Black Waters of Melancholy: Dark Poetry

Black Waters of Melancholy: Dark Poetry

by J. L. Parsons


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Within these pages rest the sordid thoughts of an old soul who finds peace in the darkest corners of the world. You will find few uplifting words in this book and little to inspire, soothe or even help you cope. What you will find within these pages are poems that express the darkness many fear yet others embrace. Some require you to take time to examine this bizarre existence we call life, to gain a glimpse into the mind of those who make these shadows their home. Some paint a vivid picture with words that capture the beauty amid the macabre. Some express a dark sense of humor that causes the little clown in my mind to display his sinister grin. In short this book is for the dark, demented and those just a bit twisted. So find yourself a dimly lit corner, curl up with some hot tea and pastries and enjoy spending time with me in my darkness.

J.L. Parsons

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ISBN-13: 9781491818305
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/04/2013
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 601,914
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

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Black Waters of Melancholy

Dark Poetry

By J.L. Parsons


Copyright © 2013 J.L. Parsons
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1830-5


Horse Drawn Hearse

Hue so dark he looks fashioned from the moonless night
People stand in silence, some in respect others in fright
Hooves pound the earth resounding in a hollow thunder
Proclaiming to all, what was living, he now takes under

Smoke spraying from his nostrils as if an old steam train
Peering his onyx eye through his long and blackened mane
Then consumed with pride, he raises his commanding head
And pulls his menacing carriage where rest the pitiful dead

Somberly trudge the mourners behind this powerful beast
Following the mighty stallion to the grave of the deceased
Some believe his haunting gaze has cast this dreadful curse
So all eyes avert to the earth as the stallion draws his hearse

Lunch Date

Preparing our lunch hidden among the trees
I listen for you to softly whisper my name
Then as the wind carries your voice to my ear
My heart fills with joy, my soul much the same

Love carefully veiled from the rest of the world
Enshrouded within nature our cares fade away
While they don't understand the love we possess
Yet our souls are revived as we gather each day

The rest of my life seems meaningless now
For I am lost in the joy you brought to this day
Spirits so entwined we have no need of words
Yet I chatter aimlessly for I have much to say

Then my soul feels a prick as time slips away
Growing evermore wounded, now I must leave
Yet I know tomorrow we will meet here again
Or at least that is what my heart must believe

Then leaving I only possess half of my heart
For the other half I have handed you to save
How I love that you hold a piece of my heart
Yet I damn that our time is spent at your grave


Eyes of yellow and red
Are all that you can see
And in the fear of my wrath
You now succumb to me
Through terror in your eyes
I can see your feeble spirit
Your heart is pounding loudly
For now my ears can hear it

I stand close enough
To consume your fading breath
Yet I desire more from you
Than just a simple death
For I am the greatest puppeteer
To ever wield a string
And by a whisper or a fear
I control your very being

With man being my puppet
And the earth my boundless stage
I entreat the thoughts and deeds
That scripts my darkest page
For in me lies the root
To perform your vilest deed
I am truly the only excuse
That man will ever need

So look into my eyes
As deep as an endless well
And the absence of your god
Makes this your living hell
Do you see the endless void
Where once all hope was kept
And do you now understand
Why your Jesus wept

So sit in a pew, preach a sermon
Or join the choir and sing
But know the greatest puppeteer
Still reaches for your string


I hear muffled words from those gathering above me
Then all grows silent as a single voice begins to speak
Soon I begin to hear soft thumps on the ceiling above
I would protest the crudity yet my body is too weak

Steadily the woeful cries of many permeate the room
Yet with every thump on my ceiling they slowly fade
The trembling of my resting place soon becomes faint
I rest on my satin pillow where my weary head is laid

Thump, thump, thump, each thump softer than the last
Vaguely I overhear their mournful goodbyes being said
Then with silence from the living who dwell above me
I rest in a blanket of soil and the earth my eternal bed

Red Rage

Gazing at all his crayons deciding the colors to use
Colors for a wonderland that will fill his blank page
Then manipulating the bright colors of the rainbow
Draws a cheerful picture from his mind of little age

Sadly adults cast dark shadows on his wonderland
Colors swirling together slowly bleeding into black
And every time he pulls a bright color from the box
He stares for just a moment then slowly puts it back

While he is still young enough to enjoy the crayons
Solemnly drawing the pictures that play in his mind
Yet the images he reveals become ever more sordid
Furiously portrayed in the darkest hues he can find

