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Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: Proceedings of the Nineteenth Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals Held May 4-8. 1997, at Colorado Springs, Colorado / Edition 1

Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: Proceedings of the Nineteenth Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals Held May 4-8. 1997, at Colorado Springs, Colorado / Edition 1

by Mark Finkelstein, Brian H. Davison


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ISBN-13: 9780896036512
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 06/02/1998
Series: ABAB Symposium
Edition description: 1998
Pages: 1015
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Mark Finkelstein and Brian Davison . Session 1: Feedsk Supply and Processing. Introduction to Session 1, Michael R. Ladisch and Lynn Wright . Comparison of SO2 and H2SO4 Impregnation of Softwood Prior to Steam Pretreatment on Ethanol Production, Charlotte Tengborg, Kerstin Stenberg, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacci,* Simona Larsson, Eva Palmqvist, and Barbel Hähn-Hägerdahl . Pretreatment of Softwood by Acid-Catalyzed Steam Explosion Followed by Alkali Extraction, Daniel Schell,* Quang Nguyen, Melvin Tucker, and Brian Boynton . Comparison of Yellow Poplar Pretreatment Between the NREL Digester and Sunds Hydrolyzer, M. P. Tucker,* J. D. Farmer, F. A. Keller, D. J. Schell, and Q. A. Nguyen . Shrinking-Bed Model for Percolation Process Applied to Dilute-Acid Pretreatment/Hydrolysis of Cellulosic Biomass, Rongfu Chen, Zhangwen Wu, and Y. Y. Lee*.
Cost Estimates and Sensitivity Analyses for the Ammonia Fiber Explosion Process, Lin Wang, Bruce E. Dale,* Lale Yurttas, and I. Goldwasser. Selective Polarity- and Adsorption-Guided Extraction/Purification of Annona sp. Polar Acetogenins and Biological Assay Against Agricultural Pests, J. D. Fontana,* F. M. Lanças, M. Passos, E. Cappelaro, J. Vilegas, M. Baron, M. Noseda, A. B. Pomîllo, A. Vitale, A. C. Weber, A. A. Maul, W. A. Peres, and L. A. Foerster . Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Softwoods: Scientific Note, Q. A. Nguyen,* M. P. Tucker, B. L. Boynton, F. A. Keller, and D. J. Schell . Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse Hemicellulose Hydrolysate for Xylitol Production by Candida guilliermondii. Lourdes A. Alves,* Maria G. A. Felipe, João B. Almeida E. Silva,
Silvio S. Silva, and Arnaldo M. R. Prata. Continuous pH Monitoring During Pretreatment of Yellow Poplar Wood Sawdust by Pressure Cooking in Water, Joseph Weil, Mark Brewer, Richard Hendrickson, Ayda Sarikaya, and Michael R. Ladisch* .
Session 2: Applied Biological Research. Introduction to Session 2, Tom Jeffries and Mike Himmel . Fuel Ethanol Production from Corn Fiber: Current Status and Technical Prospects,Badal C. Saha,* Bruce S. Dien, and Rodney J. Bothast. Xylose Reductase Production by Candida guilliermondii, S. M. A. Rosa, M. G. A. Felipe, S. S. Silva, and Michele Vitolo* .
Yeast Adaptation of Softwood Prehydrolysate, Fred A. Keller,* Delicia Bates, Ray Ruiz, and Quang Nguyen . Production of Xylitol by Candida mogii from Rice Straw Hydrolysate: Study of Environmental Effects Using Statistical Design, Z. D. V. L. Mayerhoff, I. C. Roberto,* and S. S.Silva. Improving the Fermentation Performance of Recombinant Zymomonas in Acetic Acid-Containing Media,
Hugh G. Lawford* and Joyce D. Rousseau . Conditions that Promote the Production of Lactic Acid by Zymomonas mobilis in Batch and Continuous Culture.Hugh G. Lawford* and Joyce D. Rousseau . A Novel Fermentation Pathway in an Escherichia coli Mutant Producing Succinic Acid, Acetic Acid, and Ethanol, Mark I. Donnelly,* Cynthia S. Millard, David P. Clark, Michael J. Chen, and Jerome W. Rathke . Cloned Bacillus subtilis Alkaline Protease (apr A) Gene Showing High Level of Keratinolytic Activity. Taha I. Zaghloul . Isolation, Identification, and Keratinolytic Activity of Several Feather-Degrading Bacterial Isolates,Taha I. Zaghloul,* M. Al-Bahra, and H. Al-Azmeh. Acetamide Degradation by a Continuous-Fed Batch CultureBacillus Sphaericus, F. Ramirez, O. Monroy,* E. Favela, J. P. Guyot, and F. Cruz . Use of Hemicellulose Hydrolysate for b-Glucosidase Fermentation, K. Réczey, A. Brumbauer, M. Bollók, Zs. Szengyel,* and G. Zacchi . Production of a Novel Pyranose 2-Oxidase by the Basidiomycete Trametes multicolor, Christian Leitner, Dietmar Haltrich,* Bernd Nidetzky, Hansjörg Prillinger, Klaus D. Kulbe . Broad Spectrum and Mode of Action of an Antibiotic Produced by Scytonema sp. TISTR 8208 in a Seaweed-Type Bioreactor,Aparat Chetsumon, Fusako Umeda, Isamu Maeda, Kiyohito Yagi,* Tadashi Mizoguchi, and Yoshiharu Miura . Comparative Study of Xylanase Kinetics Using Dinitrosalicylic, Arsenomolybdate, and Ion Chromatographic Assays,Thomas W. Jeffries,* Vina W. Yang, and Mark Davis .
