and good for you! Best wishes!!!

John, I read your book prior to letting the kids read it. It was a good read and I definitely learned some things myself. I look forward to the kids reading it.

John, I downloaded your book to my phone and I will add it to my kid's tablets they are getting from Santa. Thanks!

Please scroll up to purchase and enjoy this book with your family!

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ISBN-13: 9781495202506
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/04/2014
Pages: 60
Sales rank: 676,899
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.16(d)

About the Author

As a child, John grew up running wild in rural Wisconsin where he discovered mystery after mystery. His summers were spent exploring nature and the library.

He would pore over the books in the 599 section (remember the Dewy Decimal System?) searching for answers to the questions he had about the things he'd seen out in the woods.

John's love for animals continued and expanded in college where he got a degree in animal science and Teaching Certification. For the next 8 years he taught high school Science and was one of the school's favorite teachers.

During that time, he lived in a tiny log cabin he built himself in the middle of the woods. He had no running water, no electricity and no TV.

Every day he would journal about his life and the animals around his cabin. Much of this series is based on his love for nature.

Now, John gets to pass on a life-time of love, learning and teaching to people all over the world through his books. He truly hopes you are inspired to appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

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