Big Numbers

Big Numbers

by Jack Getze


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Who wants to kill Austin Carr? Everybody. He's a stockbroker.

About to be ingeniously murdered -- snatched off a private fishing yacht by a live, six-hundred-pound giant bluefin -- a down-on-his-luck stockbroker recalls the events and bad choices that precipitated his gruesome end. His killer - Mr. Blabbermouth -- might be any of a dozen suspects, including a steroid-crazed wrestler angry over Austin's poor investment recommendations, a jealous sales manager often the target of Austin's jokes, and a widow with long red hair, sexy curves, and plenty of secrets. Or could there be another suspect Austin overlooked entirely until he stepped on board that yacht?

This is the first book of the Austin Carr mystery series penned by Jack Getze.

"Darkly comic, with an engaging protagonist."
-- T.J. MacGregor, Edgar Winner, Author of The Tango Key Mysteries

"Big Numbers is a gritty, sexy, violent, and funny book."
-- Liz Clifford at Reviewed by Liz

"Wonderful characters...well-written, entertaining...a good read."
--Connie Anderson for Armchair Interviews

"Indiana Jones has his whip and Luke Skywalker has his light saber, but for Austin Carr, his full-boat grin is the weapon of choice."
--Melissa for Lou Reads

"Jack Getze started his career as a newspaper reporter. As a result, BIG NUMBERS is lean and mean, with not a word wasted. A truly fun, genuinely funny read."
--Lisa Guidarini for Bluestalking Reader

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ISBN-13: 9781937495541
Publisher: Down & Out Books II, LLC
Publication date: 06/02/2013
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 854,257
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)

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Big Numbers 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Man, I thought I had bad luck! Austin Carr seems to be cursed and his ex-wife sounds like she was based on my ex-daughter-in-law. So I clearly had a soft spot for Austin from the beginning. This story covers his life for about 3 short weeks in his life and Austin ends up in the emergency room more times than I can count, wonder if he had insurance :) While tragic circumstances seem to sneak up all around him, Austin has a keen sense of humor and even when facing his own death he comes up with some classic one-liners. The author calls the story a “screwball mystery” and that describes it perfectly. It is full of suspense with snippets that will make you laugh out loud. All Austin wants is get get his ex off his back so he can spend time with his kids. He owes her a lot of back support to make that happen so he is drawn into an unusual scheme or schemes and at times he in way over his head, drowning quite literally. Getze has created a sensational character in Austin Carr. Even when he is breaking the law you want him to come out on top. Let’s face it a guy who wears a Speedo to his daughter’s swim competition to go unnoticed can’t be all bad. If you like your mysteries with plenty of thrills with a side of crazy these pages will be flying. I hated for this book to end!!! I can’t wait for the re-release of Big Money!!!
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
I was a First Read Winner of this book and I really liked it.  A down on his luck stockbroker does not really seem like somebody you want to be rooting for, but somehow Austin Carr manages just that.  The book starts out with a bang and kept me guessing until the end who the possible killer might be.  I liked the characters and I had to shake my head at our hero more than once.  I had a hard time putting the book down because I just had to find out what could possibly go wrong now,  it was a fun and crazy ride.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Someone is killing Austin Carr. That we know as Jack Getze's 'Big Numbers' opens up. How Austin Carr, barely legal, loving dad, rum swilling, camper-on-the-back of a pick-up dwelling, glib stockbroker gets there, is the basis for this darkly comic fight for survival between the twilight shades of doing wrong and wanting to do right. Austin has more lives than Morris the cat, and he needs every one of them to fend off all the people who want him out of the way. The only thing missing for me is a touch more of the New Jersey. Perhaps the next novel by this newcomer will deepen Austin to cult status, or at least, give us new and inventive ways to put Austin into the hospital. :-) For lovers of hard-hitting, no frills mysteries featuring a lusty redhead for Carr to tussle with, this book puts up big numbers in the ratings.
Anonymous 25 days ago
bjbookman on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Jack Big Numbers Jack Getze pub Hilliard HarrisWho is Austin Carr? Financial advisor Austin Carr used to have the world on a string. Big house, beautiful wife, adoring kids. Today Austin Carr lives in a camper atop a rusting out Chevy truck in the parking lot of a bad. No home, an ex wife who places restraining order on him like there no tomorrow.Austin is not only down on his luck, he is also not very honest. When one of client tells him he is dying, the wife convinces Austin to help her steal all his money. You know this isn¿t going to work out to good.Jack Getze has written a crime novel that has put him in the league with the big boys. Any writer who can make you root for a character like Austin has done his job. A lot of writers could not have pulled it off. Getze has done a marvelous job.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS This book is different from what I usually like to read. The characters are ones you can admire or mostly like. Lots of swearing, violence. So why rate it 4 stars. Because I could not put it down. I felt bad about Austin. The only luck he seemed to have was bad luck. I could not stop reading because I did not know what was coming but figured it was not good for Austin. Austin is a Stockbroker who has lost everything. He is living in his truck with camper shell. He parks in different parking lots. Mainly his favorite Mexican Bar. His boss likes him but his supervisor hates him. He owes child support because his amount was for when he was doing well. The one thing I really admire about Austin is his love for his kids. He worries about how he will pay so he can see his kids again. He gets creative to be supportive of them. Austin reminds me of Charlie Brown. You keep hoping things will workout for him. But you know that Lucy will jerk the ball out from under again. So with Austin I want something to go right for him. I want him to make right choices. In a car chase he has 4 or 5 different folks chasing him. Lots of action. The pace is fast. He gets into trouble rescued then more trouble. Lots of drama, crimes and twists and turns that keep you turning the page to see what comes next. I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review and be part of its blog tour.
scottnl73 More than 1 year ago
Won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. The MC, Austin Carr is a stockbroker who has gone down further than rock bottom: his wife divorced him, he's not making any money as a stockbroker, since no money he can't see his kids, and he's been reduced to living in a rusty camper that he parks in a Mexican restaurant parking lot. His biggest client has health issues, the client's wife is coming on to him, another client is super pissed about an investment and wants to get revenge, and his supervisor is ready to take him down by any means necessary. All Austin Carr has to get him by is his famous full-boat Carr grin. All in all a good story, there were a couple of issues that left me hanging (the storylines with Psyco Sam and Rags), but maybe those will be addressed in the next book, which I can't wait to read!
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
This book is marketed as a cozy mystery, and while those books have their fair share of humor, this one tops them all.  You know the saying "If it wasn't for Bad Luck, I'd have no Luck at all?"  Well that sums up Austin Carr.  His income has tanked, he has lost most of his material possessions because of it.  He lives in a rusty camper and can't see his kids - which is what he wants more than anything.  When the story starts out you think this is just a deadbeat dad, sort of homeless, alcoholic.  But, in spite of all that he has a heart that makes you love him - you just can't help it! This is a very quick moving book, with lots of twists as a mystery should have - but it will definitely keep you laughing!  I found it very entertaining, quick to read, and though it is a mystery - it also has a light hearted feel to it.  It is a fun book to the beginning of a new series.  Can't wait to see what other troubles Austin will get in to!