Big Stick

Big Stick

by R.C. Stephens


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"A sexy NHL player, a sassy heroine, and a heartfelt romance that kept me engaged from beginning to end!"

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ISBN-13: 9781726306508
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/29/2018
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 595,804
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

As far back as R.C. Stephens can remember she was a sucker for a good romance. Of course there had to be a prince charming even if he ultimately was a dark knight and there had to be a happy ending.
She watched the movie Dirty Dancing way too many times growing up and Jean Claude Van Damme movies too. Go figure!
After years of saying she would write a book one day, she finally put pen to paper and carved out the plot line for what would eventually become the best selling Twisted Series. Now R.C. is just finishing up her seventh book and can't seem to stop the stories running through her mind. Visit R.C. on her FB page to find out what's new in her life and what releases she has coming up.

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I should be home in bed, crying into a pillow, and not in a bar across the street from my brother's apartment, but the truth is I really don't have a home here in Chicago anymore. Not since my asshole of a boyfriend decided to stick his penis in the receptionist. We lived together in our posh Lincoln Park condo, we worked at the same law firm in different divisions, and we shared a life. Now the only thing I'm left with is humiliation and a visual of him balls-deep, pounding into that bimbo.

My bestie, Sloane, lovingly runs her hand through my honey-colored hair. "I'm so sorry you're hurting, but honestly that ass crack isn't worth one of your tears. I always thought you could do better than him."

I give her a quizzical look. "Why would you say that? We attended an Ivy League law school together, we have a promising future ahead of us ... We made sense, and now two years of my life feels wasted."

A lone tear rolls down my cheek as I lift the shot in front of me. I've never been much of a drinker, so when I lick the salt from my wrist and tip the tequila down my throat, the burn makes my cheeks scrunch up. A shiver runs through my body, and I try to shake it off before biting into a lime. A chill rolls down my back. I want to say I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm anything but. I'm as practical as my life has taught me to be, and dammit, Matt and I made sense.

"Stop with that crap," my best friend chides me. "I spent enough time with you two to know he wasn't the air you breathed. He may have made sense on paper, but you can't build a life based on what's supposed to work out or what statistics tell you. Life is hard, and clearly that lame excuse for a man didn't have the balls to see it through."

I groan. "You're right." I lean my head on the bar. "I'm not like you, Sloane. It's not in my DNA to be all gooey-eyed over a guy. You know me. I need stability, control. I thrive on it." I frown.

Since I left New York City, which had been home for the last seven years, my life has been anything but stable. I moved to Chicago to be closer to my twin brother, who is a professional hockey player with the Blackhawks, and my best friend Sloane, who's been my person since our freshman year at Columbia. The move to Chicago made sense. I'd had family, a job, a great place to live, and a supportive boyfriend. Everything was perfect until Matt decided to ruin all my plans.

"Matt was a dick. Now that you aren't together, I can say it freely. You know I love you, but it's the truth." Her lip quirks at the corner, and she gives me an I-told-you-so look.

Her words stun me.

My head falls between my hands. "I just don't know. How much crazy can I take? I'm losing it. Hearing Matt having sex ... those dirty words he used just for her. He was never like that with me." I choke on a sob.

Sloane rubs my back. "You can't see through the hurt right now. Take some time to mourn the relationship and learn from it. You two had no chemistry. His personality was dry, and clearly, he has no loyalty. You want someone loyal because that's what you deserve ... and that's what I deserve." She nods her head, agreeing with herself.

A female bartender comes up to us and smiles. I feel a little disappointed that the cute male one is helping someone else. A little eye candy is good for the soul. "Any refills here?" She looks between me and Sloane.

"I'll have another shot," I mutter, knowing full well I'm on my way to being drunk. Heck, maybe I am drunk.

"Is that a good idea?" Sloane cuts in.

I tilt my head and stare at her. I know she's trying to be a good friend, but I want to feel numb. "Please just let me be."

She rolls her eyes. The bartender places the shot in front of me, and I ask her to double up. Sloane mutters, "This should be interesting." She picks up the margarita she's been nursing all night while I throw back the next two shots. They don't burn going down.

