Black Forest Rain

Black Forest Rain

by Elkay


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"Black Forest Rain" takes you from the earth into another dimension. This occurrence takes place when our main character, Victor, falls into the dimension. This thrilling book ride starts with the early life of Victor on a private island estate. The story takes him to adulthood and into his field of exploration. His life on earth is short-lived. Black forest rain is a deadly acid rain that wreaks havoc on anything it touches. Our main character is changed forever from circumstances that take place during his stay in the dimension. Yes, he does finally find his way back to earth. His return is as two persons: Victor and Rainbow. You will learn how rainbow came into play and who he is. Also, you will read about many other creatures, such as Blender, the leader of the land creatures. I hope you enjoy this new book arrival.

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ISBN-13: 9781504965712
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/04/2015
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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Black Forest Rain

By Elkay


Copyright © 2015 Elkay
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6571-2


A Hidden Dimension Is Found

A fire breaks out in one of the deepest parts of the "grand canyon". The only way to get to it is by dropping fire fighters by helicopter. Three fire fighters with full gear and fire fighting equipment are a full load for the helicopter. The pilot charts a course and finds that the area in flames is remote and uncharted; however, the strong winds can only fuel the fire below and make for an even worse situation. The only thing reported thus far to the fire station was the huge amount of black smoke pushing upward toward the suspecting tourists. This makes the situation extremely urgent and highly serious so the fire fighters decide to move out with haste even though no one had yet reported seeing flames.

Approaching the fire point, each fire fighter secures their portion of the fire equipment and jumps out each in turn. The fire fighters maneuver themselves directly over and center of the black smoke as they plummet downward. Down and down they go. They start to realize that the fire is contained within the walls of a huge hole. They continue down until they finally get to the bottom. So deep is their descent that the oxygen is scarce and causing few flames but much smoke. The fire fighters put on their oxygen masks and quickly start to battle the flames. Two of the three fire fighters are lost to the flames. The third and youngest firefighter continues to fight but soon realizes the flames are out of control. The firefighter grabs as much gear as he can carry and backs up against the rocks. The firefighter can barely tolerate the intense heat from the growing flames. He tugs on the lifeline from the helicopter hovering far above.

The helicopter pilot responds quickly. He engages the life line hoist and starts pulling the fire fighter out of harms way.

As the firefighter rises towards the helicopter, he looks down and believes for a second that he notices a lone figure which immediately disappears in the black smoke. The firefighter keeps looking but never sees the figure again. He knows his eyes had to be playing tricks as no one could survive this fire from hell. The firefighter is safely recovered but deeply saddened by the lost of his fellow firefighters. The creed of firemen and firewomen is never to abandon your comrades; as such, the helicopter continues to be endangered until both demised firefighters are recovered. The jaw device was attached to the end of the hoist and released to the ground. The jaw settled onto the firefighter, closed, and then retrieved. The same was quickly done for the other demised firefighter.

The helicopter is badly singed but pulls off and out of the smothering fire. The pilot noticed the first saved firefighter never took his eyes off the fire site and was still looking back. He asked why he was so transfixed on the fire location. The other firefighter says he thought he saw a moving figure when he was being saved but a second look showed nothing. His eyes must have been playing tricks on him. If anything was still alive down there it had to be animal because a human could not have survived. Even though he had convinced himself as such, he still focused during the time they recovered the lost two firefighters. He was not satisfied that there was no one else left below.

He nor anyone else will ever know that the imagined lone figure below was real.

The lone figure was not one of the tourist but our young bachelor (victor) on exploration from his remote island and now in a Grand Canyon fire.

Unfortunately, one of the tourists above his level dropped a finished lit cigarette. It quickly ignited the dry brush below and soon reached the damp wood and other brush causing fire and black smoke in victor's area. He was able to reach the canyon wall before the smoke strangled him into unconsciousness. He quickly put on his trench coat as a cover against the choking smoke and heat from the burning fire. He buried his head inside the trench coat but it still didn't stop his passing out. Lying still and flat against the canyon wall concealed him from sight when the firefighters arrived on the scene. Luckily, victor woke in time to escape the deadly smoke and fire. The trench coat had absorbed enough air to revive victor for only a few moments. He saw a crevice behind burned out foliage in the wall only a few feet away. Crawling over and up he squeezed into the small opening.

The opening was very dark at the back making it appear to be only a few feet deep. As victor grabs hold of his backpack and squeezes to the back of the entrance he suddenly starts to fall downward. He hits his head upon falling into the dark unknown. The hit was mild enough that it makes him dizzy and disoriented. He is still conscious enough to realize he is falling like a feather. The air is very thick and makes it difficult to breathe. He continues to fall and his trench coat fills with the air and acts as a parachute. As he descends the fall becomes faster and finally makes victor pass out. Victor finally hits the bottom. His unconsciousness and the make do parachute from the trench coat prevents victor from incurring any serious injury. Being unconscious made his body totally relaxed; as such, the impact was absorbed without any serious injuries. His relaxed state made his body flexible enough to protect bone breakage.

