Billion Dollar Bracket

Billion Dollar Bracket

by Drew Bridges


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Many lives collide in this quest to win a billion dollars for picking all the winners in the annual National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament. Some are looking for riches, others for simple survival and personal redemption.

Mathematician Sinclair Dane sponsors the contest, seeking money for a safety net for her troubled mother. She does not have a billion dollars to pay a winner. Risking her reputation and possible legal charges for fraud, she pins her hopes on the astronomical odds against anyone picking all the winners.

Math professor Lewis Cusac uses the basketball contest to teach remedial math to college students, two of whom are playing in the tournament. He enters the contest and finds himself having selected all the winners with only three games remaining. He also gets a call from the NCAA investigators for suspicion of trying to fix the outcomes of games.

Add to the mix a retired casino operator, a group of twenty-something social media wizards, and professional basketball's next megastar.

As the contest goes global, the story races to an ending that will surprise the reader.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945448898
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 12/01/2020
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Drew Bridges is a retired psychiatrist, former bookstore owner, and author of several books.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Pitch 1

Chapter 2 The Plan 9

Chapter 3 Bracketology 17

Chapter 4 Cheeky 25

Chapter 5 Student Teaches the Teacher 31

Chapter 6 Bracket Entries-The Madness Begins 39

Chapter 7 Cusac's Balancing Act 47

Chapter 8 Learning about Legacy 55

Chapter 9 The Plan Gets Complicated 65

Chapter 10 Rebecca 69

Chapter 11 The Rematch 75

Chapter 12 Two Perfect Brackets 81

Chapter 13 The Big Reveal 89

Chapter 14 The Craze Goes Global 95

Chapter 15 Men in Black 101

Chapter 16 Hazel's Fundraiser 109

Chapter 17 Rebellion 113

Chapter 18 The Week Before the Final Four 123

Chapter 19 Beginnings and Endings 131

Chapter 20 Bracket on the Brink 137

Chapter 21 Keeping the Team Together 143

Chapter 22 Two Sides to Success 151

Chapter 23 What Next? 159

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