"Whoa!" I palm my cheeks. They're burning hot. It's a new sensation. I burst into a fit of giggles as I scan the bar, which has filled up since our arrival. I like this place. It's cozy and welcoming. Before I finish my scan of the room, my fitted leather jacket starts to irritate me. It sticks to my damp skin. I get up and struggle to peel it off. In the process, I lose my balance and trip over my own feet. Hah! Funny.

The hot male bartender from before walks up to me. "Easy there. I think you might have had enough to drink." He grins widely, and I take the time to really look at him. Sea-green eyes, bulging biceps, nice smile.

"Nah, I'm good," I slur, waving him off, and then trip over the barstool. "Shit! Someone should've warned me about drinking in stilettos." I burst out laughing. I'm laughing so hard I almost topple over again. If it weren't for the song playing on the speakers, pulling me from my fit of giggles, I probably would fall over. "Man, I love this song." I start to move my hips. It's "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows. "We all want something beautiful," I belt out, not caring that I can't hit a tune if my life depended on it.

Sloane looks at me, shaking her head. The smile on her face tells me she's enjoying my little show. She leans forward and lowers her voice. "This isn't karaoke night, babe."

I shrug and continue to sing, waving my hands in the air. "I will never be lonely." The note I hit is a little too high. Sloane is laughing her head off while the cute bartender doesn't look too pleased. Always-in-control Flynn is losing her shit tonight. I think this is my first time being drunk. Why haven't I done this before? I flop down on a barstool.

My quick spurt of energy dies fast, and I'm left feeling worn out and tired. So tired. I place my arm on the bar and put my head down. Sloane looks at me with her lips turned down.

"What's wrong with me?" I ask her.

She shakes her head, and I know it's Matt she's irritated with. "There's nothing wrong with you. He was an ass crack. I told you."

She pulls her attention away from me to the bartender. "I know this is an odd thing to ask ..." she begins, and I wonder what she's going to say. "My friend's brother lives across the street in the apartment building. Can you help me get her there safely?"

He smiles down at her. "I can do that."

Sloane's cheeks flush. He walks around the bar, and their conversation registers in my head.

"I don't need help," I snap, and the room spins as I try to stand up but fall over. "Shit."

He slips his shoulder under my arm. I swat him away. "Hey, don't touch me."

He lifts his hands and looks to Sloane, maybe for some assistance as I use the bar to pick myself up. "Sorry, I guess she gets feisty when inebriated." She shrugs. "I've known her since freshman year, and I've never seen her drunk."

"I get it. We all have our moments," the bartender responds quietly, but I hear the comment.

"Oh, I'm feisty all right," I say with a challenge in my voice that I don't quite understand. I look up, squinting to focus on his handsome face.

"Sorry," Sloane chimes in again. I wish she'd stop apologizing for me. "What's your name?" she asks him.

"Cale. And you are?" he asks.

"I'm Sloane, and this is Flynn."

I place my head on the bar as sleep beckons.

"Let him help us across the street," she says with a motherly tone. "Sorry, she's never like this. She's a big control freak." She tells him, and he smiles.


"It's always the Type As that lose it big time." He winks at her.

"You know I'm listening," I cut in. "And I'm always like this." I give Cale a look that says I think Sloane is a nut. When I turn back to Sloane, she's glaring at me. Too damn funny.

A wave of tiredness washes over me, and my legs are too heavy to carry my weight. I lean my head on Cale's shoulder. Closing my eyes, I think of Henry Cavill. Yes, we are on his yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea ... My dream comes to an abrupt halt when I hear Sloane calling my name.

"You can't sleep on Cale's shoulder." She sounds irritated.

I hear Sloane, but sleep beckons me. A moment later, her mouth is close to my ear. "FLYNN! Wake the fuck up!" Holy crap, bells are ringing in my head, and I jerk it off his shoulder.

"What is wrong with you?" I hiss, narrowing my eyes.

