Birth By Fire's Embrace

Birth By Fire's Embrace

by Ashleigh Galvin

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Shar ran. Just kept running, unaware of where her feet were taking her. She kept shaking her head, trying to erase what she’d heard. . . She just couldn’t believe it. Memories started to spin in her mind, memories of Greg swinging on her swing when she came home from school. Birthdays, Christmases, all lies. Every single day of her life was a lie. Deceit, every word he’d ever said. Tears blinded Shar as she ran deeper into the woods. She was numb to the pain of branches pulling her hair, raking across bare her skin. The pain from inside blocked everything out.

And things were about to get worse for Sharrlette.

At the beginning of the summer she was doing so well; done with school, a promising promotion in the works, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, and the chance of a lifetime at the Academy. Then he came and it was all ashes. He had cost her everything, the job, the boy, the acting school, and even her family. He had cost her the world.

What Shar didn’t know was that the stranger was actually there to protect her from another dark intruder in her world. Caught in a deadly game between two lethal adversaries, she comes to know that there are forces around her that she has only dreamt of. Forces that will bring her to the edge of death and back again, that will show her a new realm to fill the void left by the one she has lost.

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BN ID: 2940016498645
Publisher: Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC
Publication date: 05/14/2013
Series: The Amethyst Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Ashleigh Galvin was born in Toowoomba, Australia and grew up in Wyreema, located in Queensland, Australia. She wrote her first novel in primary school and hasn't stopped since. She enjoyed reading Fantasy series as a young girl, which fuelled her to start writing as a hobby.

Many people ask Ashleigh where she gets her ideas from and her answer is simple: daydreaming. She likes to call them epic daydreams because some can last for a week or longer. Interestingly enough, she gets most of her story ideas this way. Now she has combined her great imagination and her love of fantasy to create exciting and fresh novels featuring strong characters and lots of action to keep even the most imaginative mind fully enticed.

Ashleigh lives in Brisbane, Australia with her fiancé, Michael.