Hours come and go until victor finally awakes to find himself removed from the "grand canyon" deep fire pit. He was now somewhere else. He could see light way up above in the crevice but not for long.

As he looked, he watched the crevice slowly close and the outside light fade away. He was now locked in to who knows where. He was disturbed, confused, and lost. Lost to what? His recollection of the outside world had been taken from him. He was conscious of the "Grand Canyon" ordeal that placed him in his present location; otherwise, he was the victim of selective amnesia. He would find out that he retained memories that would be needed for survival in his present state but no memories of his past that gave him any desire to escape. The life that had made him an extraordinary man of health, strength, education, exploration, and search for knowledge had been lost. "Victor" was still fully functional without knowing how.

For whatever reason, the atmosphere provided the right makeup to allow easy breathing and movement. How was this possible? Staying where he was would not give him any answers. he would have to explore his surroundings. he first made a permanent marker where he was at. This would show him where to return if he had to and also keep him from traveling in circles. Victor would soon find out that he had accidentally found the hidden entrance to a dimension strapped to the earth. The crevice was prided open by the shift in the land plate that centers on the earth and dimension. During his capture in this hidden dimension, victor would find that this occurrence happens once a year.

The constant banging of the earth ocean waters loosens the land plate and shifts it on its pedestal. It takes one year for the hammering ocean water to fully move the land plate to its other side.

The dimension was its own hidden territorial space with an unusual composition. the dimensional space was transparent and not visible as other outer space was. This dimension was space within space. The dimension composition properties makes the inner dimensional space dark black. The dimension also emits invisible floating dust. There is only one world within the dimension. It became the dimensions only world because its compositional make-up matches the composition of the dimensions invisible dust in a negative manner. The dust has a positive composition make-up and the floating dead world has a negative compositional make-up. The occurrence of pulling the floating dead world into the hidden dimension happened because of the magnetic pull between the two. The invisible floating dust stuck on the passing dead world as it passed by and locked it in the dimension. The dead world was now a permanent and invisible part of the dimension. The absorbed dead world took up the majority of the dimensions space. Anything else with the same composition make-up as the dead world and invisible dust had would have to be very small to pass inside the dimension and be locked onto. There was no room for anything big to ever enter. Also, most of the invisible floating dust was now stuck on the dead world. The remaining dust could only stick onto something very small passing the dimension. The dead world was now in a locked position to allow it to come to life. It would later become alive.

The earth ocean waters would flow into the strapped dead world. The constant years of shift and rubbing of the earth ground plates under the earth oceans had made a tear opening. The opening started allowing earth ocean waters and occupants into the dead world. Many of the incoming occupants were living organisms. These living organisms thrived in their new home and became the animal, mineral, and vegetables. The dead world was now a live world.

There was limited light created by an absorbed sponge like moon and the reflections bouncing off the ceiling ice prisms.

The moon had similar properties as the inner world did. As the moon passed into the world it was immediately trapped in place. The moon make-up acted like a negative pull to the positive similar make-up of the inner world. The inner world's magnetic pull drew the passing object into it. The object was locked to the inner world ceiling and never to leave. it was the first permanent fixture in the inner world. The light closest to the ceiling produced beautiful multi-colored light. The ice prisms are in many colors created from the water entry from earth and traveling down different core veins to the inner world ceiling. Each vein had a mysterious mineral make-up that changed the water to a color that had its own power application. These power colors come from the mixing of the invisible dust in the earth waters. Both stir together as they pass through many veins leading to the inner world ceiling.

Another object that passed into the invisible dimension space was a huge rubberized spinning blanket. It also possessed the unusual make-up of the inner world and invisible dust. The spinning rubberized blanket was caught by the inner world.

The spinning motion stretched the rubberized blanket as it spun around the inner world. It finally encased the entire inner world. The material properties of the rubberized blanket made it impervious to penetration. Any passing objects that would otherwise be dangerous, destructive, or worse would simply be repelled on contact. The magnetic element in the rubberized blanket, which had been cloaked over the inner world, had the opposite affect on everything else. All matter that neared the cloak would be dispelled before contact. The single inner world was well protected.


Black Forest Rain

How ironic that a dimension should coexist with our earth. There is one region within the dimension called "the black forest". The region is scarred from bad black rain but also flourishes from good pure rain".

The rain comes from two sources. The first comes from the earth ocean waters that cross over the dimension tear and flow down the inner world veins until the water (containing small dirt and sand particles) reaches the ceiling. The particles of sand and dirt fall to the floor before the incoming waters freeze on the ceiling. This has made a fertile ground floor over the centuries. Other occupants within the incoming waters fall to the ground also. Most are living organisms that become the inner worlds animal, mineral, and vegetable. the water stops and freezes on the dimensions inner world ceiling. The freeze is caused by the cold incoming water getting colder and colder as it passes down the dark cold dimension inner world core veins. Each vein has a different mysterious core ingredient. The captured ocean water mixes with the core ingredient and becomes a powerful frozen tonic. Each tonic property has its own magical power and color. All the core veins pass through the same canal and then separate into their own as they finally settle on the ceiling. The colors mix as they spread out on the ceiling creating multiple colors of ceiling prisms and crystals. a very unusual occurrence has taken place since the beginning of the earth waters entering the dimension.