Cale turns his head to the other bartender. "Maria, you got things covered here?" he asks. I hear a "yeah" off in the distance somewhere. As the evening air brushes my face, sleep continues its siren song.

Someone sweeps me off my feet.

"I can't have you getting hurt crossing the street. People drive like fucking maniacs." It's Cale's voice again.

Sloane huffs. "I really am so sorry about this."

My eyes close, and I'm back on Henry's yacht. I'm wearing a yellow bikini. Yes, he's rubbing sunscreen on my shoulders with his big, strong, manly hands, massaging the tension from my shoulders. I'm not sure if I begin to moan in satisfaction.

"Jesus! I'd like to know what she's thinking about." Cale's voice pulls me from my dream as my feet touch the ground.

"What the ..." I murmur, unsteadily gauging my surroundings, Cale's hand securely around my waist prevents me from falling.

"Flynn, we need the keys ... Please tell me Oli gave you keys, because we've been knocking for the past five minutes, and he isn't home," Sloane begs.

Cale is still holding on to me when I begin to search for keys in my messenger bag. Problem is I have my entire life in here, and while I'm feeling around inside, nothing feels even remotely like a cool set of keys.

"Damn it, Oliver Russell, where are you at two a.m. on a Tuesday night?" I murmur to myself.

Cale's eyes go wide. "Did you just say Oliver Russell? The one who plays forward for the Chicago Blackhawks?"

I manage to focus on him long enough to say, "No, my fucking twin brother who isn't home at two in the morning."

Sloane shrugs, trying to brush off my rude remark. "I know I keep saying this, but I'm sorry. Apparently, she gets nasty when she's drunk." Sloane laughs as the words leave her mouth.

Hmm. Maybe I do get nasty when I'm piss-drunk and I've been cheated on, especially when I'm dreaming of sleeping in a bed and I can't.

The neighbor's door whips open. Myles Sanders, my brother's best friend and my ex-best-friend, walks out.


Of course, when my brother got traded to Chicago last year, he would get a place living next to Myles. He had been our next-door neighbor when we were kids.

The air is sucked right out of me as Myles scratches the scruff on his chin, his searing blue eyes half-closed. My gaze instantly drops to his chest. Damn, he's filled out since I saw him last. I feel wobbly on my feet and lean into the wall for support as my gaze drifts lower to his chiseled abs. He's wearing a pair of boxer shorts that sit low on his waist.

Succulent ... sexy ... I take a big gulp. I haven't really seen Myles since the night he and Oli were drafted. Seven years is a damn long time.

His eyes widen as he asks, "Tink?"

I burst into a fit of laughter. Something in the back of my mind tells me that I wouldn't be finding this so funny if I weren't completely inebriated. With my head hanging forward facing my thighs, I laugh so hard I almost topple over. Again.

"Uh, excuse me, sorry ... Please excuse my friend. She's having a rough night." It's Sloane's apologetic voice that causes me to straighten up. "You seem to know Flynn. Would you know how we can get into Oliver's apartment?" Sloane's voice sounds uneasy.

"Sloane, this is Myles, Oli's best friend." I wave him over. I'm sloppy and messy, but I don't care. It's fucking great. This drinking thing really works at shutting off emotions.

Myles's gaze flicks to me, his lips pursed, eyes narrowed. He shakes his head. "This is not how I expected seeing you again," he mumbles and then mutters, "I'll go get the keys." He turns back into his apartment. I take the chance to check out his fine ass as he goes. I snicker, holding my stomach because this is too damn funny; he's even hotter than he was back in high school. Who would've thought?

Myles returns.

"I'm so sorry for disturbing you, sir," Sloane begins, and I notice her looking at his ass, too. I cackle some more.

He turns his head to look at her and catches her checking out his ass. Sloane's cheeks turn crimson. He seems unfazed by the fact that he's only wearing a pair of boxer shorts in the hallway. Myles is the epitome of male virility, and he has the confidence to back it up. I guess that hasn't changed.

"It's not a problem. I'm assuming it will only be Flynn staying here?" he finally says as his gaze flicks to Cale, and he gives him a cold stare.

