Bipolar Disorder: Rebuilding Your Life

Bipolar Disorder: Rebuilding Your Life

by Rev. Dr. Stout


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Learn life-enhancing lessons from a fellow struggler who's "been there" and is helping hundreds to reclaim and redirect their lives. This is the true story of one man's battle to recover from depression, mania, the stigma of mental illness, and the trauma of childhood emotional and sexual abuse.

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ISBN-13: 9781879384446
Publisher: Cypress House
Publication date: 02/28/2004
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

Table of Contents

Author's NotesVII
Part 1Childhood: Ongoing Family Strife and Sexual Abuse1
1.Surviving in a Dysfunctional Family3
2.Coping with Sexual Abuse18
3.An Emotional Orphan on the Battlefield of Key Relationships27
4.The Beginnings of an Eating Disorder38
5.How a Dysfunctional Family Communicates40
6.Good and Bad Spiritual Influences43
7.Dire Predictions45
Part 2Finding Guidance in Education, Career and Marriage Decisions51
8.Bulimia Begins53
9.Guidance Issues62
10.A Spiritual Awakening67
Part 3Job Happiness, Stresses and Horrors81
11.Church Opportunities and Issues83
12.Alarming Problems Facing Today's Clergy and Their Families87
Part 4Depressions, Near-Suicides and Hospitalizations97
13.Events that Trigger a Life-threatening Depression99
14.Life in a Psychiatric Unit: Sometimes Awful, Sometimes Fun109
15.Serious Insurance Conflicts and a Near Disaster119
16.More Important Facts about Bipolar Disorder122
Part 5Treading Water to Survive129
17.Facing Losses131
18.Problems Adjusting to Work137
19.Finding Understanding Friends140
20.Stigma's Distressing Effects143
21.Family Struggles with Pain and Loss Due to Mental Illness145
22.More Stigma: Toxic Church Members and Clergy149
23.Recurring Depressions and the "Treatment-resistant" Patient155
24.Searching for the "Whys" of Mental Illness159
25.The Value of Humor165
26.Taking Responsibility for Recovering; The Role of Faith167
27.The Benefits of Professional Counseling170
28.The Rewards of Marriage Therapy176
29.Living Between the Worlds of Mania and Depression179
30.Self-Education: More Than Half the Battle183
31.Life-saving Discoveries about Medications and Recovery188
32.A Support Group Makes All the Difference200
33.The Potential Risks of Work: Hours, Pace and Deadlines201
34.The Forgiveness Process: Finding How to Let Go of Resentment203
35.Applying the Serenity Prayer and AA's Twelve Steps for Rejuvenating Relationships209
Part 6The Promise of Recovery: Moving onto the Offense211
36.Breaking Free from Needing the Approval of Others213
37."God Things" That Can Keep You Going215
Part 7Self-Care: Practical Strategies, Techniques and Tips for Rebuilding217
38.The Perils of Sleep Deprivation219
39.Reentering Spiritual Kindergarten to Find Help with Attitudes, Habits and Relationships227
40.The Risks of Good Stress, Bad Stress, and a Lack of Routine228
41.The Medical-Biological Model for Treating Mental Illness231
42.New Freedom, New Strength from Honest, Supportive Relationships236
43.A Basic Coping Strategy that Works239
44.Overcoming Resentment and Self-pity243
45.How a Crisis of Meaning Can Lead to a New Role in Life--Hope and Encouragement for the Mentally Ill and Their Loved Ones248
Appendix AStrategies, Techniques, Tips and Tools for Those Living with Bipolar Disorder and Depression263
Appendix BSimple Ways You Can Give Help and Hope to a Mentally Ill Person or His Family269
Appendix CPractical Things Your Faith Community Can Do to Help the Mentally Ill and Their Families272
Appendix DSupport, Information and Advocacy Organizations275
About the Author289
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