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Billy Blue Sky

Billy Blue Sky

by John Koehler

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Billy Pearlman is ten years old. He is smart, charming and intuitive beyond his years. He also happens to have Down syndrome. After open heart surgery, Billy seems to possess a new power—a gift that has profound effects on other people, changing their lives completely. His mother Linda is not a spiritual person, but even she has a hard time explaining what is


Billy Pearlman is ten years old. He is smart, charming and intuitive beyond his years. He also happens to have Down syndrome. After open heart surgery, Billy seems to possess a new power—a gift that has profound effects on other people, changing their lives completely. His mother Linda is not a spiritual person, but even she has a hard time explaining what is going on with her son, or where his power is coming from. Soon their lives spin out of control. Billy attracts a following of people, including those who will do anything to obtain his gift, regardless of the outcome.

This is a story of true love, and how a little boy with otherworldly power changes hearts and unites people through love and grace. It is the story of evil forces who try to take what is not theirs, the mother who gives her all to protect her son, and the MIA father who learns who his son really is.

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"I read Billy Blue Sky in one day! By the end, I felt like I knew Billy and his family as my new friends. I so appreciated the voice that the author gave Billy, his mom and his Gamma and Gampa. He captured so many people's reactions to people affected by disability and presented them in a very believable and delightful story. I know some people may not believe in miracles, but I have seen the way God often uses our friends with disabilities for transformation: to soften peoples' hearts, to change perceptions, and to open eyes to possibilities that seemed impossible before."

-Pamela A. Harmon, Executive Director, Young Life Capernaum Ministries

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Billy Blue Sky

By John Koehler

Koehler Books

Copyright © 2013 John Koehler
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781938467202

Preface My name is Billy Blue Sky. That’s my nickname— everyone calls me that. My fancy name is William Lincoln Pearlman, but I only use that on important grownup papers. My mom gave me my nickname when I was little ‘cause I used to go outside and say, “Blue Sky! Blue Sky! Blue Sky!” I remember doing that. I still like to run around outside, especially when the sky is so blue, the way it gets sometimes right after a storm when its like that snap crackle pop cereal. But I don’t say, “Blue Sky!” anymore because I’m all grown up and grown ups have to be serious.But I don’t mind if you call me Billy Blue Sky ‘cause that’s my name. You can’t ever run away from your name, even if you want to. It will follow you around just like a puppy who loves you and pretty soon you take it home and ask your Mom if you can keep it.I want to tell you a story about what happened to me when I was a boy. When I was just 10-years-old. I’m almost twenty now. I’m a grownup man. What happened to me back then seems like a long time ago, but my Mom says it feels like yesterday. Gampa says it was just a few eye blinks ago, but I tried counting my eye blinks in an hour and it was more than a few. So I told Gampa he was full of prunes. He laughed. I don’t like prunes.I love my Mom. Her name is Linda. She is a very special lady. I think she may be the most special woman in the whole entire world. She’s still not too sure about God, but he is real sure about her. She’s the finest invention he ever made. She is awesome and bad to the bone cool. She is my Mom. I don’t want you to be upset but she is the best Mom in the world. I know your Mom is great, but my Mom is the greatest! She is S-P-E-C-I-A-L!I’m special too. I’ve been called special all my life because I have Down syndrome. It makes me look funny and sound funny and walk funny. Yup, I’m a funny guy. You may not believe this but I’m glad God let me have Down syndrome ‘cause I get to help others who are like me, and people who are not like me. Being special is cool. And I’m really good at Special Olympics basketball and I got three gold medals this year. Maybe I should put pictures of them in this book.Billy rules!The story I’m going to tell you really happened, but it may be hard for you to believe because some magic stuff happened. My Gamma calls it “God stuff.” Do you believe in God? I do. I always have. God made me look just like him. Some people don’t like the idea of God looking like a Down syndrome kid like me, but that makes me happy. God is so big he can look just like all of us. Now that is big!When I was a boy I called God “Sky Daddy,” but now I just call him God or late at night in my bed when I’m all alone, I still call him Sky Daddy, but I don’t like to tell others because it sounds like baby talk. God doesn’t mind if we baby talk to him. He whispers back to me like baby talk and I like it. I know I’m a grown up man now, but I still like it.You don’t have to believe in God to read my story, because God made you and me just the same and he loves us to the moon and back. That’s what my Gamma says, though I don’t know if God is on the moon ‘cause there’s no people up there.Down syndrome was named after a doctor who discovered it. His name was Dr. Down. My Gampa likes to say “Get Down, Billy!” and then he dances around like a special needs man. Dr. Down found out that people like me are missing a chromosome, which is a tiny little thing inside of us we can’t even see without a super powerful microscope. I looked in one once and there were creepy things like baby crabs in there. I don’t like the idea of baby crabs living inside me but the doctor said there were T-rex white cells who beat up the crabs. I like having T-rex super heroes living inside me. That’s super cool!When I was ten years old I got famous. Everybody knew my name. Lots of people all around wanted to see me and touch me and hear me. I liked it. But not all of it. Some of what happened made me sad. I wish people didn’t have to be mean. If everyone had Down syndrome I think they might be happier. I don’t know about that.My Mom and Dad are going to help me with my story. Her name is Linda so when it says “Linda” that’s her talking, okay? His name is Steve. When it says Billy, then that’s me, Billy Blue Sky. We’re going to tell you my story together. My Mom didn’t want him to help write the book but I told her it was my book and she said I was right, it is my book. So even though we’re not together in real life, we will be together in my book. Totally cool!If you want to read my story you have to believe in magic. I want you to pinky swear with me. That means you mean it. You don’t have to swear to God ‘cause my Gampa said God doesn’t like it when we swear at him.Now put up your pinky. Good. Let’s hook our pinkies together. Great. Now close your eyes and wish I may and wish I might, I wish upon a star tonight I promise to believe whatever Billy says cause it is the truth, so help me God.Because God will help you if you ask him to.I hope you like my story.Love,Billy


Excerpted from Billy Blue Sky by John Koehler Copyright © 2013 by John Koehler. Excerpted by permission.
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From the Publisher
“This touching story of a boy and spirit requires a box of tissues, a heart open to faith, the belief that miracles are always around us, and the simple concept that all of us walk this world with grace. A story of what one human can do for another reminds me of what is simple and good….ahhh to be 10 years old and wide open again to it all!”
Ren Fortier

Meet the Author

John Koehler is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, ministry volunteer, and author of five books. He served as director of Young Life Capernaum in Hampton Roads, a ministry that serves kids with disabilities. John received international acclaim in 1991 as Boomerang World Championship in Perth, Australia. He was also a member of the Foster's Boomerang 2000 Team, a touring troop that taught major league football and baseball athletes, and others, the gospel of boomerangs. In 2005, John published his first book, Bipolar by Koehler, about living with bipolar syndrome. Since then, he has given many talks to help people understand or survive the illness. In 2007, Koehler published Benjamin: the Road to Capernaum, a novel based on a crippled man in the Bible who was healed by a famous Jewish rabbi. His third book is My Inflatable Heart, a series of short stories about Capernaum and life recollections. John's latest book, The Case of the Russian Maids, the first of three murder mysteries that take place in Virginia Beach, is part of the Beach Murder Mysteries collection.

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