Cale lifts his hands. "Man, I just helped them get home safely. I own Malone's across the street. Your friend here was having a bad night."

"Yeah, I asked for his help. I'm Sloane. Flynn's best friend." She extends her hand.

Myles looks me over before he shakes her hand. "Nice to meet you." His voice is monotone, and he doesn't crack a smile, which is good because when he smiles his half dimple pops out. Despite my drunken state, I know I'd be unhappy if Sloane turned into a puddle on the floor from his panty- melting grin. If my memory serves me right, it was just that hot.

Sloane shakes his hand with a contemplative look.

"Myles ... Myles ... Myles ... Sanders? Oh shit, you're the one!" Sloane screams out.

"Sorry?" Myles squints at her.

"Oh, nothing. I remember Flynn mentioning you before. You were her next-door neighbor, right? Three musketeers ... Yeah ... Flynn told me all about her tomboy days."

Myles pulls his stare from Sloane and eyes me curiously. He doesn't answer Sloane and instead turns to unlock the door.

"Hallelujah," I scream out. Sloane walks toward me since I'm unsteady on my feet.

"He isn't home. We won tonight, so he's out celebrating. For your sake, I hope he's alone when he comes back since I'm guessing he wasn't expecting you," Myles says curtly, but he doesn't walk away.

The door to the apartment is wide open, and no one is moving.

Cale rubs his hands together. "You're safe, and I should head back to the bar." He shakes hands with Myles. "I'm a huge Blackhawks fan. Honor to meet you."

Sloane looks between me and Myles. "You know what?" Her gaze follows Cale walking to the elevator. "I should probably walk him back to the bar." She pauses and looks to Myles, nodding as she steps away from me. "You got our girl here?" she asks.

It takes Myles a long moment to respond. He wraps his arm around my waist to support me.

Sloane takes off quickly to the elevator. "Hey, wait up," she screams then turns back to me. "Love you, babe. Drink lots of water. We'll talk in the morning."

She disappears into the elevator. I mouth "traitor" to myself.

"What?" Myles asks.

Shit! I lose my balance.

"Hey, easy there." Myles steadies me. His cologne smells so good. I look into his blue eyes for what feels like a millisecond, and my breath catches. I hope he doesn't notice, but then his eyes drop to my lips, and I swallow hard. Even in my drunken haze, I know kissing Myles is wrong. Very, very wrong.

"I'm fine," I snap, pulling away from him. Nothing about me is graceful right now, and I smash into something hard. Before I have a chance to catch myself, I'm on the floor. "Fuck," I yell.

"Jesus!" Myles walks over to me and crouches down. "You're okay, huh?" He lifts me off the floor and throws me over his shoulder.

"Put me down," I protest, trying to squiggle out of his arms.

"Heck no." His deep, gravelly voice is stern. "How much did you drink tonight?"

"Lots." I giggle, then I swat him — hard. My giggles turn into a fit of laughter.

"I can't believe you just slapped my ass."

"It's a damn fine one. Why the heck not?"

"Okay, who are you, and what have you done with Tink? Unless this is how the twenty-five-year-old version of her behaves." He flips me onto the bed, hard.

"Ow! Shit!" I complain as I gaze up at him. As he crosses his arms, his biceps bulge. His right eyebrow is cocked and clearly waiting for a response.

Asshole. Or better yet, damn fine and good-looking asshole.

"Ouch! Jerk."

His grin is intoxicating. Like a light going off in his head, his eyes brighten. "Uh-huh. Oli mentioned a boyfriend. Did he do something wrong, Tink? Is that what this is about?"

"Damn it. Would you stop calling me Tink?" I snap.

"Why?" he asks, almost flabbergasted.

"'Cause I'm not ten years old, and you aren't Peter Pan," I mumble, aching to just close my eyes.

He continues to stand at the foot of the bed in the same burly position. Seven years does a lot to a man's body. Myles is all hard-lined muscle. As I think the word hard, I try my best not to sneak a peek at his junk. I can't help myself. In my defense, it was a millisecond-quick glance.