As the years pass he abandons his box of crayons
They become mislaid among the aging box of toys
He begins to cast his eyes in an obscure sordid path
A path of vindictive hopes and dark twisted joys

Gradually he begins to bear the features of a man
Yet pictures in his mind still turn page after page
Then he happens upon his tattered box of crayons
He clenches to the red and surrenders to his rage

With his crayon safely tucked deep into his pocket
And a pistol clenched in his shaking vengeful hand
Seeking out those who stripped his world of color
He begins the creation of his crimson wonderland

Tears of Black

Empty chambers where a heart used to be
Vacant sockets that no longer see
Hollow bones that bear no skin
Not a soul to commit a sin
In the earth I rest alone
With tears of black
On cheeks of bone

Waltzing to Screams

To the ears of many the notes being played
May be mistaken for distressing screams
Yet this peaceful song played by the night
Lures me to dance in shadows and dreams

As if to a desired love I extend my hand
To waltz among the blackness of night
I glide over the world to echoing notes
Gracefully moving as a bird in flight

I succumb to notes played by the dark
Then to this beautiful waltz I dance
Wrapping the night about my shoulders
Closing my eyes in a peaceful trance

No sadness felt for the absence of light
No longing for the sun's radiant beams
As I flourish in the shadows of nightfall
Embracing darkness, waltzing to screams

Amid My Storm

Amid the elements eerily still
I close my eyes to pray my will
I delight in the answer to my prayer
For I see a leaf whisk through the air
Skies of blue then fade to gray
As clouds consume the light of day

In the distance a rumble I hear
The coming force I hold most dear
The drops that fall on my hopeful cheek
Declares to my soul the pleasure I seek
Then black is the hue I see in the sky
Bold is the wind as it rushes by

As lighting flashes the clouds I see
Slow and imposing yet calming to me
Then thunder trembles the heart in my chest
Delivering my soul to sweet realms of rest
And as all about me the elements swarm
I stand enchanted amid my storm


Where light ends
The abyss begins
Within the darkness
Dances our fears
Swarming, gazing
Whispering about us
Chilling vagueness
Brings us to tears
Specks of terrors
Invade our brightness
Extending darkness
Damning the light
The mind is plunged
In a pit of blackness
With unseen foes
We blindly fight


Some I entice in the serenity of night
Stealing life as they rest in their sleep
The Pied Piper over the souls of man
Slowly charming them into the deep

Some I grasp in the blink of the eye
As they wander about their day
Then dazed are the faces of loved ones
As I quickly carry their loved one away

Some I watch ever so patiently
Stroking flesh as I whisper their name
So hope all you want o' child of man
Yet death will come to all just the same

Some beckon to me in pitiful prayers
Pleading what they should not conceive
And though they choose to seek me out
I stand ever ready their soul to receive

Some come to me in screams never heard
For man violently stripped life away
And as I possess the soul of the slain
Their flesh lies unfound in horrid decay

Some given to me by hands of justice
For their deeds this human must pay
Many breathe a deep sigh of relief
As I clutch this soul and take them away

In me there is no prejudiced judgment
I simply rise when I hear a soul call
For nothing living can tarry forever
As I am Death and I shall consume all

Dream Weaver

As I transcend time and space
To haunt your nightly dreams
Revealing the sordid visions
Brining your echoed screams
Hidden amid your eye and lid
Rest a canvas that is my screen
To play upon the greatest fears
Your mind has ever seen

I choose horrendous thoughts
From crevices within your mind
Then heartlessly display to you
The darkest visions I can find
Your eyelids jerk and flutter
Your breathing sharp and fast
Pictures playing your future
Or maybe secrets of your past

With flailing arms you awake
Startled by your own screams
While on your pillow I wait
Till we meet within your dreams
So recite your little prayer
Before drifting into your sleep
For God may have your soul
Yet your dreams are mine to keep

Grave Digger

Hands stained and weathered
From years of his solemn trade
Isolated he commences his task
Using only his back and spade

Eyes despondent and hollow
No inkling that hopes reside
His skin marred with crevices
As if masking the evil inside

With each thrust of his shovel
He removes the earth below
Deliberately crafting a place
For the remains of a life to go

Does he reason his own demise
As he peers in the empty grave?
Can he grip the realms of death?
As he is only the reaper's slave

For whom does he bend his back?
And whom does he thrust his spade?
Who will look at the sky tomorrow?
And into blackness watch it fade

