by p.d.r. lindsay


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Bryce Ackerman returns home from a business trip to Vienna expecting to marry his beloved Aimée. But she is pregnant. This is 1872 and Bryce is a Victorian gentleman who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Aimée is distraught. So-called officers and gentlemen, on leave, visitors to her home, have been making a game of rape. They have been running a competition to see which regiment’s junior officers could score the most sexual conquests, that is rape the most young women, in their own homes.

Aimée, Bryce and their families carefully seek out the violated girls and women, offering aid and support, but it is a heart breaking task for the victims are socially disgraced and often ‘put away’ by their own families. Bryce, for personal reasons as well as an outraged sense of the injustice, attempts to chase down the officers. They have returned to their regiments in India.

Bryce follows them intent on revenge for Aimée, and justice for all the victims, but it is no easy commission. The officers will do anything to escape retribution and Bryce has to survive in the exotic and erotic atmosphere of India. It is an assignment which tests his own sexuality and his ability to put personal vengeance on one side and secure justice for all.

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ISBN-13: 9780994119490
Publisher: Writer's Choice
Publication date: 03/22/2017
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

p.d.r. lindsay (no capitals please in tribute to a favourite poet, e. e. cummings) makes New Zealand home. Born in Ireland, brought up in Yorkshire, educated in England, Canada and New Zealand, writer p.d.r. lindsay is also Mrs Salmon, Ms Lindsay-Salmon and even for eight years of her ten years in Japan, Professor Lindsay-Salmon. This wide experience of different cultures colours her writing and keeps her travelling.

p.d.r lindsay feels lost among the modern tech style of writing. She's passionate about words, feels the loss of people like Shakespeare, those who wrote the King James Bible, poets who made words dance, like Gerard Manley Hopkins. Where are they? p.d.r. has been trying to trim her style to modern tastes and fails BUT she has published over 100 short stories, 2 anthologies and three novels and is struggling to shape a fourth novel which will satisfy herself and the modern reader. She's thinks longingly of the days when she could write a poem or story or two in a lunch break. These days the muse takes longer. Something to do with age and cynicism?

Table of Contents


Ch 1 A beginning and an end.

Ch 2 Where are the villains?

Ch 3 Sylvia’s story: don’t make me a victim.

Ch 4 How dare they?

Ch 5 Meet the Magistrate.

Ch 6 Beatrice’s escape.

Ch 7 Sailing on the Ganges.

Ch 8 Alice’s Fate.

Ch 9 A retreat in the hills.

Ch 10 Aimée fights back.

Ch 11 Closing in.

Ch12 Trouble at the military headquarters.

Ch 13 The captain discovers the truth.

Ch 14 Meeting the Northrops.

Ch 15 Bryce finds the major.

Ch 16 Kidnapped?

Ch 17 The hunt is up.

Ch 18 Search parties.

Ch 19 In the brothel.

Ch 20 Now it’s murder.

Ch 21 The magistrate in the brothel.

Ch 22 The message arrives, further villainy’s afoot.

Ch 23 A plan of attack.

Ch 24 Visiting the Maharajah

Ch 25 Murder most vile.

Ch 26 An unexpected friendship.

Ch 27 Final pursuit.

Ch 28 Face to face at last.

Ch 29 Finding the lost.

Ch 30 Rediscovering hope.

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