Bikini for Life-Exercise Success: A Trainer's Observation of What Works after years of Training Clients

Bikini for Life-Exercise Success: A Trainer's Observation of What Works after years of Training Clients

by Donna Kay Lau

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Bikini for Life-Exercise Success, a Trainer's Observations of What Works After Training Clients for Years, is a book written by Donna Kay Lau, Fitness Trainer for 16+ years, Lau who has been an athlete herself has written a book with her observations of what really works. Many exercise books and diet books have written about what new or recent trends and fads are out there, where we need all the creativity of the latest and the greatest, Lau just writes about what works. Lau has trained and still trains clients for all these years and gets results. Lau has for over 16+ years combined her experience as a wellness/fitness coach, she has applied her success and experience as an artist and animator, in a very competitive field, to achieve goals outside of the gym as well. Lau elaborates and gives her opinions on exercise trends, and what she believes is the simplest way to just be successful with exercise and nutrition. This candid book explains what she uses with and for her clients, and has motivated many people to continue to have great health, fitness, wellness, and performance. This book covers the simplist things that just work. Lau has spread to all of her clients over the years to focus on health and wellness before trying to focus on performance or how you look, and explains her experiences in the fitness industry, and sheds information on how you can have exercise success. After observing many clients fail prior to training them, Lau gets her clients to be creative and Lau's approach to exercise and wellness is refreshing and realistic, Lau's clients gleam with SUCCESS and they keep coming back for years! The title Bikini for her mantra that she lives by to remind herself to always keep trying to be healthy not just to look great in a Bikini, but to never stop giving up on looking great and feeling great for Life. It is never too late for wellness.

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