Haunted Chambers

Perfected by the skilled hands of a seasoned mason
Walls are erected where the remains of man may reside
Chambers that house the darkest secrets known to man
Then securely it is locked to preserve what rest inside

Over years these walls become drenched with despair
Ensnaring the tormented soul from the eyes of mankind
Dark shadows then overtake these stately chamber walls
As the mortar echoes screams, luring the human mind

These chambers become haunted as restless souls linger
Souls seeking vindication for their blood that was shed
Spirits entice the living to enter into these dark chambers
The living now haunted by the hands of the angry dead

Here Lies

I give the date they took their first breath
I give the date they were lost to death
I give you the name of who lies below
And maybe a line portraying this soul

Yet I do not tell of the joy they brought
I do not tell of the battles they fought
I cannot explain all the love they gave
Or the number of tears shed at this grave

So as you solemnly read the words I bear
There are volumes below I do not share
Their memory is yours to share and save
For life is not echoed by a stone on a grave


Daily Good and Evil engage in a fight within my mind
One the victor as the other falls bloodied against the wall
Some days Good pleads to the heavens to end this battle
As Evil glares in a dare demanding Good reply to his call

On a day when Good overcomes and achieves the victory
My heart beats calm and within my voice you can hear it
My thoughts are peaceful and every rough edge within me
Begins to form soft curves that sooth and caress my spirit

Yet on days when Good lies mangled admitting defeat
Even my peaceful night falls into deeper shades of black
I become a empty soul lost in the clutches of despondency
Unable to rise from this misery and fight my way back

Know Good and Evil remain veiled until deeds are fixed
So tread lightly among your fellow man, for you are blind
Blind to who controls the soul of those walking among you
For you see just the deeds of man, not the heart and mind

Hollow Black

As right and wrong become defaced in a battle of want
And our own desires consume our sense of humanity
The darkest regions of the mind slowly begin to reign
We yield to the hollow black that is our own insanity

A world where the emptiness of the soul screams out
As hopes remain silent in the barrenness of the black
And once we permit ourselves to tread into this void
We know there remains no path to find our way back

Grasping for the forbidden as darkness blinds our fear
Angels plead yet our mind is now too cold and weak
Entrapped in an abyss that possesses no conscience
We search for the answers that our hollow eyes seek

Walking among the masses searching out feeble prey
Acting upon sordid desires, finding pleasure in the pain
All of our demented passions seem harmless to us now
As through the hollow blackness we look upon the slain

Reflections in our eyes reveal a body slain and lifeless
As well as the endless void for the soul we now lack
We have become just an empty shell of a human being
For now we are consumed by the dreaded hollow black

Is the line we cross brought on by fear, anger or hurt?
Or is it by our selfishness we trample upon humanity
I wonder at what point we lay down all of our hopes
And with outstretched hands embrace our own insanity


As the moon hangs dark in the night
And upon the earth it casts no beams
He ever so slowly raises your window
As you quietly drift into blissful dreams
He slides his leg through your window
Taking care that he makes no sound
Then stands to his imposing height
Pausing a moment to glance around

His eyes become transfixed on you
In a darkened corner they grow ever wide
He struggles to control his breathing
For now the predator must wait and hide
Slowly moving to take advantage
Of the darkness that surrounds your bed
And unbeknown to your sleeping soul
He stands just inches from your head

Leaning closely to see your silhouette
His warm breath caresses your cheek
His sinister hands quietly reach out
Grasping the dark for what his eyes seek
He softly whispers "Good night my Love
Never waken from your blissful dreams
For there was no light to stop me love
Not even the moon would cast its beams"


Look in our eyes; this is the only way you will know us
Not by our clothes, hair, friends or even where we live
It is by the perpetual torments echoed through our eyes
And the somber countenance only deep miseries give

Eyes bearing sadness as if it were a cloak being worn
Dark and heavy from the weight of a human despair
Afflictions casting a haze over the essence of mankind
Our eyes peer through these cloaks with enormous care

We pass on the street and recognize our kindred souls
There is a kinship among us though we have never met
We know by the eyes giving a reflection into their soul
An image so strong and deep the mind will never forget

We are those that chiseled our very life out of hardships
Finding strength in the shadowy corners of our history
I will eternally know my kindred by their solemn spirit
And eyes revealing great depth, gazing tranquil yet eerie

