Billy Boy: Caught Between the Orange and the Green

Billy Boy: Caught Between the Orange and the Green

by Joyce Milne D'Auria


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My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was Green.
Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
So goes the song.

Billy Boy lives this dilemma, caught between the Orange and the Green in "The most Catholic town in Scotland" where fights break out between the sects, especially when the men have been paid at the pit or the foundry.
BILLY BOY is set in Whifflet, an industrial village in the Scottish Lowlands, near Glasgow. In 1865, a young Irish Catholic woman gives birth to Billy in the Old Monkland Poorhouse. Before she dies, she tells the priest that her son's father is the late
William Maclure, a prominent Orangeman. Billy's Aunt Maggie saves him from the orphanage, raises him with kindness and teaches him tolerance, but he is pressured by the larger alienated society to make a choice between his two heritages. A hard life in the coal mine looms unless Billy follows his aunt's advice and goes to University, but Billy follows his heart, which leads him on the adventures of a lifetime.

Joyce Milne D'Auria was born and raised in Scotland. She graduated from Glasgow Royal Infirmary Nursing School then immigrated to the United States. After raising her daughter, Linda, she earned a
Counselling degree at St. Lawrence University in New York and subsequently practiced as a therapist in Florida.
Joyce lives in Florida with her husband Paul and two cats, Valentino and Caramella.

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"Magically transports you back to Scotland in the mid-19th get both the intricate story about the characters, as well as develop a keen understanding of what life was like in those times. I doubt this could have been written with so much fascinating detail unless the author actually grew up in Scotland - which she did!"
- Dave from Florida.

"There is not a dull page in the book. I will be reading this again and again. The story is fantastic and loaded with history. Great book!"
Mollie L. Bailey.

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About the Author

Joyce Milne D'Auria, born and raised in Scotland, graduated from Glasgow Royal Infirmary as a nurse. After completing a Master's degree in counseling from St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York she moved to Florida and conducted a private counseling practice in Clearwater. She has acted and sung in theater groups and sung solo and in church choirs. She enjoys living on the Gulf of Mexico, boating with her husband, Paul, butterfly gardening and walking. She travels often to research her Scottish historical novels and visit her far-flung family in the USA, Canada, Scotland and Australia.

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Billy Boy: Caught Between the Orange and the Green 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
FloridaDaveDW More than 1 year ago
Ms. D'Auria did such a good job taking me through Billy's growing up, from a child to an adult. The ever-present conflict between the Protestants and the Catholics becomes an integral part of the plot. And she skillfully wrapped in so much about Billy's Grandpa, Maggie, Aleck, Pat, Jennie and all the others. I felt I got to know these people so well! As she did with "My Blood Is Royal", Ms. D'Auria brought the places where they lived to life - I could see what it looked like in their homes and on the streets of Whifflet. I was holding my breath near the end of the book. I had no idea how things would work out for Billy. Excellent ending but I won't reveal it to those who have not yet read this book.