Excerpted from "Big Stick"
by .
Copyright © 2018 R.C. Stephens.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Big Stick 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
Loved the plot.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great read from beginning to end. Loved all the characters. Great story line!
Anonymous 11 months ago
voraciousreaderKB More than 1 year ago
SEXY HOCKEY ROMANCE!!!! BIG STICK is a friends to lovers, second chance romance. It is sweet, funny and filled with sexual tension. Flynn, an attorney just broke up with her cheating boyfriend and now she needs to find a place to live. She quickly realizes she has no other choice but to move in with her twin brother, a professional hockey player with the Chicago Blackhawks. Myles, their childhood friend and also a professional hockey player with the Blackhawks, lives across the hall from Flynn’s brother. When Flynn sees Myles again, she is surprised she still has strong feeling for him. She tries her best to ignore her feelings but it is hard now that she and Myles are seeing each other so often. Myles has a lot of baggage and even though he is successful, he doesn’t have a lot of confidence. He doesn’t think he is good enough for Flynn and keeps giving her mixed messages. Flynn and Myles have ghosts from the past and they have a difficult time getting past them. They care about each other but they are afraid to share their feelings. Flynn needs to open her heart and let herself trust Myles. I have to admit, at times Flynn annoyed me because she is so hard on Myles. He is a good guy and he loves her but she keeps pushing him away. Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book vIa Cocktails and Books and Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
ldooten More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a good read. The writing flowed well for the most part, but I did feel like it lagged a little sometimes. Myles and Flynn were good together, and they had good chemistry. Myles was way too hard on himself, but I can understand given the circumstances of his childhood. I felt like Flynn overreacted to pretty much everything, even though she's touted as being the "strong one". Everything is resolved fairly easily though, and Myles and Flynn get their HEA. I think Oli and Sloane's story will be a good one! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
Huggiez More than 1 year ago
This is the first book that I have read by this author, I haven’t read that many hockey romances, so I thought I would give this one a go. This was a friend to lover’s romance which I love to read. I was hooked from the first chapter. Myles was so adorable when it came to Flynn. Flynn had some tragic things happen to her and she is still able to rise above. I knew from the beginning that Myles and Flynn were always going to be together. I loved the slow burn off their relationship.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
R.C. Stephens scores with BIG STICK. As kids, Myles Sanders and twin brother and sister Oliver and Flynn Russell were inseparable. After moving to different cites, Myles and Flynn had a falling out. Seven years later, Myles and Oli are still best friends living their dream of playing professional hockey together in Chicago. Flynn relocates to Chicago to be near her brother; consequently, needing to resolve the issues she has with Myles. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences. I loved R.C. Stephens’ BIG STICK. Being a Chicagoan, I appreciate that the story takes place there. I also respected that Myles and Oli played for my favorite team the Blackhawks. I like Myles, Oli, and Flynn. They are realistic and convincing characters. A tragedy caused some unresolved issues for them. Myles had a tough childhood and relied on the Russell family for support. Flynn believed in Myles and is a big part of the reason he is as successful as he is. Myles and Flynn have amazing chemistry. You truly want to see them work things out. BIG STICK is a heartfelt and enjoyable read. The story was believable and skillfully-executed. The hockey scenes were easy to visualize and credible. I like the Peter Pan nick names. The Epilogue felt well concluded. This is the first book that I have read by R.C. Stephens. I enjoyed her writing style and plan on continue following the Big Stick series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
4 Stars Review by Morgen Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Big Stick by R.C. Stephens is a standalone about finding a way to let go of your past. Flynn is strong, independent, intelligent, and kind. Tragedy struck her family when she was younger. Now she keeps herself busy and focuses all her energy on work. Myles is loyal, protective, sweet, and a charmer. He’s enjoying a career in the NHL with his best friend Oliver, Flynn’s brother. They’ve been playing hockey together for as long as he can remember. After Flynn catches her boyfriend cheating on her in their home she decides to move in with her brother. Flynn, Oliver, and Myles were the best of friends when they were younger. She quickly realizes his next door neighbor is Myles, someone she’d rather forget. Years ago something happened that changed all their lives, they refuse to talk about it. Old feelings resurface, but when secrets come out