Bittersweet Time Shares: A Life in Poetry

Bittersweet Time Shares: A Life in Poetry

by Nancy Imelda Schafer


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595186129
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/29/2001
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

Morning Glories1
"The Lighthouse"4
"Beautiful Boy"6
"Quiet Pond"7
"Crystal Prisms"8
"Food Shopping and You"9
"The View"10
"Why Do I Love Him?"12
"I'm All or Nothing"13
"Best Seat in the House"15
"Foot Soldier"18
"Listen to Me World"18
"Just for Today"19
"Monuments in Time"21
"My Lover's Voice"23
"Blinded by the Sun"25
"John Lennon"29
"Eleanor Rigby"30
"Have You Ever Wondered?"31
"Bite Me, Kiss Me"32
"Paper Airplane"33
"My Reflection"35
"The Prisoner"37
"Strange Happenings"38
"Terror in Pitch"38
"Summer Place"42
"Looking for the Rock"43
"Hard, it's Very Hard"44
"Awww Mom"46
"Eight Years Ago Today"47
Bird of Paradise49
"The Crypt"52
"Force and Impact"52
"Shades of White"53
"Boy and Girl"55
"Mid-life Moon"58
"The Woods"59
"Living Proof"59
"I See My Shadow!"60
"Tell Me Something"61
"Scattered Thoughts"62
"If You Really"63
Unmistakable Pain65
"March 16, 1991 - 3:01 AM"66
"The First Hours in Hell"68
"Please Explain it to Me"72
"Living in Black Hell"73
"Life Sentence"76
"My Best Friend"76
"Round One"78
"The Composition"79
"My Name is Spyder"83
"Infinitely Numb"84
"Wounds, Scabs and Scars"85
"I Wonder"86
"The Call of Lovers"89
"Love and Hate"89
"Make Love to Me"90
"The Lantern"91
"Can I Hold Your Hand?"92
"To Love You"92
"After a Kiss"93
"Stronger is the Man"94
Time Shares95
"The Notebook Left Behind"96
"5:30 in the Morning"99
"Keys and Silhouettes"99
"Sharin' the Night Together"102
"Brave Souls"103
"Big Swing, No Contact"105
"Past Lover's Shadow"106
"Without Merit"107
"They are Coming, Let them In"108
"The Mistress Bittersweet"111
"Wake Up Philadelphia"124
"Toronto Pondfrog"128
"The Locked Door Opens"131
"The Smell of Coffee"131
"The Gift"133
"My Man"134
"Small Prices"135
Phenomenal Women & Men137
" Poem"138
" Creed"138
" Creed"140
About the Author141

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