Biology: The Dynamic Science / Edition 1

Biology: The Dynamic Science / Edition 1

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Cengage Learning
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Biology: The Dynamic Science / Edition 1

Learn how to think and engage like a scientist! BIOLOGY: THE DYNAMIC SCIENCE, Third Edition, allows you to develop a deep understanding of the core concepts in Biology and builds a strong foundation for future courses. The authors explain complex ideas clearly and describe how biologists collect and interpret evidence to test hypotheses about the living world. Russell, Hertz, and McMillan will spark your curiosity about living systems instead of burying it under a mountain of disconnected facts. You will learn what scientists know about the living world, how they know it, and what they still need to learn. The accompanying Aplia for Biology complements the book by enabling you to go beyond rote memorization and gain a true understanding of key concepts. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections

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ISBN-13: 9780534249663
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 10/03/2007
Series: Available Titles CengageNOW Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 1456
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 10.90(h) x 2.00(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Biological Concepts and Research. UNIT ONE: MOLECULES AND CELLS. 2. Life, Chemistry, and Water. 3. Biological Molecules: The Carbon Compounds of Life. 4. Energy, Enzymes, and Biological Reactions. 5. The Cell: An Overview. 6. Membranes and Transport. 7. Cell Communication. 8. Harvesting Chemical Energy: Cellular Respiration. 9. Photosynthesis. 10. Cell Division and Mitosis. UNIT TWO: GENETICS. 11. Meiosis: The Cellular Basis of Sexual Reproduction. 12. Mendel, Genes, and Inheritance. 13. Genes, Chromosomes, and Human Genetics. 14. DNA Structure, Replication, and Organization. 15. From DNA to Protein. 16. Regulation of Gene Expression. 17. Bacterial and Viral Genetics. 18. DNA Technologies and Genomics. UNIT THREE: EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY. 19. Development of Evolutionary Thought. 20. Microevolution: Genetic Changes within Populations. 21. Speciation. 22. Paleobiology and Macroevolution. 23. Systematic Biology: Phylogeny and Classification. UNIT FOUR: BIODIVERSITY. 24. The Origin of Life. 25. Prokaryotes: Bacteria and Archaea. 26. Protists. 27. Plants. 28. Fungi. 29. Animal Phylogeny, Acoelomates, and Protostomes. 30. Deuterostomes: Vertebrates and Their Closest Relatives. UNIT FIVE: PLANT STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION. 31. The Plant Body. 32. Transport in Plants. 33. Plant Nutrition. 34. Reproduction and Development in Flowering Plants. 35. Plant Responses to the Environment. UNIT SIX: ANIMAL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION. 36. Introduction to Animal Organization and Physiology. 37. Information Flow and the Neuron. 38. Nervous Systems. 39. Sensory Systems. 40. The Endocrine System. 41. Muscles, Bones, and Body Movements. 42. The Circulatory System. 43. Defenses against Disease. 44. Gas Exchange: The Respiratory System. 45. Animal Nutrition. 46. Regulating the Internal Environment. 47. Animal Reproduction. 48. Animal Development. UNIT SEVEN: ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR. 49. Ecology and the Biosphere. 50. Population Ecology. 51. Population Interactions and Community Ecology. 52. Ecosystems. 53. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. 54. The Physiology and Genetics of Animal Behavior. 55. The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior.

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