Billionaire in Hiding, Book Two and Book Three

Billionaire in Hiding, Book Two and Book Three

by D.C. Chagnon


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Book Two: Dawn in the Canopies

It has been a mere month since Madeleine learned the dark secret of Julian and James-or, as she truly knows them now, Florian and Ambrose. Walking in from a memory of her past, Ambrose begs Madeleine one thing-not to say a word about who they truly are. As autumn settles into the small town of Rosiln Woods, there is a deep, pestering cold in the air; a cold that Madeleine cannot fully shake. As Florian attends classes, Madeleine finds herself growing ever closer to Ambrose, the quiet, formidable man with pine-green eyes and a penchant for subtle sarcasm. Always dressed suavely and carefully precise with his words, there is a certain authority within his stance that demands Madeleine's attention. His presence stirs something in her; something Madeleine herself cannot yet fully understand-curiosity, longing, lust? His quick wit and domineering presence are enough to draw her into his mysterious air and make her heart beat like hummingbird wings.
As the two grow closer, the looming possibility of danger quietly settles in as well. Who is to be trusted? Who can be trusted? In some ways, Madeleine thinks this must be a fairy tale; but even she is unsure if there will be a happy ending.

Book Three: Midnight on the Shore
In a mad rush, Madeleine, Florian and Ambrose must flee Rosiln Woods at the break of dawn. The brothers, on the run from the law, must act quickly to clear their names and save themselves from the crime they have been framed for. Madeleine, tied to them by fate, it swept into the exhilarating danger of their life on the run; protected by them for her own safety. They arrive in Spain, staying with a family friend until Ambrose can figure out a solution to this whole jeopardizing tangle of circumstances. Set against the backdrop of a seaside town, Madeleine falls in love with the scenery, the feeling of a new place. But, that is not the only reason her heart is swelling within her. Even amid the hectic situation, Madeleine and Ambrose feel themselves growing ever closer to one another; a bond that Madeleine can barely fathom and is terrified to hold onto.

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