Black Widow Demon (A Demon Outlaws Novel)

Black Widow Demon (A Demon Outlaws Novel)

by Paula Altenburg
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Black Widow Demon 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RomanceaholicBR More than 1 year ago
As a fan of the first book of the series, I was a little taken aback when the story began in a much different manner than the previous one.  It wasn’t long, however, before I settled comfortably back into the world Ms. Altenburg has created. I found myself once again drawn in by the intriguing concept of a futuristic world that operates much like the Old West, due to the presence (and then sudden absence) of Immortals who wrought havoc on the lives of the mortals living within their boundaries, as well as the inner struggles of the characters as they learn to move past previous prejudices and fears in order to trust, and later, love. We’re immediately thrust into the outer edges of the world as man knows it, where women are seen as property, and powerful and corrupt men take every opportunity to abuse their power. Raven, having physically defended herself against the unwanted sexual advances of her evil step-father, Justice, is about to be burned at the stake as a “test” to prove to the villagers that she is in fact demon-spawn — if she burns, she’s innocent. Blade, an outsider who once was an assassin for the Goddesses before they abandoned this realm, is traveling through her village, and thinks only to end her suffering by offering her a swift and merciful death. The situation quickly spirals into something neither could have expected, and they form an uneasy alliance; Blade with his distrust of anyone associated with demon-kind due to both his own history as an assassin, and his horrific experience of being partially eaten alive during a demon attack years prior, and Raven with her fear of her own demon allure and her determination to avenge both her mother’s death and her own abuse at the hands of Justice. Overall, I loved it. There was plenty of action, both for the lovers and fighters of the world, and the world that Ms. Altenburg has created continues to capture the imagination.  I do think that this one stands fairly well on its own without having read the first book, but I do suggest reading them in order simply because I enjoyed both books equally. Recommended for fans of reluctant heroes, alluring heroines, and of finding justice on one’s own terms. 4.5/5 Stars {This title was provided free of charge by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The full review appears on The Romanceaholic.}
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Black Widow Demon Paula Altenburg. This is the second book in the Demon Outlaws series. I'd not read the first but found it reasonably easy to pick up the plot anyway. We start with Blade, he's watching Raven and her cruel stepfather in a crowd in the town centre. She's on trial for her life, one reminiscence of the old Witch Trials in that she's to be burned at the stake, die and she's innocent, live and she's guilty of being half demon so will be killed....and her offence? “Seducing” her stepfather – or in her eyes stabbing him when he tried it on.... Just as happens in so many worlds in this one females are always to blame, and Justice her stepfather knows she's a half demon, in a world where that's not acceptable, and they are killed regardless of their behaviour. I really felt for Raven – what was she to do, and where could she go. No one dared support her as Justice was a Godseeker and represented the law in the town. Blade is watching from afar. He's an ex Assassin, just passing through the town, but wonders what she's done. By a series of events they end up escaping together, and looking for her old friend Creed. I liked Raven, felt so sorry for her and the other Spawn who were judged on their heritage and not their actions. Scared people do that though, and having finally banished Demons, they thought if they got rid of the Spawn also maybe the Goddesses would return. Sadly the good Spawn got caught in the crossfire. Blade – a quiet and just man despite his past, protected Raven at first though obligation and honour, but they became much closer though both were unsure of how it would end. There were some steamy sex scenes between the two which fitted well into the plot. There's other characters on their journey too – more spawn, both good and bad, and other Assassins plus the ever present wicked Justice, who is determined to get Raven, and a few full Demons who can't enter the mortal world on their own but can be summoned. Its a story I thought would be a five star for me when I first began it, but as I continued somehow the people and plots didn't really engender that feeling that I simply had to keep reading, couldn't put it down, needed to know what would happen. It was good, but not quite good enough for a five from me, though as ever that's personal and I’m sure others will rate it differently. I just didn't really get the connection I needed with the characters, I liked Raven and Blade but didn't love them, and when they were in danger I wasn't on edge of seat wondering how they'd get out of it. It just seemed a long journey for nothing really, and I felt a bit unsatisfied, unfinished at the ending. I'm sure that's because there will be further books but though I love series I think this one isn't one for me. Stars: its well written and plotted but just didn't quite hook me so it's a four. Its a good book but not great. I read and enjoyed it, but won't read read or keep it. ARC supplied via Publishers.