Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices to Celebrate Your Body and Empower Your Life

Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices to Celebrate Your Body and Empower Your Life

by Valerie Sagun

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Social media star Valerie Sagun is a powerful voice in the body positive movement. With more than 100,000 avid followers on Instagram and a constant stream of highly engaged traffic on her website, fans adore Valerie for her fearless acceptance of her beautiful body, her encouragement of self-love, and her phenomenal yoga skills.
Valerie, her yoga practice, and her body positive campaign have been featured in People, Glamour, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, Redbook, and more, where she's been celebrated for her exciting messages about self-acceptance-both on the mat and off. Now, in this complete guide, Valerie provides both inspiration and customized instructions for yogis of all sizes and shapes, along with passionate encouragement to help readers discover newfound confidence through the transformative power of yoga.

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ISBN-13: 9781580056601
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 07/25/2017
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 50 MB
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About the Author

VALERIE SAGUN is the yogi behind the popular Instagram account @BigGalYoga, where she posts photos of her yoga practice along with a fierce body-positive message. She lives in San Jose, California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

A Yogi Looks like You! 7

1 What Is Yoga? 11

Kriya: Self-Awareness Through Ritual 13

Jnana: Questioning to Find Self-Knowledge 20

Bhakti: The Foundation of Self-Love 22

Hatha: Focus on the Body 27

Raja: The Eight Sutras 29

Karma: Giving to Others 31

Yoga Is for All Bodies: Beauty Standards and Big-Body Positivity 33

2 Starting Your Big Gal Yoga Practice

Types of Yoga 39

Creating a Home Practice 40

Joining a Studio 45

Get in Gear: Yoga Clothes, Props, and Mats 47

Get Ready to Begin: Finding Your Motivation 58

Opening Your Practice: Santosha 61

Pranayama: Yoga Breathing 62

3 The 30-Day Big Gal Yoga Challenge

The Big Gal Yoga Challenge 69

Day 1 Warm-Ups 70

Day 2 Cat Pose and Cow Pose 79

Day 3 Mountain Pose and Palm Tree Pose 82

Day 4 Standing Backbend 86

Day 5 Forward Fold 89

Day 6 Low Lunge 94

Day 7 Plank Pose and Four-Limbed Staff Pose 98

Day 8 Cobra Pose 102

Day 9 Child's Pose 106

Day 10 Downward-Facing Dog 110

Day 11 Warrior 1 and 2 114

Day 12 Wide-Legged Forward Fold 118

Day 13 Chair Pose 122

Day 14 Flow Days 1-13 Poses 125

Day 15 Extended Triangle Pose 128

Day 16 Goddess Pose 132

Day 17 Garland Pose 136

Day 18 Tree Pose 139

Day 19 King Dancer Pose 142

Day 20 Half Moon Pose 145

Day 21 Reverse Warrior 148

Day 22 Extended Side Angle Pose 151

Day 23 Bow Pose 155

Day 24 Pigeon Pose 158

Day 25 Lizard and Half Monkey 162

Day 26 Bridge Pose and Wheel Pose 167

Day 27 Half Lord of the Fishes Pose 172

Day 28 Flow Days 15-27 Poses 175

Day 29 Supfne Spinal Twist 178

Day 30 Bound Angle Pose 181

You Made It! 184

More Yoga Flow Sequences 184

Aerial Yoga 187

Acro Yoga 190

4 You Can't Change the Past; You Can Change the Future

You Can't Change the Past; You Can Change the Future 195

Don't Put Your Life on Hold 197

Conclusion 199

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