Production and Purification of CGTase of Alkalophylic Bacillus Isolated from Brazilian Soil, Graciette Matioli, Gisella M. Zanin, Manoel F. Guimarães, and Flávio F. De Moraes* . Submerged Culture Screening of Two Strains of Streptomyces sp. with High Keratinolytic Activity, O. Garcia-Kirchner,* Ma. E. Bautista-Ramirez, and Segura-Granados . Cofermentation of Glucose, Xylose, and Arabinose by Mixed Cultures of Two Genetically Engineered Zymomonas mobilis Strains, Ali Mohagheghi,* Kent Evans, Mark Finkelstein, and Min Zhang . Improvement of Substrate Conversion to Molecular Hydrogen by Three-Stage Cultivation of a Photosynthetic Bacterium,Rhodovulum sulfidophilum, Isamu Maeda, Wasimul Chowdhury, Kenji Idehara, Kiyohito Yagi,* Tadashi Mizoguchi, Toru Akano, Hitoshi Miyasaka, Toshio Furutani,Yoshiaki Ikuta, Norio Shioji, and Yoshiharu Miura. Effect of Drying on Bioremediation Bacteria Properties, F. Weekers, Ph. Jacques, D. Springael, M. Mergeay, L. Diels, and Ph. Thonart . Production of L-Lactic Acid by Rhizopus oryzae in a Bubble Column Fermentor, Jianxin Du,* Ningjun Cao, Cheng S. Gong, and George T. Tsao .
Factors that Effect the Biosynthesis of Xylitol By Xylose-Fermenting Yeasts: A Review, Silvio S. Silva,* Maria G. A. Felipe, and Ismael M. Mancilha . Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Poly(3-Hydroxyalkanoic Acid)-Synthesis Genes of Pseudomonas acidophila, Fusako Umeda, Yoshiharu Kitano,Yuki Murakami, Kiyohito Yagi,* Yoshiharu Miura, and Tadashi Mizoguchi . Continuous Culture Studies of Xylose-Fermenting Zymomonas mobilis, Hugh G. Lawford, Joyce D. Rousseau, Ali Mohagheghi,
and James D. McMillan*. Effect of Surfactants and Zeolites on Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Steam-Exploded Poplar Biomass to Ethanol, I. Ballesteros, J. M. Oliva, J. Carrasco, A. Cabanas, A.A. Navarro, and M. Ballesteros . Thermal Stability and Energy of Deactivation of Free and Immobilized Amyloglucosidase in the Saccharification of Liquefied Cassava Starch,
Gisella M. Zanin and Flavio De Moraes. Hydrolysis of Cellulose Using Ternary Mixtures of Purified Cellulases:Scientific Note, John O. Baker,* C. I. Ehrman,W. S. Adney, S. R. Thomas, and M. E. Himmel. The Production, Properties of a New Xylose Reductase from Fungus: Neurospora crassa, Xin Zhao, Peiji Gao, and Zunong Wang. Session 3: Bioprocessing Research. Introduction to Session 3, Rakesh Bajpai and David A. Glassner. An Integrated Bioconversion Process for the Production of L-Lactic Acid from Starchy Potato. S. P. Tsai and S. H. Moon . Production of Ethanol from Starch by Co-immobilized Zymomonas mobilis -Glucoamylase in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor, M. Y. Sun, N. P. Nghiem, B. H. Davison, O. R. Webb, and P. R. Bienkowski . Ethanol Production from AFEX-Treated Forages and Agricultural Residues, K. Belkacemi, G. Turcotte, D. deHalleux, and P. Savoie .
