Black Nationhood: Resurgence of African Consciousness

Black Nationhood: Resurgence of African Consciousness


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HOTEP BELOVED! Caution! This Pocket Edition Book "BLACK NATIONHOOD" perhaps, contain information that may stimulate independent thinking, and do away with the brainwashed mind. We must endeavor to embark upon this life-altering voyage of The Resurgence of African Awareness, African Consciousness, and Culture. Some of us are many moons on this journey of Consciousness, but for some, this is a first. It will be as challenging as taking a final exam while standing on one leg with a barking dog in the background. For others, it will be like trying to walk on a broken leg without the assistance of a pair of crutches. In any event, successful completion is the only option. For those who are ready and willing to grow, heal, change, and build perhaps, this book will challenge your mind to research, and learn about yourselves, and how the resurgence of African Awareness and Culture works. Black Culture has become this degenerative society where love, peace, joy & the pursuit of happiness is foreign and looks more like the dysfunction of a low-life animalistic society, with horrible behaviors. The majority of Teachers did not lecture students about real African history or Black culture that would have enhanced their self-awareness, personal and spiritual growth. Learning who you are and where you originated is imperative for clarity, vitality, and freedom. This book will challenge you to transform your mind. No more upside down, inside out, and backward thinking and enslaved mind. It's time to be Free. I challenge you to take this Journey. Much Love to all of you!

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ISBN-13: 9781517488925
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/23/2015
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Born to the proud parents of Herman and Ernestine Page in Chicago, IL, Latonya is the youngest of seven children, two sisters, and four brothers.
Her parents were married for 45 years and her mother died in 1991.
Her childhood memories were dysfunctional like most black people, hampered by what was missing.
Despite the bullying during grammar and high school, Latonya lived her life (Out loud and colorful) her way...and still does.
Although her learning was temporarily hindered by bullies at Whistler Elementary and Corliss High, she became an avid reader of many genres.
In the Music room in High school is where Latonya through all the fear, hurt and pain endured, found her talent of being a Writer.
This was the best tool for mending her brokenness.
She finished High school and attended DePaul University, although being a traditional student wasn't her forte.
Never satisfied with working for someone else Latonya always had a dream of becoming an Entrepreneur someday. She believed in her ability to write.
Latonya followed her heart and continued to write in the early 90's when she wrote her first manuscript and later several fiction books.
She always felt that her determination as a writer would have a profound impact on the Publishing World.
She is doing what she loves at the age of 50.
She realized early on that having multiple degrees does not have any merit on one's depth, passion, and ability to write from the heart and reach the hearts of the masses.

She is brilliant, smart, witty, self-taught and well versed on many subjects. From Pain to Prestige, Latonya desires to become the next World Renown Author.


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