Binaural and Spatial Hearing in Real and Virtual Environments

Binaural and Spatial Hearing in Real and Virtual Environments

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ISBN-13: 9781317780250
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 836
File size: 15 MB
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Table of Contents

Contents: Part I:Sound Localization. F.L. Wightman, D.J. Kistler, Factors Affecting the Relative Salience of Sound Localization Cues. E.A.G. Shaw, Acoustical Features of the Human External Ear. R.O. Duda, Elevation Dependence of the Interaural Transfer Function. J.C. Middlebrooks, Spectral Shape Cues for Sound Localization. R.A. Butler, Spatial Referents of Stimulus Frequencies: Their Role in Sound Localization. Part II:Lateralization and Binaural Masking. L.R. Bernstein, Detection and Discrimination of Interaural Disparities: Modern Earphone-based Studies. T.N. Buell, C. Trahiotis, Recent Experiments Concerning the Relative Potency and Interaction of Interaural Disparities. R.H. Dye, Jr., The Relative Contributions of Targets and Distractors in Judgments of Laterality Based on Interaural Differences of Level. A. Kohlrausch, R. Fassel, Binaural Masking Level Differences in Nonsimultaneous Masking. Part III:Echoes, Precedence, and Depth. W.M. Hartmann, Listening in a Room and the Precedence Effect. E.R. Hafter, Binaural Adaptation and the Effectiveness of a Stimulus Beyond Its Onset. R.K. Clifton, R.L. Freyman, The Precedence Effect: Beyond Echo Suppression. D.H. Mershon, Phenomenal Geometry and the Measurement of Perceived Auditory Distance. Part IV:Motion Perception. D.R. Perrott, T.Z. Strybel, Some Observations Regarding Motion-Without-Direction. D.W. Grantham, Auditory Motion Perception: Snapshots Re-visited. K. Saberi, E.R. Hafter, Experiments on Auditory Motion Discrimination. Part V:Sound Source Segregation and Free-Field Masking. W.A. Yost, The Cocktail Party Problem: Forty Years Later. M.D. Good, R.H. Gilkey, J.M. Ball, The Relation Between Detection in Noise and Localization in Noise in the Free Field. T.J. Doll, T.E. Hanna, Directional Cuing Effects in Auditory Recognition. Part VI:Physiology of Spatial Hearing. S. Kuwada, R. Batra, D.C. Fitzpatrick, Neural Processing of Binaural Temporal Cues. T.C.T. Yin, P.X. Joris, P.H. Smith, J.C.K. Chan, Neuronal Processing for Coding Interaural Time Disparities. J.F. Brugge, R.A. Reale, J.E. Hind, Auditory Cortex and Spatial Hearing. E.D. Young, J.J. Rice, G.A. Spirou, I. Nelken, R.A. Conley, Head-related Transfer Functions in Cat: Neural Representation and the Effects of Pinna Movement. Part VII:Models of Spatial Hearing. R.M. Stern, C. Trahiotis, Models of Binaural Perception. H.S. Colburn, S.K. Isabelle, D.J. Tollin, Modeling Binaural Detection Performance for Individual Masker Waveforms. J.A. Janko, T.R. Anderson, R.H. Gilkey, Using Neural Networks to Evaluate the Viability of Monaural and Interaural Cues for Sound Localization. Part VIII:Development of Spatial Hearing. R.Y. Litovsky, D.H. Ashmead, Development of Binaural and Spatial Hearing in Infants and Children. Part IX:Applications. J. Blauert, An Introduction to Binaural Technology. B. Shinn-Cunningham, H. Lehnert, G. Kramer, E. Wenzel, N. Durlach, Auditory Displays. M.D. Burkhard, Binaural Measurements and Applications. R.L. McKinley, M.A. Ericson, Flight Demonstration of a 3-D Auditory Display. M.A. Ericson, R.L. McKinley, The Intelligibility of Multiple Talkers Separated Spatially in Noise. J. Koehnke, J. Besing, Binaural Performance in Listeners with Impaired Hearing: Aided and Unaided Results. B. Kollmeier, Signal Processing for Hearing Aids Employing Binaural Cues.

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