Adaptive Optimal Control of a Fed-Batch Alcoholic Fermentation, T. L. M. Alves, A. C. Costa,* W. S. Henriques, and E. L. Lima.
Non-isothermal Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation for Direct Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol,
Z. Wu and Y. Y., Lee* . Comparison Between Experimental and Theoretical Values of Effectiveness Factor in the Cephalosporin C. Production Process with Immobilized Cells, M. L. G. C. Araujo, R. C. Giordano, and C. O. Hokka* . Downstream Processing of Inulinase: Comparison of Different Techniques, A. Pessoa, Jr.* and M. Vitolo. Improvement of Lactic Cell Production, S. Desmons, H. Krhouz, P. Evrard, and P. Thonart . In Situ Global Method for Measurement of Oxygen Demand and Mass Transfer, K. T. Klasson, K. M.Lundbäck, E. C. Clausen, and J. L. Gaddy. Improvement of Oxygen Transfer Coefficient During Penicillium canescens Culture: Influence of Turbine Design, Agitation Speed, and Air Flow Rate on Xylanase Production, A. Gaspar,* L. Strodiot, and P. Thonart . Batch Foam Recovery of Sporamin from the Sweet Potato, S. Ko, V. Loha, A. Prokop, and R. D. Tanner*.
Batch Foam Fractionation of Dudzu (Pueraria lobata) Vine Retting Solution, J. Eiamwat, V. Loha, A. Prokop, and R. D. Tanner*.
Development of a Novel, Two-step Process for Treating Municipal Biosolids for Beneficial Reuse, C. J. Rivard, B. W. Duff, and N. J. Nagle . Phenomenological and Neural Network Modelling of Cephalosporin C. Production Bioprocess, A. J. G. Cruz, M. L. G. C. Araujo, R. C. Giordano, and C. O. Hokka. Biosorption of Nickel Using Filamentous Fungi, L. Mogollón, R. Rodriguez, W. Larrota, N. Ramirez, and R. Torres . Conversion of Food Industrial Wastes Into Bioplastics, P. H. Yu, H. Chua,* A. L. Huang, W. Lo, and G. Q. Chen. Improved Oxygen Delivery in a Continuous Roller Bottle Reactor, R. E. Berson, T. V. Mane, C. K. Svihla, and T. R. Hanley . Technical and Economic Evaluation of Different Reactors for Methanotrophic Cultures for Propylene Oxide Production,
B. K. Soni,* R. L. Kelley, and V. J. Srivastava. Recycling of Process Streams in Ethanol Production from Softwoods Based on Enzymatic Hydrolysis,K. Stenberg, C. Tengborg, M. Galbe, and G. Zacchi . Biological-Chemical Treatment of Soils Contaminated with Oil-Gas Exploration and Production Wastes, B. K. Soni,* J. R. Paterek, S. Pradhan, and V. J. Srivastava. Recovery and Refining of Au by Gold Cyanide Ion Biosorption Using Animal Fibrous Proteins, S. Ishikawa and K. Suyama* . Effect of Temperature and Pressure Growth and Methane Utilization by Several Methanotrophic Cultures, B. K. Soni,* J. Conrad, R. L. Kelley, and V. J. Srivastava. The Production of Hydrocarbons from Photoautotrophic Growth of Dunaliella salina 1650, D. H. Park,* H. W. Ryu, K. Y. Lee, C. H. Kang, T. H. Kim, and H. Y. Lee. Fouling and Protein Adsorption: Effect of Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment of Membrane Surfaces, J. Johansson, H. K. Yasuda, and R. K. Bajpai*. Biocatalytic Removal of Nickel and Vanadium from Petroporphyrins and Asphaltenes, L. Mogollón,* R. Rodriguez, W. Larrota, C. Ortiz, and R. Torres . b-Cyclodextrin Production by Simultaneous Fermentation and Cyclization, H. O. S. Lima, F. F. deMoraes, and G. M. Zanin*. Xylanase Recovery: Effect of Extraction Conditions on the Aqueous Two-Phase System Using Experimental Design, S. A. Costa, A. Pessoa Jr.* and I. C. Roberto . Extracelluar Proteolytic Processing of Aspergillus awamori GAI into GAII is Supported by Physico Chemical Evidence,
H. J. Nascimento, V. F. Soares, E. P. S. Bon,* and J. G. Silva, Jr. Xylanase Recovery by Ethanol and Na2SO4 Precipitation,
E. V. Cortez, A. Pessoa, Jr.,* and A. N. Assis . Production of Citronellyl Acetate in a Fed Batch System Using Immobilized Lipase,