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Birth By Fire's Embrace 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An exciting book, with excellent believable characters and a driving plot that keeps making you hungry for the next page.  Brilliant finale which opens the way for more books, which I can't wait for!
The_Hambledown_Dreamer More than 1 year ago
The further away modern, popular literature moves from the Twilight series, it seems that the better and more original those literary offerings become. I've made no secret of the fact that I have struggled with the fantasy genre in the past, simply because there has been so much of it and not all of it has been very good. Where the genre does work, however, is in those stories where the author has clearly stepped out of the genre's comfort zone by offering an original element that immediately piques curiosity and promises an tantalizing alternate take.  And Birth By Fire's Embrace is no exception, proving that there is life in the fantasy genre yet. Ashleigh Galvin brings to the table a dense and nuanced world which she juxtaposes skilfully with a modern real world setting. This kind of world creation, to me, is an appealing and important aspect of this kind of writing. It takes a kind of artistic flair to pull it off well. Galvin's balancing act between the real and the other worldly are visually accessible and they keep you invested in the environments and situations.  Galvin's characters, lead by the fully realized heroine in Sharrlette rise from the page vividly and with an attention to their individual details that make them convincing. I especially found Sharrlette's arc engrossing. She represents the "every person" really well, allowing us as the reader to access the story through her eyes in such a way that we feel her reactions to what is taking place. Again, because Sharrlette is grounded in our own real world to begin with, this device makes for a much more compelling story. As a work whose design is to set up a trilogy, this first entry succeeds really well in introducing us to the universe Galvin has created and she has achieved the two important functions such a entry has to satisfy. It offers a contained story that sits on it's own while offering enough tangible threads that will entice the reader to invest in further instalments the eventual series. Ashleigh Galvin has written an exciting tale that refreshes the genre and offers an accessible journey with classic elements worthy of exploration and contemplation.
ksprings More than 1 year ago
Synopsis: Sharrlette Moore is a nineteen-year-old girl living just outside an Australian forest with her father, Greg. Her mother died when she was young. She likes fantasy novels and is preparing for a life of acting. She works in the city, has friends, and a boyfriend. Her whole life is upended when her father’s friend, Billeaphrim, Billea for short, comes to stay with them. Billea is nothing short of rude. As time goes on, Shar begins to suspect there is more going on than Billea and her father are letting on. When the truth arrives, it hits hard and fast, shattering her illusions. Exposing Shar to Billea’s mortal enemy, the battle takes from her the man she always called father. Billea and her parents came from another dimension where magic is far stronger that it is on Earth. Billea is looking for a powerful source of magic that can turn the tide of war on his world. He never expected to find it in Sharrlette. Sharrlette is forced to rely on her untrained powers and a man she doesn’t quite trust to keep her alive until she and Billea can return to his realm. Review: Some formulas never get stale. There is always something compelling about coming of age stories. Ashleigh Galvin kept this formula fresh. Sharrlette is a starry eyed young girl who is planning out her life. In a flash, the appearance of her father’s old friend begins as a mere disruption. Then she learns that she was adopted, turning her world upside down. In this adversity, her life takes a drastic turn that will test her to her very limits. Ashleigh Galvin has written a compelling story of magic and courage. It’s easy to care about the characters, and the action is easy to visualize. I’m looking forward to seeing how The Amethyst Series develops.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
  Birth by Fire’s Embrace   I could not put this book down! End all be all Ms. Galvin’s writing will keep you interested even  if the story was lacking but fear not, there is nothing in this book that will let you down! Expect to be absorbed in this beautifully crafted world from cover to cover.   Starting out as a nineteen year old girl our main character, Sharrlette, only stays her age for a short time. Already so adult from the tragedies in her young life, our Sharrlette discovers her budding powers as new people with similar strengths start to show up in her life. Soon she is turned upside down when her world becomes far bigger than she ever thought.    There are great laughs and moments in this book, the drama is fitting while not laced with baited breath nonsense. Instead Ms. Galvin fills that empty space with story and plot. This book actually has a point, premise, and beautifully crafted follow-through.    This series is for all ages, all walks of life, and especially for anyone who wants to go on a grand adventure with a strong lead character that can hold her own in a growing world of people who are stronger than they look.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've finished this book recently and it was a good read. It's really exciting and it has lots of action. It's nog a very long book, so it's easy to read it in between other books and/or series. I'm not a big fan of fantasy books that are set in modern times, so the beginning felt a bit strange to me. It's starts as a teenage/high-school book and you know there has to be a change somewhere. I think this was worked into the story quit good. The transition felt smooth and not forced. However I do feel some parts of the stories could have been a bit more worked out. For example the part when Sharr finds oknoekieut the big secret of Greg (don't want to spoil anything). At first she's devestated, but she accepts it rather soon. I think this could have been worked out a bit deeper. Right now the story has 2 or 3 main characters and the other just don't interest me that much. I do look forward to the next book and I hope it will bring some more interesting characters to the story. Also, I'd like to find out more about the magic system, it's still a bit vague. So concluded, good book and I'm interested to see where it goes :)
thefairybookmother More than 1 year ago
I loved Ashleigh Galvin’s Birth by Fire’s Embrace. It takes readers along on Sharrlette Moore’s journey from our normal everyday existence to a realm that we can only imagine exists as she begins her life with a magic powerful enough to have good and evil at each other’s throats. Sharrlette is no ordinary girl the human race has produced but comes from a realm of magic only made possible in dreams or imagination. Written at times in a very tongue in cheek style with a few quite humorously added one liners, the narrative in this book had me laughing out loud in spots, relating very easily to situations with which the author has placed the main characters. Brought up in a supposedly ‘normal’ environment, and having the same dreams and aspirations as most ‘normal’ teenage girls, it then comes as a huge shock to find out that she is not of this realm and is different to her friends. Not only does she have abilities that she was unaware of but learning to control these abilities takes a huge toll on her belief system and everything around her she thought she knew. Then to discover that the ‘good’ magic and the ‘bad’ magic are fighting to the death over who controls ‘her’ magic is mind boggling. This then starts the internal struggle between am I good or am I bad scenario . . . ending in I don’t want to be bad but maybe I don’t have a choice because this magic is never good which then bring a sense of self doubt into the picture. The emotion’s and actions the author has used to describe these scenario’s captivates the reader – pulling them through the book’s pages trying to keep up with the fast paced action of the adventure panning out before Sharlette, even before she has time to get used to the idea of what’s happening. The author constructs a very real sense of mood and place using her words, and all the characters have authentic personalities and motivations. Certain emotional and haunting scenes stay with you long after you finish the book and you will find your mind bouncing back to them days after you have finished reading the book, remember and reliving the narrative and making you wonder what the follow up books in the Amethyst series are going to evolve into. The story was satisfying and complete in itself and you can’t help but become involved with the characters as the story progresses. I enjoyed Ashleigh Galvin’s “Birth by Fire’s Embrace” enormously, because of its gorgeous writing, tangible sense of place and the strong and resilient characters used. After reading this, I can’t wait to see what the author produces in book 2 of the Amethyst Series because I think that this author and series will only continue to get better and better. . .