Black Social And Political Thought

Black Social And Political Thought

by Muhammad Ahmad


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"Black Social and Political Thought: Selected Writings, Volume II" is a collection of writings developed over a period of years. It is the result of both theoretical and practical experience of the author, and represents a blueprint for the serious student and/or activist. The book explores such topics as: the Black Intelligentsia, Race and Class, and Struggle against Racism and Imperialism. It also provides practical suggestions for implementation for culture and political socialization, re-education of the African American child and parent, internal social relations, liberation of the Black Nation, building communication networks, student activism and the process of unlearning. It also delves into the impact of capitalism, imperialism and the global economic crisis, which is particularly relevant at the current time.

"Black Social and Political Thought: Selected Writings, Volume II" represents not only the why, but also the how, from a person who has devoted his life to black empowerment. It is a refreshing addition to the body of knowledge currently available in the area of Black Studies and is a must-read.

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad (Max Stanford) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 31, 1941. He attended schools in the Philadelphia public school system and graduated from West Philadelphia High. He attended Central State College in Wilberforce, Ohio from 1960–1962. Dr. Ahmad dropped out of college for twelve years to work full-time as an organizer in the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. During that 12-year period he studied and worked with Malcolm X, Robert F. Williams, Queen Mother Audley Moore and James and Grace Lee Boggs. He helped form and led two organizations; the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM) and the African People’s Party. He also worked with Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) in helping to build the Black Panther Party and was a member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Returning to school at the University of Massachusetts, he received a B.A. in 1976. He later earned a M.A. from Atlanta University and a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University. He has taught at Wilberforce University, Kent State University, Cleveland State University and is currently Assistant Professor at Temple University in the Department of African American Studies in Philadelphia. He is the author of "We Will Return in the Whirlwind: Black Radical Organizations, 1960–1975" (2007), "African American History Since 1900" (2008), and "Selected Writings, Volume One" (2004).

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