Bizarre but True Tales of the Twenty-Third Dimension

Bizarre but True Tales of the Twenty-Third Dimension


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This is a true story. One hundred percent of what you are about to read is documented and certified to be completely true. However, the events you're going to read about didn't take place in the dimension where you are, but instead they take place in the Twenty-third Dimension (which, by coincidence, is a universe parallel to our own). If you were to make the effort to visit the Twenty-third Dimension you would see another world where people live and die, love and hate, as well as dance at other people's weddings-as if theirs was the only dimension that existed. But since we know that we exist, we know that they are not the only dimension, but just one out of a very, very, very many. This story is theirs and ours. It has you and me in it. While it's true that, as it is a parallel universe to our own, we are there, but we are not the same people there as we are here. We would be if we were to make the same choices and the people around us made the same choices as we and they do here. (Unfortunately there is talk of reducing this twelve-trillion-page manuscript to a more portable size. That chore will be left in the hands of the editors.)

In the Twenty-third Dimension, people are different. For instance, Genghis Khan successfully ran a preschool. Adolf Hitler, a man who made a nuisance of himself in the Two-hundred and Seventeenth Dimension (your own) was a sign painter (as in billboards) in the Twenty-third Dimension, and a very good one at that. I won't tell you any more, only that he was up for an award. As for Genghis Khan: with him in charge, the preschoolers quickly learned that nap time means nap time.

Read on and enjoy.

Yours truly,
Mark Whipple
Inter-dimensional historian, fact-finder, and film-maker.

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ISBN-13: 9781508583219
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Pages: 172
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About the Author

Mark Whipple is a film director, screenwriter, novelist, philanthropist (gave his favorite bowling ball to charity), songwriter, stage writer, an all-around nice guy who loves the short story, (reading or writing) and an inter-galactic - inter-dimensional space historian.
His loves include his lovely wife Joni of 24-plus years, his wonderful, brilliant and beautiful children and a pick-up basketball game. Although he fears heights, Mark likes spending his spare time on roofs-he finds the air and the view fresher there.
In 1984, Mark had finished his fourth screenplay, SPIKE, IKE AND FIFTYTOES, it is a story of a bunch of ghosts who are tired of being dead, so they decide to get their old band back together. The screenplay landed him his first Hollywood agent. The agent told Mark that this screenplay was an "Overnight seller." Upon clarification of the term "Overnight", the agent promised to have it sold in three months. So while Mark waited for the overnight sale to happen, he continued to write and write-throw boomerangs, and write. He has written three novels, two collection of short stories, one and a half stage plays, twenty-nine feature length screenplays, (one of which, Kosmic Karl, he filmed) and a few songs-some of the songs are featured in Kosmic Karl (available on He has also thrown countless boomerangs 173,562 times.

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