can she finally let go of the past or will she hold on to her anger? I love that it was told from both Flynn and Myles’ POV. We see the story better and get a more in depth look at their motivations. Each faces their own inner struggles when trying to ignore their mutual attraction. Seeing it gives you a stronger connection to the characters. The story unravels piece by piece keeping you wanting more. The suspense of what could happen next hooked me. The chemistry between Flynn and Myles is off the charts. With each touch their passion burns brighter, and each kiss makes a silent plea for more. Once they finally give in the need for each other just grows. Watching them grow closer warmed my heart. Their connection from when they were younger is stronger than ever. I really enjoyed Oliver’s character as well. He loves them both and finds himself stuck in the middle. He just wants them to be happy. I would recommend this if you enjoy second chances, sexy hockey players, protective alphas, or sassy women.
avidezliteraria More than 1 year ago
Novels about second chances almost always guarantee success. We hope for happy endings, this is undeniable, and in the face of a couple separated by years and that they end up meeting again and find themselves still in love, we want love to win in the end. It may sound cheesy, but with so much happening on a daily basis, believing that a great love is possible is a consolation. Flynn and Myles are examples of this. Friends since childhood, the two were inseparable, and together with Oliver, Flynn's twin brother formed the Three Musketeers. Over time, Flynn and Myles began to realize that their feelings began to change, the friendship, still very present, was turning into love. Neither of them had the courage to voice these feelings. Flynn for fear of rejection, Myles for thinking he could lose his friend and the affection of her parents. Until finally one night, the two declare themselves. One night that had everything to be magical and decisive, ended up in a tragedy. The world of Flynn and Oliver collapsed, and completely lost and mourning, Flynn receives another blow: Myles left when she most needed him. Seven years pass. Flynn is a lawyer, she is engaged, her life is all calculated and she has become a closed person. Oliver and Myles are still friends, neighbors and play hockey professionally. The two are extremely famous and wealthy. Flynn and Oliver for being siblings have a relationship, by the way very loving. Flynn and Myles cut off any contact. And after so long, Flynn's well-constructed world will break apart again. Her fiance has betrayed her, and a very drunk Flynn is taken to her brother's house, but she finds herself with none other than Myles, the guy who broke her heart so many years ago. Living now with her brother, Flynn and Myles happen to spend some time together again, and Myles swears that this time he will fight for the woman he loves. Myles is extremely cute, the typical male hero written to make the reader sigh. Famous, successful, focused, humble, incredibly handsome, and tortured by everything that happened. The ideal package. He's never been able to forget Flynn, and he blames himself for leaving. Torn between love and friendship, Myles will play a crucial role when the secrets of the past come to light. Flynn became a very different woman from the girl she had been. After experiencing such tragedy, her heart closed, and she never allowed herself to love unconditionally, because she would not suffer again. Very understandable all this mechanism that she found to deal with the loss she suffered. With memories of the past, the weight of the tragedy and a well-kept secret, Myles and Flynn will not have an easy path until the happy ending. The journey will be full of anguish, mistrust, pain but with cute, funny and romantic moments to counterbalance. Oliver and Sloane were relevant characters, well written and important to the plot. The hockey games between Flynn and Myles were a good link between the title of the book and the profession of the boys. A good story with a couple who clearly love each other, but who need to learn how to get rid of the ghosts of the past and forgive each other. Flynn and Myles conquer the reader with their story.
Momma_Becky More than 1 year ago
Big Sick is kind of a mix between second chance and friends, um enemies? to lovers romance. Myles is a hockey player, but other than knowing that, the mention of practices and games, and various people recognizing him, there's not much about the actual sport. The focus of the story is Flynn and Myles. There is a lot of push and pull between them as Flynn deals with a years old anger and Myles works to get back in her good graces while keeping a secret that could change everything. Myles is such a sweet character even as he frustrated the daylights out of me with his determination to take things slow until Flynn knows the truth, yet is completely unable to keep his hands off her at every turn. I'll admit I did figure out the secret before the big reveal, but it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the story. What stood out for me was the witty banter between so many wonderful characters. I liked Myles and Flynn together and did find myself rooting for them, but even the secondary characters were fun and interesting. While this one certainly left me with a smile, I can't wait to see what happens with Oli and Sloan, and there's one other character I'm dying to know more about - Cale! He's not a hockey player, and we don't get much of him in this one, but I really want to know his story. All in all, this one did hold my interest and is a good combination of sweet, sexy, and emotional.