Birth and Height

Birth and Height

by Bolaji Olusola Timothy


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Why will Jephthah's company be the riffraff, vagabonds, vain and worthless men? In life, the thought of not measuring up to some standards and expectations set or defined by some people could encourage rebellious thoughts against the purpose of God for our lives. This make people develop worthless dreams and visions, accompany riffraff, vagabonds and adopt their ideas, courses and spend a lifetime engaging in this.
Jephthah, was born by a socially rejected woman, faced all kinds of discrimination, pushed out of his father's house without a share in the inheritance. Despite this, he still attained such a prestigious height and fulfilled the purpose of leading his country at such a crucial time. How did he get this status? He went through a mind renewing process, learned some skills, and gleaned some understanding about life. He properly managed available and scarce resources. He had devotion and dealings with God in the process of growing.
Your birth and present cannot describe your height. They do not have enough information to project into your height. The potential within you is elastic. Man can be stretched. Your stretched potentials will produce several abilities and each of which is capable of greatness on their own. Your height will be a product of God's plans and purpose. This will be aided by undefeated focus, earned knowledge and relationship.
Your height is attainable and nothing apart from your height can be satisfying to your creator. None of the circumstance surrounding your birth is competent to explain your height in life. Who your parents are, where they came from, their financial status, tribe or background will not decide your height.
God intentionally allowed your birth, you are not an accident. Many had similar situation surrounding their births as yours and walked their fulfilment. You are God's dream, loved by Him and the summary of God's plan about you is "excellently good". Irrespective of the impact, depth or gaps naturally or otherwise affecting your life, if you have accepted and started implementing the truth about your life and some revealed by this book, you can get there.
You are capable of reaching your height in your lifetime. God would not give you a purpose that is unachievable in a lifetime. No matter how short or long, you are capable of reaching your height in your lifetime.

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