Binaural Hypnosis

Binaural Hypnosis

by Bryan Westra


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Some years back, I took a trip to a private island estate, where I trained for 10 days in personal development. The program was amazing! The program was elite! Only 15 of the best hypnotists from around the world were invited to come be apart of the training.

One might think it should be an amazing training, considering the money I handed over to attend. More money than most might fathom!

It was better than I had ever imagined any training could be. I felt "billionaire-wealthy" living in the fancy beach mansion for those ten days.

The training was in personal development and self-hypnosis. The training included binaural therapy fused with the self-hypnosis sessions. I was never more hypnotized.

This book, the one I wrote, the one you hold in your hands, it's going to teach you what I learned during that 10 day event. Only, it's not going to cost you a noticeable fraction of the cost it cost me to learn this information!

During the 10 days, I took studious notes. I have closely guarded these notes, ever since. I am writing this book by incorporating these notes along with my recollections and personal transformations that resulted from learning this indirect knowledge. This training that I attended-helped me change my life entirely! I hope this book helps you change yours.

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