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You like sports romances and brother's best friend stories? Then you came to the right place!! This book combines two of my favorites tropes. Flynn finds herself without a place to stay after she found her boyfriend cheating on her. She decides to crash at her twin brother's apartment. The think is that next to her brother lives Myles, her brother's best friend and her ex best friend. She had a crush on him when they were younger but because of her parent's death and what happened that night, she hadn't seen him for 7 years. Both her brother and Myles are hockey players. Myles has the privilege to enjoy his life playing the sport he loves and having an abundance of females that want to score a hockey player. However, the minute he sees Flynn again all the emotions he has for her come back to the surface. They have a connection that only comes when you know someone your whole life. Their chemistry is off the charts and there's passion to every encounter they have. Their relationship takes a hit before even begin when secrets from the past are being revealed and complicate things. Flynn feels so betrayed and she has the right to be. To be honest, through the book there were some hints that made me suspect what the secret might be, although that didn't spoil the reveal! A really good story, with equally cute and sexy moments! I really enjoyed Flynn and Myle's story and I can help hoping that we may get Oli's book next!!
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! A great story, romance, and hockey players? I'm in! Myles and Old are best friends that grew up together and play for the Chicago Blackhawks. Myles didn't have the best family life so he spent much of his time at his friends house with Oli, his twin sister Flynn always around too. It was always the three of them. Flynn is now an attorney and living in Chicago, moving there with her boyfriend who she just caught bopping the office receptionist in the copy room. How creative of them. The two were living together and she can't go home, so she calls Oli to stay with him, after getting sh** faced drunk which is not like her, the bartender and her best friend since college haul her across the street to his apartment. Repeated knocks don't bring Oli to the door but a knock on the neighbors door bring her face to face with her past. A past that has left her devastated for 7 years. Myles looks at Flynn at reassures her friend that he's got it, grabs the key to her brothers apartment and puts her to bed. The guys have won a game and Oli is out partying. Myles doesn't do that anymore. He's got his reasons. One of which is laying drunk and asleep on her brothers guest room bed. Flynn doesn't understand why she hasn't heard from Myles since he left her that night. There's a lot Flynn doesn't understand, but read and watch this story unfold as Flynn and Myles slowly make their way to each other, Myles so afraid he's going to ruin things and Oli holding onto something of his own. This story had the best slow burn and some books just don't manage to pull it off the way this one did. This story made me relish every moment between these two. Flynn and Myles have a few bumps, but things smooth out. Their chemistry was could have melted a glacier. When the shite hits the fan in this one it really flings it a mile. Flynn is beyond devastated. The betrayal is a double whammy. Flynn hides out for a few days at her friends, throws herself into her work and prepares to spend Christmas alone. Ahh, but you have to know the story doesn't end there and I'm not throwing you anymore than I already have. Which wasn't that much. Read this book! It's an absolute must read. Applause inserted here. I hope we get Oli in the next book! Arc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review 2 likes
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This was a very enjoyable best friend's sister story. Myles and Flynn are cute together but their past could keep them apart. I loved all the back and forth banter. After one craptastic day and perhaps one or two too many drinks Flynn finds herself face to face with the man who broke her heart and still lives in her dreams. Their history is something they both need to deal with as is her brother Oli but Myles decides quickly Flynn's worth it and he's not going to let anything get in his way. This is a really well done story and one I didn't want to end. Can't wait for more in this series. I definitely need Oli's story. I highly recommend this one.
