Big Dog Daddy

Big Dog Daddy

by Toby Keith
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Big Dog Daddy

Country music superstar Toby Keith dons the producer's mantle for the first time on Big Dog Daddy, insuring that the album is the most potent distillation of his honky-tonk vision yet. Featuring a stack of original songs and co-writes by Keith, it harkens back to rockabilly -- check out that Killer-esque piano solo on the title track -- and classic country. Notably for one of country music's most reliable firebrands, Keith tones down his political rhetoric, crooning on "Love Me If You Can," "if all our debatin' turns to angry words and hate / Sometimes we should just agree to disagree." Words to live by, Big Dog.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/12/2007
Label: Show Dog Nashville
UPC: 0852313001164
catalogNumber: 5

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Toby Keith   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Eric Darken   Percussion
Chad Cromwell   Drums
Shannon Forrest   Drums
Paul Franklin   Dobro,Pedal Steel Guitar
Kenny Greenberg   Electric Guitar
Rob Ickes   Dobro
Clayton Ivey   Piano,Keyboards
Mac McAnally   Acoustic Guitar
Brent Mason   Electric Guitar
Jerry McPherson   Electric Guitar
Steve Nathan   Piano,Keyboards
Dave Pomeroy   Bass
Randy Scruggs   Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Worf   Bass
Jonathan Yudkin   Strings
Aubrey Haynie   Fiddle,Mandolin
Becky Robertson   Background Vocals
Perry Coleman   Background Vocals
Tom Bukovac   Electric Guitar

Technical Credits

Toby Keith   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Dean Dillon   Composer
Mills Logan   Engineer
Craig Wiseman   Composer
Fred Eaglesmith   Composer
Danny Simpson   Composer
Scotty Emerick   Composer
Tom Bukovac   Producer,Audio Production
Chris Wallin   Composer
Tim Wilson   Composer
Darren Welch   Art Direction
Bobby Pinson   Composer

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Big Dog Daddy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I recently joined the TKIFC and received Toby's new CD, Big Dog Daddy, is awesome! The songs reach out to all types of people. From the upbeat tempo of High Maintenance Woman and the title track, Big Dog Daddy to the ballad lovers with Burnin' Moonlight and I Know She Hung The Moon. The dancing fanatics and partiers will enjoy Hit It and Get My Drink On. A country album isn't complete without a relationship song, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya tells a story you wouldn't normally expect but it's well written and sticks with you. Of course, Toby didn't leave out his patriotism and compassion on this CD either. Love me if you can shows his love for his country, God, fellow people, family and his personal views. ~ zoomer
Guest More than 1 year ago
A very satisfying mix of songs. Everybody I have spoke to that has heard the entire cd is 100% safisfied and loves the new music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
And I appreciate his liner notes: “Don’t apologize for being patriotic, Support The Troops.” This CD is one of the best the Big Dog’s ever recorded! I’ve been listening to it every day, over and over, since its release and the more I listen the more meaning every song has to me personally. “High Maintenance Woman” is a highly energized number with catchy phrases like “Just ring up my number baby give me a try You know I got all the tools and I can satisfy.” But high maintenance is what a lot of us women are from the makeup, hairdos, nails, fashion clothes and all. Maintenance man maybe just don’t make enough dough to keep a high maintenance woman! “Love Me If You Can” is special – sung from the heart, take it or leave it this is me. Why can’t we all just get along and face the fact, “Sometimes we should all just agree to disagree.” What a way to end an argument. The Big Dog’s voice is at it’s best! “Get My Drink On” is a familiar scene where the guy’s rejected by the girl, goes to the bar, spends all his money on booze, and stays until closing time. “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” is cute. There’s always somebody who you’re happy to see, but wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Love it! Who can sit still for “Big Dog Daddy?!” It makes me want to get up and move every time it’s playing. Everybody’s ready to have fun and “they ain’t looking’ for trouble, but they know how to fight.” Great line! So get up and dance for the Big Dog Daddy, for the fun of it! One of my favorites is “I Know She Hung The Moon.” The man knows everybody’s admiring his woman, he’s feeling confident in his own skin because she’s by his side, knowing he’s there to catch her should she fall. My favorite line here is “But buddy if you were in my shoes you’d see she’s just as pretty on the inside too.” Such powerful words that just make me melt. “Pump Jack” is another one of my favorites. It gets the heart to pumping and the feet to jumping!! It’s a lively song calling old pump jacks “iron dinosaurs.” I love it! The beat’s fast, the words are well written and Toby sings it like nobody could. “Burning Moonlight” – There’s no time to waste here because the midnight hour’s about to strike so get it on before Cinderella’s coach turns back to a pumpkin and she’s gone! “Walk It Off” holds such great advice for anyone who’s been jilted. Move on and quit feeling sorry for yourself…as Toby says, “So take your cold umbrella out into the rain.” What a great line! Maybe the rain falling on your face will bring you back to reality. “White Rose” is my absolute favorite on this CD. Some Warriors discussed it being an age related song. Well, I can relate since I remember the old gas pumps, cheap gas that was pumped for you, the oil was always checked, the tires checked, your windshield was washed and they gave you S&H Green Stamps too. These are all pleasant memories which Toby stirs up here because my father owned an old service station in the 60s. Not only do the words hit home, Toby’s voice is flawless on this number. You can guess what my favorite line here is….”Gas was 50 cents a gallon They put it in for you They bump your tires and check your oil and wash your windows too.” Oh, sweet memories!! “Hit It,” Toby!!! That’s exactly what you did with this CD. You took your shot at producing your first CD and hit it right on the mark! Way to go!!! rmhand "TKIFC"
Guest More than 1 year ago
From start to finish, this CD is one of Toby’s best. It has the perfect mix of rockin’ southern country, smooth ballads, and everything in between. It is classic Toby Keith at his finest. Although there are two songs that are not written by Toby, the songs fit him as if he had written them himself. The next release “Love Me If You Can” is one of these songs, and as any true Toby fan knows, each word speaks to his personality and beliefs to the core. I cannot pick just one favorite cut from this CD because I like them all! If you don’t get this CD, you don’t know what you are missing! TKIFC - romanns
Anonymous More than 1 year ago