Black on White: book three of four

Black on White: book three of four

by J. C. Stephens

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Black on White: book three of four by J. C. Stephens

She'd had some experience already. A white man had stopped by the little shack they lived in. He was all dressed up in a suit, looking like some politician, money lender or something equally influential. A young girl, all alone like that, shouldn't have opened the door for a stranger, but his sister did...
From her vivid description of the happenings, Abe was real sure that man must have thought he had a real catch with this one. That little girl, well, actually she was quite tall, having reached her woman's growth already, anyways, she proved to be easy pickin's for the suave city slicker.
...Her hair up in pig tails, maybe little yellow ribbons setting it off, she'd have been standing in that open doorway all shy and innocent looking. Most likely a little awed by the handsome white man, she'd probably have been looking down at her bare feet, a little timid and shy.
...That man would be looking like a spider after a fly, his eyes bulging out and slobber filling his mouth at the sight of his ideal conquest. God, under those simple clothes she was wearing, he could see everything this little doll had.
That thin floral print dress of hers, why he could see everything as if she didn't have it on at all....the 'V' where everything came together, the way those skinny, chocolate legs peeked out of her way too short little hem line. The way the frontal fabric stretched all taunt and tight away from her chest.
.. "Is your mama home?"
..."No, she goin to be gone all day."
..."Some other grown-up be comin over pretty soon old enough to be wanting insurance?"
..."No! I old nuff to be by myself all day."
...After that first white man initiated Lanee into the wonders of womanhood, poor Mama did everything she could not to let her daughter follow the easy money trail. Not that it did a lot of good, though. If a colored girl didn't want to do laundry or house work, there was always some white man sneakin out to Coon Town to 'change his luck'.
...That's what the whites called it, "Goin out to get some of that young black pussy."
...You might say it runs in the family, making whites pay to use your body," Abe would later say to his sister with more than a little humor.
...With her son obviously following the way all the Abe's before him, Mama did everything she could to get him to change his doomsday ways, too. There was that Pearson woman when he was practically still a child. Well, she sure took the wind out of that woman's sails....
Usually she was real respectable to the white's but this one was leadin her boy astray. Well, things had been pretty strained for a while around the house, but eventually Abe got over his lost love.
...Actually he never did fully forgive his mother for the interference in his private life. She was always entering into matter affecting him and women he found. Mama didn't even like him foolin with any of the colored hoes over at Dinah's.
She turned topsy-turvy when he dated that Doctor's young daughter. If that prestigious white man had so chosen, that would have been enough to lynch a colored for. Instead, being a non-violent man, it was he who performed his daughter's abortion. In his heart of hearts he knew his own child was capable of seducing a handsome colored boy, regardless of society's taboo.
...To take the life of an unborn child, Mama's moral code would not even think such a thing. She didn't care what color the child was going to be. It wasn't a matter of religious beliefs, although she was a woman of strong faith. It just wasn't right.
...She's sat Abe down. "Abe, she'd said, here is your family history. You'll be leaving this house now, and this is the last time you'll ever hear of it from me. As of this day, after I'm done talking, you'll always be welcome to visit. Not to live here, though. Now sit yourself doen and listen well.

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