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. She's been on my TBR for some time. Myles has been best friends with Oli and Flynn for almost their whole lives but seven years ago, after a terrible tragedy, Flynn walked away from him and hasn't spoken to him since. When Flynn's boyfriend cheats on her and she moves in with her brother, she and Myles are now back in each other's lives and he's hoping for the second chance he's not sure he deserves or is going to get. This book was a lot more angsty than I was expecting but I really enjoyed it. I had a little bit of hard time with the twist but overall I loved this story. I was almost immediately connected to the characters and immersed in their friendships. I loved all of the side characters and I so badly want them to get their own HEA as well!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
SherriBabb More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. Honestly I am a sucker for any book that has hockey. This book was a sports hockey romance that was a friend to lover’s romance. When you have both those things in the same book, let’s just say wow. I just fell in love with Flynn and Myles. I found their story to be so sweet but also so heart breaking in parts. This book pulled me in from the very first chapter and it would not let me go. I was so engross in reading the book and finding out how it ended. There was so many obstacles placed in their way and so much they had to overcome. This book just pulled at my heartstrings. I highly enjoyed this book and I am really hoping that Oli gets his own book. Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
When I first saw the title of the book, I was afraid it was one that would be just for lighthearted fun. But after reading, it was much more than that. I love the best friends/best friend's sister themes. But in this one, Myles and Flynn were both best friends and he was her brother's best friend too. They went through some sad and heartbreaking times together and apart. But the way Myles pursued her was so sweet and hot. I loved that they reconnected, but almost cried when all the secrets came out. I hate the devastation they went through, but it made their connection stronger in the end. This turned out be a very good read that had it all: love, friendship, strong sibling ties, romance, laughter, and intimacy. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Tanja Kezmic More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure what I expected from this story but I sure was not expecting it to be so emotional and beautiful. Reading how the renewed their relationship was such a fun and enjoyable read. I was kept at the edge of my seat the whole time waiting for the shoe to drop because you could just feel the guilt radiating from Myles when he finally decided that he was all in with Flynn. I loved how the dealt with problems and challenging each other with a hockey game. I loved the banter; it always fun when friends turn to lovers since they know way to much about each other due to that fact :) There whole Peter Pan reference to the relationship she, Oliver and Myles had was spot on; Tinkerbelle and her lost boys :) I'm hoping Oliver will find his peace and HEA next. ***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Big Stick is more than high flying innuendos. It's about taking risks both on and off the ice. Stephens appeals to the vulnerabilities. The emotions that haunt our ever waking moments. Myles and Flynn have to look beyond Neverland and face the real world. Big Stick is a dialogue of the heart. A captivating tale of survival and second chances.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
From the day they first met, Myles and Flynn were drawn to one another, first being childhood friends, then in their teen years it progressed to flirty glances and secret kisses, but then tragedy struck and it pushed the inseparable pair apart. Now seven years later, they find themselves living in the same city again, Myles playing alongside her brother for the Blackhawks, and Flynn working in a law office, both knowing they are bound to run into one another at some point. But what they don't expect is for Flynn to be moving in with her brother after a devastating break-up, which puts them living in neighboring apartments and interacting with one another again on a daily basis. Before long the, once inseparable, pair find themselves mending fences and trying to repair their broken friendship, and of course fighting off those unwavering sparks, which are bound to lead to some heated kisses too. But one of them has a big secret that needs to come to light, and when it does it might just put an end to things once and for all... Big Stick comes bearing many wonderful gifts for readers; as mentioned in the title you will find a hockey player who wields a big stick on the ice (and off), but he also has a big heart full of love for a woman who he foolishly let slip through his fingertips, and now that she is living next door again he has big plans to score her heart once and for all! I have to say this one might just be one of my all time favorite first reads ever, for one I am a hockey fanatic so it scored serious points on that front, but the emotional intent behind the writing and the perfectly crafted characters are what really sealed the deal for me, the moment I met them, I didn't want to let them go! I absolutely loved this one, it was good for the heart, and left me anxious for the next installment, I cannot wait to see what Ms. Stephens has in store for us next!! I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it will leave your heart happy, and an unshakable smile on your face!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.