There are a couple of pebbles lying at the end of the canal where the core colors emerge from.

The core colors sometimes loose a speck of their core color as they travel. These specks are absorbed individually into two pebbles at the end of the canal; as such, nature comes in and creates a pebble with all the colors imbedded individually. This one pebble contains all the powers. The other pebble has many but not all of the color specks. The pebbles shook off during a one time earth quake that breached the dimension for a couple of seconds and caused the incident. The earth quake took place in the Grand Canyon area where the crevice appears once a year. The earthquake is so intense that the vibrations reverberate through the closed crevice crack.

The contained power in each color is noted below.

Light red is power to burn anything
Light yellow is strength
Light blue is power to control water
Light brown is power to implode things
Light orange is power to levitate things
Light green is power to move ground
Light white is power of magic
Light bronze is power to give flight
Purple is power of invincibility
Crystal clear is power of invisibility
Dark blue is power to change shape
Dark green is power to transport oneself
Pink is poison power and kills instantly.

Pale orange hides the color being used and keeps the skin color its normal appearance.

The "black forest" exists because the floor of this dimension region allows growth and life. The dimension has a region at one end of the black forest that is different in makeup.

This region appears lifeless and made of caves with bald and desolate floors. This region was created from falling meteors and such before the inner world was captured by the hidden dimension.

This is the only known region that is non-magnetic; as such, passing objects were able to drop and settle in this area of the dead world. Unlike earth, the dimension doesn't turn or have any movement in the space it occupies.

The area where the "black forest" is located has a fixed sponge like globe. It is locked below the dimension ceiling. The drifting sponge like object was also absorbed in the falling dimension from passing space. It is big enough to provide a cover of sufficient heat and light to the "Black Forest" region. The heat is generated from the chemical makeup in the bottom of the sponge. The chemicals also glow and help produce a small amount of constant light for the "Black Forest". The top side of the rectangular sponge has no chemical makeup and stays dark and cold. The floor of the "black forest" emits an invisible vapor that rises to the sponge like globe and changes to water. The vapor comes from the indigenous burnt vegetation caused by the black acid rain.

The water provides constant nourishment to the globe who in turn releases the excess back to the "Black Forest". A lot of the water picks up an acid makeup from the globe chemicals and charred vegetation. The excess water falls down as black acid rain.

The entire dimension is encased with a blanket of black coated substance to shield it from the outside. The dimension was lifeless space and unprotected until the black rubberized blanket approached and cloaked the inner world. The dimension has survived time where others have perished because the rubberized substance repels anything that comes in contact with it. This protects the inner core of the dimension from all danger and harm. The black blanket is a substance that creates thick vapors from the inner world outer core. The vapors originate from the area between the blanket cloak and the inner world outer core. The vapors permeate into the inner world. They can't pass through the blanket cloak because of its in-penetrating capabilities. The incoming vapors are absorbed in the "Black Forest" sponge like globe. The vapors are nourishment to the sponge and become water. Some of the vapors escape the sponge like globe and rise back to the rubberized blanket. The thick vapors absorb floating particles as it rises and hardens at the top of the inner world. Layers of hardened core and mineral deposits are continuously formed.

Salt water is the magic ingredient that mixes with mineral deposits and produces specific power ability within each of the ceiling frozen color ice prisms. Each color power is produced by mixing with salt water traveling in a core mineral vein. As the incoming salt water freezes into a colorful ice prism as it settles on the ceiling.


Excerpted from Black Forest Rain by Elkay. Copyright © 2015 Elkay. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Hidden Dimension Is Found, 1,
Chapter 2: Black Forest Rain, 9,
Chapter 3: Victor's First Encounter With The Black Forest, 17,
Chapter 4: "Home Sweet Island Home", 23,
Chapter 5: "Black Acid Rain Impact On Dimension", 31,
Chapter 6: Black Forest Habitat", 37,
Chapter 7: Keeping Track of Time", 41,
Chapter 8: "Victor Finds His First Land Animal", 45,
Chapter 9: "Saving a Land Animal", 49,
Chapter 10: "Discovery of the Black Forest Ceiling Secret", 53,
Chapter 11: "Black Forest Inhabitants", 57,
Chapter 12: "Victor Revisits the Black Forest Ceiling", 71,
Chapter 13: "Secret Powers Uncovered and Unleashed", 75,
Chapter 14: "Victor Rescues a Land Creature, 81,
Chapter 15: "The Earth Threat to the Black Forest", 87,
Chapter 16: "Escape From the Hidden Dimension", 91,

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