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Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade

Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade


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Filled to the brim with step-by-step instructions for making original gifts, favors, cakes, wrapping, decorations and games, BIRTHDAYS: HANDMADE, HOMEMADE is interwoven with stories, photographs, illustrations and anecdotes. We invite readers to pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and

spend the afternoon making and creating. Our goal is to offer inspiration on how to make

a birthday handmade, homemade and your very own.

Readers will love the creative ideas that make this book so personal and tangible. Projects

range from fast and easy . . . Dinosaurs in real eggshells, to more timely and in depth . . .

Dining table forts. Young parents and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find endless help on

how to prepare and execute a homemade birthday party.

At a time when it seems like families are trying to take back just a bit of their own

and blogs hum with self-reliant know-how, this book is a great jumping-off point

for those aiming to leave commercialism behind and bring it all back to the ones they love.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943091324
Publisher: Tompopo Press
Publication date: 12/31/2016
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

MARICA NATALI THOMPSON is a make-it-yourself enthusiast. She has spent years refining the art of "do it your own way." From painting to sewing, cooking to woodworking, learning from doing has always been a staple in her diet.

Starting a family young, and constantly keeping up with the needs of three growing kids, has only made her more inspired to squeeze all the juice she can out of every last odd, end and free moment she can conjure.

Marica Natali Thompson is also the author of several children's books, OH MY SWEET BABY, ONE TREAT AFTER ANOTHER and MARIBELLE AND THE SUMMER OF AUNT IDAHO, Escargot Books and Music, as well as the illustrator of SUMMER, Escargot Books and Music, and THE BLUE HERON RANCH COOKBOOK, North Atlantic Books. She grew up in the mountains outside of Ojai, California, and now resides in Portland, Oregon. She currently is running a pie truck with her husband where she spends oh so many hours rolling out dough for both sweet and savory treats. Marica blogs at:

ROBIN ANNE SCHWARTZBURD has been heard to say, "If I don't make something soon, I think my head is going to explode!" Robin needs food, water, and a creative outlet to sustain her body and soul. While homeschooling her two children, she found she had a knack for coming up with unique projects. This soon led to teaching art at a local charter elementary. That you don't need much to make a piece of art has been her driving force since she was a small child. The majority of the projects she brings to her students are scrap-based. She believes all you have to do is find your creative juice, and then it will start pumping. That's what made collaborating on Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade so exciting; it was a chance to encourage everyone to find their creative side.

Robin Anne Schwartzburd is a three-dimensional artist of many mediums. She currently lives in Ojai, California.

Table of Contents


Introduction 17
Starting a Tradition 20
Planning a Party 22

Specialty Birthday Parties

A Russian Tea Party 24

Dragons, Wizards and Fairies 40

Bug Party 54
Dinosaur Party 68

Mexican Fiesta 82

Party in My Garden 96

Party at Sea 110

Space Extravaganza 124

A Walk in the Woods Picnic 138

Harvest Potluck 154

Book Party 168

Royal Costume Ball 184


Apple Spice Bundt Cake 34
Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake 50
Coconut Bundt Cake 78
Strawberry Shortcake 92
Petit Fours 106
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake 120
Mini Lemon Cheesecake 134
Black Bottom Cake 164

More Cakes

White Cake 202
Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Icing 204
Siobhan's Carrot Cake 206
Ice Cream Cake 208
Summer Birthday Upside-Down Cake 210
Cardamom Cake 212

Flourless Chocolate Cake 180
Sweet Potato Cake 196

Gluten- and Dairy-Free

Chocolate Cupcakes 214
Peach or Apricot Upside-Down Cake 216
Citrus Coconut Cake 218
Coconut Cake 220

Gluten-Free and Vegan

Puffed Rice Treat Cake 150
Carrot Cake 222


Chocolate Love 224
Lemon Cardamom Cupcakes 226
Plum Shortcake 228
Raw Chocolate Chip Cupcakes 230


Felt Snowflakes 30
Wax Batik Tea Flags 46
Fuzzy Bugs 60
Dinosaur Chains 74
Crepe Paper Flowers 88
Flower Place Mats 102
Pirate Maps 116
Wax Window Stars 130
Hanging Leaf Rubbings 146
Hanging Hearts 176
Shield and Chains 190


Felt Birthday Crowns 234
Flower Crowns 236
Paper Crowns 238


Teacup Fairy 28
Cloak 44
Critter Habitat 58
Dino Claws 72
Finger Puppets 86
Felt Flower Garden 100
Pirate Hat 114
Spaceship Control Panel 128
Backpack 142
Long Hat 158
Winter Warmer 172
Table Fort 188
Top-to-Bottom Pockets 266
iPod Case 268
Zipper Bag 270
Bound Notebooks 272
Custom Bag of Cookies 274
Gift Kits 276

More Gifts

Felt Mermaids 242
Mushroom House 244
Sweet Pea Babies 246
Sweater Doll 248
Stuffed Rabbit 252
Doll Bassinet 256
Wooden Block Houses 258
Tutu 260
Knit Ribbon Headband 262
Bandana Pillow 264

Party Favors

Lip Balm 32
Dragon Tear Necklaces 48
Felt-Covered Cans 62
Dinosaurs in Eggs 76
Hobbyhorse Pencils 90
Flower Pens 104
Bandanas 119
Sammy Dolls 132
Medicine Pouches 148
Cornucopias 162
Bookmarks 178
Chocolate Spoons 194

More Favors

Matchbox Favors 280
Walnut Shell Critters 281
Dance Scarves 282
Wind Wands 283
Play Dough 284
Lentil-Sprouting Jar 285
Bug-Catching Jar 286
Seed Jars 287
Woods Creatures 288
Bug Magnets 289
Clothespins 290
Hair Clips 290
Hair Ties 291
Chicks in Eggs 292
Memory Cards 294
Activities and Games

Cork Dolls 31
Rainbow Hopping 46
Pin the Hat On the Gnome 47
Play Dough Bugs 61
Making Fossils 75
Volcanic Fun 75
Red Robin 89
Flower Arrangements 103
Ocean Globes 117
Treasure Hunt 118
Bubbles 131
Disappearing Trinkets 146
Sleeping Bear 147
Forest Hunt 147
Lantern Procession 160
Corn-Husk Puppets 161
Book Exchange 176
Treasure Chests 177
Masquerade Masks 192


Matryoshka Doll 36
Mushroom 52
Dragonfly 66
Dinosaur Egg 80
Traditional 94
Cake 108
Dolphin 122
Rocket Ship 136
Sunflower 152
Pumpkin 166
Moon 182
Castle 198
Present 310


Wrapping Ideas 298
Basics of Piñata Making 300
Party for the Busy Family 304
Last-Minute Party Food 306
Present Piñata 310
Cut-These-Out Invitations 312
Behind This Book 316

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