Biology and Human Concerns (Cloth)

Biology and Human Concerns (Cloth)

by E. Peter Volpe, Volpe

Hardcover(4th ed)



Volpe's classic introductory text presents science as a basis for everyday living by discussing key biology concepts and their ethical implications. The text begins with reproduction and progresses logically through chapters on cell division,chemistry,genetics,organismal biology,ecology,and evolution.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780697051059
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Publication date: 01/01/1993
Edition description: 4th ed
Pages: 640

Table of Contents

Part 1 Continuity of Life
1 Seeds of Life
2 Control of Fertility
3 A New Life Emerges
4 Reproductive Technology and the Fetus
5 Molecules of Life and Placental Transfer
6 Prenatal Exposure to Harmful Substances
7 Inside the Cell
8 The Energy of Life
9 Blueprints of Life
10 Viruses within Us
11 Cell Division and Cancer
Part 2 Our Genetic Heritage
12 Fetal Malformations of Chromosomal Origin
13 Origin of Chromosomal Abnormalities
14 Sex Chromosomes and X-Chromosome Inactivation
15 Genes within Chromosomes
16 Genetic Seeds of Human Disease
17 Sex-Linked Inheritance and Sex Selection
18 Prenatal Diagnosis and DNA Technology
19 Gene Therapy
Part 3 Life Processes
20 Nutrition
21 Digestion and Absorption
22 Blood and Circulation
23 Gas Exchange and Excretion
24 The Nerve Cell and Muscle Excitability
25 The Brain, Sleep, and Dreams
26 Hormones
27 Immune Responses
28 Aging and Death
Part 4 Origin and Evolution
29 Darwinian Scheme of Evolution
30 Mutation
(and more...)

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