Lethal Weapon

In every vat of hot molten steel there rests a weapon
Waiting for his maker's hammer to descend and strike
Then visions in the blacksmiths mind become reality
While his heart's desire and his creation grow alike

Sparks fly with every blow of the blacksmith's hammer
Transforming the shimmering red hot embers of steel
Forming weapons that strike fear upon the human race
Then cooled it becomes solid with the capacity to kill

Weapons then placed in the hands of embittered souls
Taking over any battle their cold heart wishes to ensue
So careful the strikes you inflict upon the spirit of man
Lest the weapons you create rise up and destroy you


A past I never owned ensnares my eternal soul
It dwells entombed in ancient mortal and stone
While my flesh walks among this modern land
Moving aimless, despondent, empty and alone

While on my travels my flesh and soul united
Never had such delight filled my woeful heart
Flesh and soul embraced in a grand celebration
Yet wounded grew both as time came to part

Painful are the moments the heart splits in two
All grows silent as its chambers become barren
Then loud cries my flesh beckoning for my soul
As sad weeps my soul from a dark stone prison

Love the Night

You rise in the morning for you bask in the light
While I desire the moon as I thrive in the night
You're adorned in colors of summer and spring
While I embellish the colors of a raven's wing

You yearn for the skies beaming bright and blue
I desire imposing clouds displaying a darker hue
You adore the sound as birds grace the blue sky
I'm charmed by the rumble as thunder rolls by

As you gather the flowers I embrace the stone
You delight in crowds while I long to be alone
I don't perceive you as wrong or me as right
You simply love the day as I love the night

Morning Stroll

Trailing my morning stroll
Forming shadows I did not see
He fixed his hollow eyes
Upon his prey to be
What felt as the morning air
Leaving shivers on my spine
Was his haunting breath
Whispering "You are mine"
I thought it was the wind
That rustled the autumn leaves
Yet they were being brushed
By his flowing sleeves
Wrapping his arms about me
Carrying me to my death
As the chill of autumn air
Consumed my final breath

Prison of My Soul

Before I ever met you
Your towers called to me
Though not in your prison
You will not set me free

Your stones cry out to me
As a whisper in the wind
Your darkness beckons to me
As an old familiar friend

I am enchanted by the screams
That echo through your halls
And the sad remains of those
Who rest within your walls

With every echoed scream
And every bloody stone
I should stand appalled
Yet I feel as if at home

Every time I leave your walls
I long to return again
My soul stands at Traitors Gate
Pleading "Let me in!"

Then as the clock strikes ten
They call for Elizabeth's key
To lock the towering prison
And in my sorrow I stand free


Excerpted from Black Waters of Melancholy by J.L. Parsons. Copyright © 2013 J.L. Parsons. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Black Waters of Melancholy, ix,

Poet's Favorites, x,

Horse Drawn Hearse, 1,

Lunch Date, 2,

Puppeteer, 3,

Quiet, 5,

Red Rage, 6,

Tears of Black, 8,

Waltzing to Screams, 9,

Dark Reflections, 10,

Amid My Storm, 13,

Anxiety, 14,

Death, 15,

Dream Weaver, 17,

Grave Digger, 18,

Haunted Chambers, 19,

Here Lies, 20,

Hidden, 21,

Hollow Black, 22,

Intruder, 24,

Kindred, 25,

Lethal Weapon, 26,

London, 27,

Love the Night, 28,

Morning Stroll, 29,

Prison of My Soul, 30,

Pumice and Ash, 32,

Release of Inmate #069063, 33,

Savage Beast, 35,

Scarlet Balloon, 36,

Six Feet, 37,

Wedding Day, 38,

Wrapped, 39,

Omnious Gospel, 40,

Blind Faith, 43,

Clench Jaw, 44,

Creating Your Hell, 45,

Crimson Shame, 47,

Empty Pews, 48,

Godless, 49,

Luke 8:30, 50,

New Peace, 51,

No, 52,

Pearls before the Swine, 53,

Tending the Flock, 54,

Youthful Shadows, 56,

Birthday Wishes, 59,

Guardians of Nightfall, 60,

Mummy, 61,

Preparing the Dead, 62,

Private Collection, 63,

Rickety Bone, 65,

Sickle of Time, 66,

Tour of the Damned, 67,

Waltz of the Reaper, 69,

Twisted Chuckles, 72,

Demented Clown, 75,

Mauling's of Molly Sue, 76,

Progress, 78,

The Chosen One, 79,

The End, 82,

The Muse, 83,

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