Black Skyy (Lady in Black Series #1)

Black Skyy (Lady in Black Series #1)

by Janet Stevens Cook
4.0 2

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Black Skyy (Lady in Black Series #1) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Watch Out Now! There is a new sista in charge - she is kickin ass and taking names. Sandora ¿Sandy¿ Knight rocks BCI Communications by day but Skyy rules the streets at night. Saying that Sandy had a difficult childhood is definitely an understatement ¿ she had an absentee father, drug addict mother and a baby brother to raise all before she turned 13. She overcame all that adversity to attend an Ivy League college and land the VP position in the largest African American owned Media Company. However, Sandy wanted to move up even further but she knew that James would never willingly give up the helm. Sandy joins forces with Tanya, James¿ wife, so they both could enjoy the fortune of BCI. They would uncover enough dirt to discredit James and force Sandy to come to terms with her childhood. But would everything come together in time? Sandy developed her alter persona over the years and Skyy is fierce. Skyy is the protector of the underdog. She discovers a wrong, researches her target and takes him out with her signature ¿ hog tied with evidence the police could use that would guarantee conviction. Skyy always got her man and saves the day but when her niece is kidnapped things spiral out of control. Cook has an uncanny way of developing characters and twisting their lives together. From beginning to end, the reader will enjoy murder, mystery and mayhem. The vivid description of location along with the rich and lavish lifestyles of characters will leave the reader in awe. I¿m telling you, Skyy is one cold-blooded sista and the Lady in Black Series has definitely garnered a re-read and countless recommendations from this reviewer. Deltareviewer Reviewing for Real Page Turners
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this action-drama, Janet Stevens Cook presents us with Sandora Knight. By day Sandora, also known as Sandy, is the Vice President of Marketing for BCI, an African-American owned, multi-million dollar conglomerate. By night, however, she's known as Skyy or the Lady in Black, a one-woman vigilante force bringing to justice those who are responsible for wrecking havoc on young lives. There is a madman on the loose butchering young black girls. He must be stopped, but because of his choice of victims, this serial murderer isn't a priority. Looks like a job for the Lady in Black... As the story progressed, I begin to question Sandy's skills, experiences and past. The story was imaginative, but unbelievable at times, particularly her stint as a covert spy. Some things just didn't add up. This book brought about an array of feelings. Reminiscent of my younger days watching 'Superman' and 'Wonder Woman,' I would get caught up in the story and applaud Cook's creativity, and other times I thought, 'Is she serious?' with some of the McGvyer-like over the top stunts. I grew annoyed at the repeated references to Skyy's hair. The multiple names, nicknames and aliases and two characters with the same name was also confusing. Despite all that, I'm happy to see an author step away from the norm and do something different. I liked the idea of a strong, black female doing her thing and fighting crime. Overall, Cook's debut was entertaining. It was fun to read, too. It has something for every kid at heart.