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McGraw-Hill Education
Biology Laboratory Manual / Edition 10

Biology Laboratory Manual / Edition 10

by Randy Moore
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    ISBN-13: 2900073532256
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
    Publication date: 01/11/2013
    Edition description: Older Edition
    Pages: 608
    Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.00(d)

    About the Author

    Darrell Vodopich is currently teaching at Baylor University in Waco and has authored the best-selling laboratory manual that accompanies Biology by Raven/Johnson.
    In addition to writing numerous articles and textbooks, he is Editor-in-Chief of the American Biology Teacher. Randy was awarded the 1993 Teacher Exemplar Award by the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT). Other awards and honors include a Fulbright Scholarship, a listing in the Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1986 Most Outstanding Teacher from Baylor University, and 1980 Most Outstanding Teaching Assistant from UCLA. He received his Ph.D. in Plant Development from UCLA

    Table of Contents

    1 Scientific Methods

    2 Measurements in Biology: The Metric System and Data Analysis

    3 The Microscope: Basic Skills of Light Microscopy

    4 The Cell: Structure and Function

    5 Solutions, Acids, and Bases: The pH Scale

    6 Biologically Important Molecules: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids

    7 Separating Organic Compounds: Column Chromatography, Paper Chromatography, and Gel Electrophoresis

    8 Spectrophotometry: Identifying Solutes and Determining Their Concentration

    9 Diffusion and Osmosis: Passive Movements of Molecules in Biologal Systems

    10 Cellular Membranes: Effects of Physical and Chemical Stress

    11 Enzymes: Factors Affecting the Rate of Activity

    12 Respiration: Aerobic and Anaerobic Oxidation of Organic Molecules

    13 Photosynthesis: Pigment Separation, Starch Production, and CO2 Uptake

    14 Mitosis: Replication of Eukaryotic Cells

    15 Meiosis: Reduction Division and Gametogenesis

    16 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: DNA Isolation and Bacterial Transformation

    17 Genetics: The Principles of Mendel

    18 Evolution: Natural Selection and Morphological Change in Green Algae

    19 Human Evolution: Skull Examination

    20 Ecology: Diversity and Interaction in Plant Communities

    21 Community Succession

    22 Population Growth: Limitations of the Environment

    23 Pollution: The Effect of Chemical, Thermal, and Acid Pollution

    24 Survey of Bacteria: Kingdoms Archaebacteria and Bacteria

    25 Survey of the Kingdom Protista: The Algae

    26 Survey of the Kingdom Protista: Protozoa and Slime Molds

    27 Survey of the Kingdom Fungi: Molds, Sac Fungi, Mushrooms, and Lichens

    28 Survey of the Plant Kingdom: Liverworts, Mosses, and Hornworts of Phyla Hepaticophyta, Bryophyta, and Anthocerophyta

    29 Survey of the Plant Kingdom: Seedles Vascular Plants of Phyla Pterophyta and Lycophyta

    30 Survey of the Plant Kingdom: Gymnosperms of Phyla Cycadophyta, Ginkgophyta, Coniferophyta, and Gnetophyta

    31 Survey of the Plant Kingdom: Angiosperms

    32 Plant Anatomy: Vegetative Structure of Vascular Plants

    33 Plant Physiology: Transpiration

    34 Plant Physiology: Tropisms, Nutrition, and Growth Regulators

    35 Bioassay: Measuring Physiologically Active Substances

    36 Survey of the Animal Kingdom: Phyla Porifera and Cnidaria

    37 Survey of the Animal Kingdom: Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nematoda

    38 Survey of the Animal Kingdom: Phyla Mollusca and Annelida

    39 Survey of the Animal Kingdom: Phylum Arthropoda

    40 Survey of the Animal Kingdom: Phyla Echinodermata, Hemichordata, and Chordata

    41 Vertebrate Animal Tissues: Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, and Nervous Tissues

    42 Human Biology: The Human Skeletal System

    43 Human Biology: Muscles and Muscle Contraction

    44 Human Biology: Breathing

    45 Human Biology: Circulation and Blood Pressure

    46 Human Biology: Sensory Perception

    47 Vertebrate Anatomy: External Features and Skeletal System of the Rat

    48 Vertebrate Anatomy: Muscles and Internal Organs of the Rat

    49 Vertebrate Anatomy: Urogenital and Circulatory Systems of the Rat

    50 Embryology: Comparative Morphologies and Strategies of Development

    51 Animal Behavior: Taxis, Kinesis, and Agonistic Behavior

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