Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space

Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space


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"We are diverse. In no way could anyone simply summarize our beginnings. The historical, socio-political contexts from which countries we come from are culturally varied. Our identities are connected to Haiti, Germany, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Korea, Sweden, Canada, the USA and many other places not mentioned within this publication.

People who identify as Black adoptees are vaguely known within both adoption circles as well as universal discussions. We are just beginning to be introduced to one another. This anthology allows for the opportunity to see the rich diversity of a people; the uniqueness within the individual stories. Inside this book, you will read the depth of struggle, and the pure grace, dignity and accomplishments achieved, sometimes connected to the privileges afforded us while in the midst of insurmountable odds."

Susan Harris O'Connor, MSW

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ISBN-13: 9781539395188
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/28/2016
Pages: 104
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