Big Game Bigger Impact: How the Bay Area Redefined the Super Bowl Experience and the Lessons That Can Apply to Any Business

Big Game Bigger Impact: How the Bay Area Redefined the Super Bowl Experience and the Lessons That Can Apply to Any Business

by Pat Gallagher, Stephanie Martin


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ISBN-13: 9781628654097
Publisher: Motivational Press
Publication date: 05/18/2017
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Pat Gallagher is a pioneer in the sports, entertainment and visitor industries, and played a key role in the success of the landmark Super Bowl 50 Host Committee. Best known for his long career as the innovative “idea guy” for the San Francisco Giants, Gallagher is proud to have made the “fun business” his life’s work.

Stephanie Martin is an accomplished marketing and communications professional who has shaped consumer outreach, stakeholder engagement and brand development strategies for Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot and SUPERVALU, and major sporting events including Super Bowl 50 and the 34th America’s Cup. Her brand strategy company, BrandForward, helps athletes tap into the power of their platforms.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jim Plunkett


The Evolution of Super Bowl Bidding
Joining the Bid Committee

“We Do Things Here with A Twinkle in Our Eye”–
Our Approach to Bidding on a Super Bowl
Determining the Ask and Refining the Pitch
Setting Ourselves Apart from the Competition
Making an Impression

“Doing God’s Work”–Creating Our Vision and Values
Building Our Team
Articulating Our Vision
Setting Our Organizational Values
Putting Our Values and Vision into Action–How We Hired

“L Stands for Loser”–Breaking from Tradition
Working with Partners: The Importance of Perspective and Patience
Defining Our Identity: Creating Our Name and Mark
Patience is a Virtue and It Can Be Damn Hard Sometimes

“Turning Over Rocks”–The Art of Partnership Sales
The First Dominoes are the Most Important
Turning to Your Network
When They Come to You
Care and Feeding of Partners

“Creating the Secret Sauce”–Telling Our Story
Creating Shared Vision
Shaping the Narrative
Bringing Our Story to Life–The Power of Video
Pressure-Testing Our Messages

“Building the Plane as We Flew”–Making Plans and Planning for Change
Creating the Plan
Planning for a Legacy–The Making of the 50 Fund
Breaking Down Siloes

“Only 70,000 People Get to Go to the Game”–Creating Opportunities for Participation
Inviting Partners into the Planning Process
Creating the Regional Celebration Plan
Taking the Celebration Local
Developing New Working Groups

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”–Lessons from the Field
Turning on the Lights–New Orleans February 2013
Knowing When to Pivot–New York / New Jersey February 2014
Murphy’s Law on Weather–Phoenix February 2015

“The Clock Rules All”–Time to Get the Word Out
Looking After all of Your Stakeholders
Connecting with Fans (or Your Customer)
Showcasing Your Values

“Adult Supervision”–Taking the Magic of Super Bowl into the Community
The Making of the 50 Tour
Kicking Off at Kick-off

“Growing the Flock”–Developing Brand Ambassadors
Volunteer Recruitment: Creating the Calling
Getting Oriented: Making Volunteers Part of Our Team
Tapping into the Energy of Young Employees

“Drinking from the Fire Hose”–When Leaders are Most Needed
Stepping Up as a Leader
Caring for the Team
Recognizing the Team
Active Listening
Embracing Criticism

“Using Tech for Not Only Tech’s Sake”–The Search for Relevant Technology
Weaving Technology into Our Organization
Developing New Solutions
Creating a Connective Fan Experience

“No One Wants to Know how the Sausage is Made”–Responding to the Unexpected
Moving on When Things Go Wrong
Making the Tough Calls
Owning Your Mistakes

“Cleaning Up After the Elephants”–Time to Fulfill Our Promises
Incorporating Purpose in Public Experiences
Returning to Normal
Sharing Our Gratitude
Taking It All In

“Giving Away the Game”–Why We Wrote This Book

Super Bowl 50 Results

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