H. F. de Castro,* D. A. S. Napoleão, and P. C. Oliveria . Production and Purification of Tartrate Dehydrogenase: Role of Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction, R. Harve and R. K. Bajpai* . Demonstration-Scale Evaluation of a Novel High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Process for Converting Organic Wastes to Fuel Gas and Compost, C. J. Rivard,* B. W. Duff, J. H. Dickow, C. C. Wiles, N. J. Nagle,
J. L. Gaddy, and E. C. Clausen . Expanded Bed Adsorption Utilizing Ion-Exchange Resin to Purify Extracellular b-Galactosidase,
J. A. M. Pereira, P. d. T. V. E. Rosa, G. M. Pastore, and C. C. Santana. Session 4: Industrial Need, Commercialization, and Process Economics. Introduction to Session 4, Patrick Foody and J. Russ Miller . Use of Net Present Value Analysis to Evaluate a Publicly Funded iomass-to-Ethanol Research, Development, and Demonstration Program and Valuate Expected Private Sector Participation, Norman D. Hinman* and Mark A. Yancey. Coordinating California's Efforts to Promote Waste to Alcohol Production, William J. Blackburn* and Jonathan M. Teague. Session 5: Specialty Chemicals with Emphasis on Environmentally Benign Products and Processes. Introduction to Session 5, Robert Dorsch and Nhuan Nghiem. Production of L-Malic Acid via Biocatalysis Employing Wild Type and Respiratory Deficient, X. Wang, C. S. Gong, and G. T. Tsao*. Fate of Branched-Chain Fatty Acids in Anaerobic Environment,H. Chua,* W. Lo and P. H. F. Yu.. Ethanol from Babassu Coconut Starch: Technical and Economical Aspects, E. A. B. Filho,* M. G. A. Baruque, D. M. G. Freire, and G. L. SantAnna Jr. Biotechnological Production of Acrylic Acid from Biomass, H. Danner,* M. Ümös, and M. Gartner and R. Braun. Bacillus stearothermophilus for the Thermophilic Production of L-Lactic Acid, H. Danner,* M. Neureiter, L. Madzingaidzo, M. Gartner, and R. Braun. In Situ Mutagenesis and Chemotactic Selection of Microorganisms in a Diffusion Gradient Chamber, M. R. Mikola, M. T. Widman, and R. M. Worden*. Bioconversion of Fumaric Acid to Succinic Acid by Recombinant E. coli, X.Wang, C.S. Gong, and G.T. Tsao. Simultaneous Enzymatic Synthesis of Gluconic Acid and Sorbitol - Continuous Process Development Using Glucose-Fructose Oxidoreductase from Zymomonas mobilis, M. Silva-Martinez, D. Haltrich, S. Novalic, K.D. Kulbe, and B. Nidetzky. Biotechnological Production of Xylitol from Agroindustrial Residues: Evaluation of Bioprocesses, D. C. G. A. Rodrigues, S. S. Silva, A. M. R. Prata, and M. d. G. A. Felipe. Accumulation of Biodegradable Copolyesters of 3-Hydroxy-butyrate and 3-Hydroxyvalerate in Alcaligenes eutrophus, H. Chua,* P. H. F. Yu, and W. Lo. Session 6: Biotechnology in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Introduction to Session 6, Jack Saddler and E. Chornet. . Efficient Production of Mannan-Degrading Enzymes by the Basidiomycete Sclerotium Rolfs II, Alois Sachslehner, Dietmar Haltrich, Georg Gubitz, Bernd Nidetzky, and Klaus Kulbe. Production and Characterization of Phanerochaete chrysosporium Lignin Peroxidases for Pulp Bleaching, M. E. A. de Carvalho, M.C. Monteiro, E. P. S. Bon, and G. L. Sant'Anna Jr. In Vitro Degradation of Insoluble Lignin in Aqueous Media by Lignin Peroxidase and Manganese Peroxidase, David N. Thompson,* Bonnie R. Hames, C. A. Reddy, and Hans E. Grethlein. Pulp Bleaching Using Laccase from Trametes Versicolor Under High Temperature and Alkaline Conditions, M. C. Monteiro and M. E. A. de Carvalho. Microbial Oxidation of Mixtures of Methylmercaptan and Hydrogen Sulfide,Anbu Subramaniyan, Ravindra Kolhatkar, and K. L. Sublette*.

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